10 Best Boxing Mitts | An Ultimate Guide

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An image of a pair of the best boxing mitts. The boxing mitts are hanging over a boxing ring in a boxing gym.

In our other articles, we reviewed the best boxing mitts from specific weight classes. This ultimate guide brings you the top 10 best gloves on the market in one review. All the mitts that feature below were selected because they satisfy our stringent set of quality requirements.

In addition, the 10 boxing mitts that comprise this review have received extensive customer feedback and have received ratings of 4-stars or above. Thus, when you buy a pair of gloves through this review, you know they are durable, well-made, and built to last.

Before we get into the Fighter's Guide, which aims to provide you with an overview of the different weight gloves and what type of boxing training they’re best suited to, the 10 best boxing gloves have been listed and summarised.

If you have an idea of the glove you want and just need a quick overview, click on the title and it will take you straight to the review. But if you want to check out the Fighter’s Guide follow this link.

In descending order, our picks for the 10 best boxing mitts are:

10: Mytra Fusion ‘Tribal’ (£21.00)

Mytra’s ‘Tribal’ is the perfect beginner’s glove. It’s both very affordable and built to last. With extensive customer feedback, you couldn’t go wrong with a pair of Tribals.

9: Valour Strike (£29.99)

The Valour Strike offers a blend of affordability and quality which makes them a favourite among boxing enthusiasts. This is a pair of gloves that look as good as they perform.

8: Everlast ‘Powerlock’ (£43.99)

Everlast is synonymous with boxing equipment. They’ve been making gloves for over 100 years. This extensive experience has culminated in superior quality leather gloves that last a lifetime.