5 Pieces of Essential Boxing Equipment

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

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an image heading the article which reviews 5 pieces of essential boxing equipment. The image shows a woman applying boxing hand wrap. Beside her is a number of items of boxing equipment such as boxing gloves, a skipping rope and boxing shoes.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 5 pieces of essential boxing equipment that every boxer should have. As well as discovering why each piece of boxing equipment is essential, you will find a link to the best equipment available.

Unlike fitness training and some sports, to participate in boxing there are a few pieces of equipment that are essential. And boxing without them can impede performance and even increase injury. For example, working the heavy punching bag without gloves or hand wraps could increase your chances of sustaining a hand or wrist injury.

Furthermore, if you are new to boxing – and we all were once – you may not be sure which weight gloves to buy. To the beginner this may not seem like something to worry about – boxing gloves are boxing gloves, right?

Actually, that’s not true.

Boxing gloves are weighted for a reason and it’s the weight that dictates their training suitability. For example, lightweight pad mitts are not suited for heavy punch bag training or sparring. Working a heavy sand-filled boxing bag in pad mitts could cause hand injury and, over years of training, lead to arthritis or repetitive strain.

Okay, hopefully, I have you convinced why some items of equipment in boxing are essential. Below you’ll find the 5 pieces of essential boxing equipment including the best kit on the market and a link to a full review of each piece of equipment.

5 Pieces of Essential Boxing Equipment

1: Hand wraps

Hand wraps are one of – if not the – most important pieces of boxing equipment. A quality pair of elasticated hand wraps, like the Beast Gear below, can dramatically reduce hand injuries and post-training soreness. Boxing without hand wraps is dangerous and, considering they’re the cheapest item of boxing equipment, there’s no excuse not to have a pair.

In addition to reducing aches, pains, and injuries, hand wraps imbue you with the confidence to punch harder. By throwing harder punches you can more effectively develop power and fitne