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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Learn how to wrap you hands like a pro. Plus: best hand wraps for boxing

a woman rapping her hands in boxing raps ready to box

Boxing with unwrapped hands is as dangerous as having _____ with your _______ unwrapped (my natural prudishness prohibits me from filling in the blanks; I leave that sport to you my dear reader).

Ok, maybe I’ve over exaggerated a bit; boxing without wrapped hands in not quite as dangerous as unprotected intercourse (oops!), but it still poses significant risk.

Failing to wrap your hands, and wrap them right, can result in injury the severity of which ranges from mild joint aches to full-on fractures. You don’t believe me? Read on . . .

A boxer at my old gym never wrapped his hands during training sessions. Why he put himself at risk like I couldn’t rightly say. Perhaps he was a bit dim-witted. Anyway, whilst sparring he threw a meaty left hook to the body of his opponent but instead of sinking the shot into that nice soft fleshy patch under the floating ribs he instead caught the elbow. Crack!

Result: multiple metacarpal fractures which required setting (that’s where the doctor jigsaw-puzzles the bones back together), three metal pins, months in plaster and an extensive rehabilitation programme. From that one injury he couldn’t box properly for over two years and he never regained his former pugilistic prowess.

What’s the take-way from this anecdote? I think you well know. Always wrap your hands before boxing; even if you’re merely messing about on the punch bag.

But it’s not enough just to wrap your hands. They must be wrapped properly.

The problem with hand wrapping is that it’s irritatingly subjective and you’re probably unlikely to find two boxers who wrap their hands the same. To be perfectly honest here, I would be a barefaced liar if I said I wrapped my hands the same way every time. There’s always slight variation in the number of turns I apply to my wrist or knuckles.

However, in saying that, there are some dos and don’ts to consider when wrapping your hands. Below I have compiled a list of the most important dos:

When wrapping your hands DO

  • Use elasticated wraps and not an inflexible cotton or synthetic substitute. Why? Elasticated wraps mould to the unique shape of your hands and they are less likely to untangle or loosen during training.

  • Ensure to apply a tight wrap . . . but not too tight! It’s got to be just right – like baby bear’s porridge. How do you know if the wrap is tight enough? In a word, experience.

  • After applying plenty of padding around the knuckles pass (at a minimum) a single wrap over the top of the hand and thread it through the middle of the fingers. This can stop the padding from being pushed back over the knuckles.

  • Ensure to apply the wrap evenly across the hand and do not overload one area – usually the mistake is to lather the knuckles generously in padding to the exclusion of wrapping the wrist. This would be a mistake and I implore you not to make it.

For someone who has never wrapped their hands before a written description is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. It is for this reason why I went to the trouble of shooting a short video clip demonstrating how I wrap my hands. *Disclaimer Alert!* I am in no way suggesting that the method demonstrated is the right way to wrap your hands. It is merely meant to act as a guide not as instruction. Over time you must develop your own method. So, if you want to pick-up a few tips on hand wrapping click the video below.

Hand-wrapping demonstration video

Ok, by now you should know a minimum of two things. Thing one: it is imperative that you wrap your hands prior to engaging in fisticuffs. Thing two: if you don’t wrap your hands you run the risk of winding up like the protagonist of the tragedy story narrated above.

What you need to know now is which wraps to buy. Following this paragraph you’ll find a review of three quality hand wraps. Usually I’d review five products but, as hand wraps need only satisfy a number of narrow necessities (elasticity and length), there is little point producing an extensive list. Ok, let’s have a look then shall we?

1) The advanced boxing hand wrap by Beast Gear is an excellent product. Made, as always, from quality materials these hand wraps are elasticated – a must! – and they’re a whopping 4.5 metres long! This is unusually long but it will allow you to apply a hefty wrap to your hands. One more point of note. The advanced wrap has received nearly 2000 reviews whilst still retaining a five start status. That’s impressive.

Beast Gear Advanced Boxing Hand Wraps – For Combat Sports, MMA and Martial Arts - 4.5 Meter Elasticated Bandages

Product Particulars

  • Beast Gear Boxing Hand Wraps – protect your hands during combat sports with superior hand wraps featuring optimum material blends and construction.

  • Offers superior support for your hand’s joints, bones, muscles and tendons during intense punching, striking and sparring workouts.

Click on image for more information


2) Meister offer a comparable product – elasticated and substantial in length – however for less than £15 they are offering three pairs of wraps. Considering that I’ve been using the same wraps for five years, and they’re only now starting to show wear, a pack of three should see you through your career.

Meisyer Adult 180" Hand Wraps for MMA & Boxing

Product Particulars

  • 3 Pairs of Hand Wraps - White/Black/Red (6 wraps total)

  • Super Comfortable Semi-Elastic Cotton/Spandex Blend

  • Protective Wrap - 180 Inches in Length (4.5 Meters)

  • Thumb Loop and Strong Velcro for a Secure Wrap

Click on image for more information


3) With nearly 2500 reviews at 4 to 5 stars this is one well rated wrap. Though not as long as the other two wraps reviewed, 4 metres is more than enough to bind your hands like brick. The material is made from elasticated cotton which will ensure a good fit and protection. At £7.99 Venum offer an excellent product at a reasonable price.

Venum Unisex Adult Kontact Boxing Handwraps

Product Particulars

  • Elastic cotton for comfort and strength.

  • Velcro closure: fast and personalised tightening.

  • Sold in pairs.

  • Venum logo.

  • Available in several colours.

Click on image for more information


To conclude

If I’ve done my job properly, on finishing this blog you should be left with the lingering yet unshakable resolve never again to box without firstly wrapping your hands. Also, if I’ve done my job properly, you now should know how to apply a wrap correctly. From here all you need to do is get a pair of wraps and practice mummifying your hands.

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