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5 Pieces of Essential Boxing Equipment

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

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In this article, we’re going to take a look at five pieces of essential boxing equipment that every boxer should have. As well as discovering why each piece of boxing equipment is essential, you will find a link to the best equipment available.

Unlike fitness training and some sports, to participate in boxing there are a few pieces of equipment that are essential. And boxing without them can impede performance and even increase injury. For example, working the heavy punching bag without gloves or hand wraps could increase your chances of sustaining a hand or wrist injury.

Furthermore, if you are new to boxing – and we all were once – you may not be sure which weight gloves to buy. To the beginner this may not seem like something to worry about – boxing gloves are boxing gloves, right?

Actually, that’s not true.

Boxing gloves are weighted for a reason and it’s the weight that dictates their training suitability. For example, lightweight pad mitts are not suited for heavy punch bag training or sparring. Working a heavy sand-filled boxing bag in pad mitts could cause hand injury and, over years of training, lead to arthritis or repetitive strain.


5 pieces of essential boxing equipment

Okay, hopefully, I have you convinced why some items of equipment in boxing are essential. Below you’ll find the five pieces of essential boxing equipment including the best kit on the market and a link to a full review of each piece of equipment.

Essential boxing gear #1: Hand wraps

Hand wraps are one of – if not the – most important pieces of boxing equipment. A quality pair of elasticated hand wraps, like the Beast Gear pro wraps below, can dramatically reduce hand injuries and post-training soreness. Boxing without hand wraps is dangerous and, considering they’re the cheapest item of boxing equipment, there’s no excuse not to have a pair.

In addition to reducing aches, pains, and injuries, hand wraps imbue you with the confidence to punch harder. By throwing harder punches you can more effectively develop power and fitness. So, if you plan to start boxing, or you’ve recently started but neglected to get yourself this item of essential boxing equipment, click on the link below for the best hand wraps.

Beast Gear 4-metre boxing hand wraps (£9.99)

  • 4-metres long.

  • Elasticated for improved fit.

  • Extra-large Velcro fastening.

  • Woven from superior quality materials.

  • Exceptional rating: 4.5-stars with nearly 2000 reviews!

For more information on hand wraps, and a tutorial of how to wrap your hand like a pro, follow the link: Best Boxing Hand Wraps


Essential boxing equipment #2: Boxing Gloves

It goes without saying that gloves are essential boxing equipment. Though you can, of course, box without gloves, it’s not wise to. A quality pair of boxing mitts protect your hands and, as do wraps, reduce hand/wrist injuries and post-training aches and pains.

But boxing gloves also enhance the experience of boxing in other ways. When you pull on a quality pair of leather gloves, like Everlast’s ‘Powerlock’, it fills you with inspiration – and it makes you feel like a pro. This feeling fuels your training while firing your motivation to want to train. And no one became a good boxer without training hard and often.

Everlast 'Powerlock' 12oz boxing glove (£46.99)

  • ‎Modern, anatomical foam construction guides your hand into a natural fist position.

  • The compact design improves balance and comfort.

  • Premium synthetic leather ideal for heavy bag and pad work.

  • Knock-out feedback: 4.5-stars with 1900 reviews.


Essential boxing equipment #3: Skipping Rope

It’s unheard of for a boxer not to skip. I’ve never heard of a pro who hadn’t mastered the art of ‘jump rope’. There’s a reason why boxers skip. Besides being one of the best exercises for improving cardiovascular fitness (Bruce Lee believed that 10-minutes of skipping is equal to 30-minutes of jogging), jumping rope also improves your agility, coordination, and footwork.

These are all essential boxing attributes. But did you know that skipping also develops muscular endurance in the shoulders? It most certainly does and that’s another reason why boxers skip: strong shoulders translate to strong punches, strong defence, and the fitness to throw more punches throughout each round.

TechRise (aka best skipping rope by a mile!) (£6.99)

  • Equipped with anti-slip and light weight ergonomically shaped handles.

  • The rope length adjuster inside each handle let the rope could be quickly and easily adjusted.

  • Featuring high quality premium ball bearing to ensure a smooth and effortless spin.

  • Stella feedback: 4.5 stars with over 1500 reviews.

Check out the 5 best skipping ropes and learn how to jump rope like a pro


Essential boxing gear #4: Punching Bag

Throwing punches at thin air can get boring after about five minutes. And unless you’ve got a personal coach to hold a pair of pads, or you regularly attend a boxing club, you’re going to need a punching bag and a punchbag stand. As well as being essential boxing equipment for the obvious reason, punch bags are one of the best ways to develop punch power and boxing conditioning.

‘Working the heavy bag’, as it’s traditionally called, builds strength in the shoulders and back, two muscle groups that are instrumental in delivering explosive punches. Regular training on the heavy bag also develops boxing conditioning (fitness). And as well as helping you improve your pugilism training on the heavy bag is a great way to workout, burn fat and relieve stress!

RDX Boxing Punch Bag (£59.99)

  • Durable and will cheerfully take a beating day after day.

  • Doesn’t cost the earth - probably the best priced boxing bag on the market.

  • Very well rated and heaps of positive customer feedback.

  • Comes with gloves, wraps a skipping rope and fittings!

Here are our top 5 boxing punch bags


Essential boxing training equipment #5: Training timer

I must admit, this item of essential boxing equipment does appear out of place. Surely, you’re probably thinking, isn’t a mouthguard, or boxing shoes more important than a training timer? Yes, they most certainly are more important, but only if you plan to train competitively at a boxing gym. As it’s the case that the majority of people box for fitness and fun, these two pieces of boxing equipment aren’t essential.

A training timer, on the other hand, is essential as it brings structure to your boxing sessions. Boxing for an unspecified period of time typically leads to laziness and lethargy. But when your training time is split into 2 or 3-minute rounds, with minute rest periods, productivity goes through the roof! This is the power of a training timer and it is why they are essential boxing equipment.

GymBoss training timer (£19.99)

  • Built-in stopwatch and clock feature.

  • Secure and removable belt-clip.

  • Extra loud buzzer so you won't miss your round!

  • Excellent cutomer feedback: 4.5-stars with over 300 reviews.

  • Compact interval timer times one or two intervals between two seconds and 99 minutes.

Want to know what the 5 best training timers are?


The Final Bell

And there we have it, 5 pieces of essential boxing equipment that every boxer should have. Hopefully, this short overview has provided you with an insight into why certain items of equipment are essential in boxing.

In addition to outlining the importance of boxing equipment, this article features five brilliant pieces of kit that will enable you to get the most out of your training sessions.

However, if the single items listed do not float your boat, follow the links provided where you will receive a full and comprehensive overview of an extensive range of boxing equipment.


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