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Firstly I’d like to say welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit Hungry4Fitness. It’s my sincere hope that when you leave us you will do so with a little more knowledge and inspiration than when you came, and of course that you come back from time to time.


On with the introduction then . . .


My name is Adam and, as of this writing, I’m 35 years old. I have five passions that I pursue with obsessive pertinacity. They are: playing the guitar, love of learning, all things fitness, boxing and Muay Thai boxing. It is the last three of those passions that inspired me to create Hungry4Fitness.

I cultivated a fitness mindset whilst preparing for the rigours of Royal Marines Commando training. It was whilst serving as a Royal Marine when I first made acquaintance with the art of pugilism and the splendid science of eight limbs (aka Muay Thai Boxing). For the past twelve years, I have been developing my skillset and performance in the aforementioned combat sports.

The predominant highlights of my experiences in boxing and Thai boxing were winning the Royal Marines vs. Royal Navy heavyweight championship and secondly spending five weeks at the world-renowned Sasiprapa Maui Thai boxing gym in Bangkok, Thailand. And though I no longer compete I am still actively involved in training and personal development. I also enjoy passing on to my students the knowledge and skills I have acquired.

The Hungry4Fitness website is an extension and continuation of my life-long love of fitness and combat sports.


Our Aim

The primary objective of the Hungry4Fitness initiative is to share valuable contemporary physical training knowledge. As selfish as it sounds, we want to be the impetus for encouraging and inspiring people to get more fitness into their lives.

How we hope to achieve this is by providing our visitors with a comprehensive insight into the various components of what constitutes exercise and fitness. With blogs, video tutorials and sharing of quality information, we endeavour to bring you the best possible education.

If you’ve had a chance to look over our website you’ll notice that we’re not exactly pro bono. Yes, we produce exercise and fitness products and provide reviews on related equipment from which we receive a small affiliation commission.

However, the vast majority of our content is not for profit but for supporting people in their pursuit of improved health and fitness.


Hungry4Fitness Pledge

I’m a practice-what-you-preach, principals-over-profits kinda guy. Thus when I advocate a plant-based diet, a cardiovascular-muscular endurance-based exercise regime and absolutely no synthetic supplements, pills, potions or lotions that’s how I live and I wouldn’t sell out for a quick quid.

I’ve seen all too many ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ websites make claims that they’re in it for the greater good, to disseminate the principles of well-being, yet their content is a hive of contradiction. Each turn of the page they’re peddling protein, pills and advising meat consumption as part of a healthy diet. This just contradicts contemporary research science. Do they neither read nor research? Or are they portraying themselves as something they’re not?

How am I any different? Well, for starters, I have a zero-tolerance policy on making claims or statements in the absence of supporting evidence and all evidence must be clearly referenced. So if, for example, I wrote an article on the detriments of meat consumption (see To Meat or Not To Meat; that is the question), I would be sure to substantiate contention on credible citations and ensure to list all sources.

Also, I detest – DETEST! – the perpetual advertisement culture. Nowadays most websites are literally littered with adverts which, I believe, deteriorates the user’s experience. I’ve worked bloody hard creating this platform and I don’t want it besmirched. As a consequence of the seething contempt I harbour for parasitic advertisement, you will not find a single pop-up, pin or pile of propagandistic turd on one of our pages. Promise!

How the hell are you financed then? We make money from product reviews (affiliations) and our growing range of fitness products. That’s it.


To Finish

Again thank you for spending some time here at Hungry4Fitness. If you have enjoyed your experience with us and you found value in our content please subscribe. By doing so you will receive all our new articles the moment they are published. But if, however, you feel we could be doing things better, or should shine additional focus on a specific topic of fitness, we want to hear your thoughts.



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