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Updated: Aug 6, 2021

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Hand wraps are an essential piece of boxing equipment – which is why we included them in our article: 5 Essential Pieces of Boxing Equipment. Properly wrapped hands improves boxing performance because they give you the confidence to punch with power.

The reason why hand wraps can promote confidence is because they dramatically reduce injury susceptibility. In addition to reducing injury, such as fractures and breaks, hand wraps can also reduce the severity of post-training soreness.

This article brings you the 5 best boxing wraps. Each pair has been selected because they have received extensive positive customer feedback. Furthermore, the hand wraps below satisfy some essential requirements. These requirements have been briefly outlined in the Buyer’s Guide.

When you decide on a pair of hand wraps, you’ll probably want to learn how to apply them properly. Learning to wrap your hands for the first time can be a bit confusing. To help you master the art of hand wrapping we’ve produced a how to guide which can be found at the end of this review.

Boxing hand wrap Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a pair of wraps you should firstly know what to look out for because not all wraps were created equal.

Elasticated cotton

When choosing hand wraps you should always opt for those made from elasticated cotton. This is a superior material because it moulds to the shape of your hands. The same cannot be said of non-elasticated fabrics.

Moreover, elasticated materials stay taught during tough training sessions. This improves the protection they offer as they are less likely to unfold from your hands or bunch in your boxing glove.

4-metre long wraps

The hand wraps you select should be a minimum of 4-metres in length. Hand wraps shorter than 4-metres will not provide the same level of protection. Of course, the shorter the wrap the thinner the protective layer of padding.


3 Best Hand Wraps


1) Beast Gear Advanced Boxing Hand Wraps – For All Combat Sports, MMA and Martial Arts (£9.96)

Product Particulars

  • Beast Gear boxing hand wraps will protect your hands during combat sports.

  • These superior hand wraps feature optimum material blends and construction.

  • Offers support for your hand’s joints, bones, muscles and tendons during intense punching, striking and sparring workouts.

The advanced boxing hand wrap by Beast Gear is an excellent product. Made, as always, from quality materials these hand wraps are elasticated – a must! – and they’re a whopping 4.5 metres long.

The extra length you get with these wraps will allow you to apply a hefty wrap to your hands. With all that wrap your hands are going to feel like a pair of stone and you'll feel like you can punch holes in walls.

Beats Gear's super-long elasticated hand wraps have received nearly 2000 reviews! This makes them the one of the most reviewed wraps on Amazon. But, they've also been rated 5-stars. This makes them the best rated wraps on Amazon.


2) Meister Adult 180" Hand Wraps for MMA & Boxing (£14.99)

Product Particulars

  • 3 pairs of hand wraps - white/black/red (6 wraps total).

  • Super-comfortable, semi-elastic cotton/spandex blend.

  • Protective wrap - 180 inches in length (4.5-meters)

  • Thumb loop and strong Velcro for a secure wrap.

Meister's 180" boxing and MMA hand wraps are a competitive product. These wraps tick all the right boxes: over 4-metres long, elasticated fabric, thumb loop and Velcro fastening.

However, where they differ to other products is the fact you get 3 pair of wraps for the price of 1 pair. Given how long hand wraps last - like years - you'll probably never need to buy a pair again.

These wraps have received hundreds of reviews most of which are very positive. Boxers and combat sport enthusiasts have commented on the durability and quality of Meister's wraps.


3) Venum Unisex Adult Kontact Boxing Hand wraps (£14.83)

Product Particulars

  • Elastic cotton for comfort and strength.

  • Velcro closure: fast and personalised tightening.

  • Venum logo.

  • 4-metres long.

With nearly 2500 reviews at 4 to 5 stars the Venum 'Kontact' is one well rated wrap. Though not as long as the other two wraps reviewed, 4-metres is more than enough to bind your hands like brick.

The material is made from elasticated cotton which will ensure a good fit and protection. At £6.70 Venum offer an excellent product at a reasonable price.


How to wrap your hands

A poster showing you how to wrap your hands properly before engaging in boxing training.

The problem with hand wrapping is that it’s irritatingly subjective and you’re probably unlikely to find two boxers who wrap their hands the same. To be perfectly honest here, I would be a barefaced liar if I said I wrapped my hands the same way every time. There’s always a slight variation in the number of turns I apply to my wrist or knuckles.

However, in saying that, there are some dos and don’ts to consider when wrapping your hands.

When wrapping your hands DO

  • Use elasticated wraps and not an inflexible cotton or synthetic substitute. Why? Elasticated wraps mould to the unique shape of your hands and they are less likely to untangle or loosen during training.

  • Ensure to apply a tight wrap . . . but not too tight! It’s got to be just right – like baby bear’s porridge. How do you know if the wrap is tight enough? In a word, experience.

  • After applying plenty of padding around the knuckles pass (at a minimum) a single wrap over the top of the hand and thread it through the middle of the fingers. This can stop the padding from being pushed back over the knuckles.

  • Ensure to apply the wrap evenly across the hand and do not overload one area – usually the mistake is to lather the knuckles generously in padding to the exclusion of wrapping the wrist. This would be a mistake and I implore you not to make it.


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