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The 6 Best Reflex Bags

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

A boxer training on a boxing reflex bag.

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The reflex bag is the boxer’s tool of choice for developing and sharpening punching speed and accuracy. Unlike punch bags, which are, comparatively, as responsive as one of those frozen cow carcasses Rocky Balboa wailed on in preparation for his first tussle with Apollo Creed, the reflex bag offers a dynamic and responsive boxing experience.

In this article, we'll take a look at a range of the best boxing reflex bags on the market. The reflex bags that feature below are ideal for home training. But they'll also make a great addition to any boxing gym.

The product review concludes with a short boxing reflex bag FAQ. In addition, I've outlined a few simple suggestions of how to get going once your reflex bag arrives. But first, let's have a look at the line up of bags.


Boxing reflex bag #1: boxing cobra bag

Champs cobra reflex bag

The “Fundamental Accuracy and Speed Test” Reflex Punching Bag by Champs has been developed to test precision, coordination and speed.

Champs has developed this Cobra Reflex Bag so you can 'Hone your reflexes' and maintain sharpness of movement.

With a sturdy base, metal construction, and a heavy-duty spring, this boxing reflex bag provides premium build quality and performance for any kind of punching bag training exercise.

Ringside’s reflex bag, with its central positioned spring, would make a perfect addition to a home gym or garage boxing gym set-up.

Tale of the tape

  • Heavy bag designed with a sturdy base, fillable with either sand or water.

  • Adjustable Reflex Bag Height.

  • Heavy-duty Speed Bag Spring.

  • Easy construction.


Reflex punching bag #2: Maxx Strength

Max strength reflex bag.

Maxx Strength's boxing reflex bag boasts extensive height adjustable options making this product suitable for most all heights.

The head is comprised of compacted foam and is not, as is the case with most reflex bags, inflatable. This feature enables you to unload heavier punches. However, it comes at a cost.

Because of the weighty head and the placement of the spring, which attaches centrally, the responsivity of this product will be touch slower than, say, Ringside’s FAST bag.

But in saying that, it will still be responsive enough to test even the most practiced pugilist.

Tale of the tape

  • The height of the sand ball rack can be adjusted between 160cm and 220cm.

  • The surface of the boxing ball is constructed from high-density PU leather and four-layer thick PU protection measures to prevent bursting and effectively improve impact resistance.

  • Equipped with a 'sand fillable' base for improved stability.


Boxing reflex bag #3: Ringside reflex bag

Ringside reflex bag.

The Fitness Reflex Boxing Bag from Ringside, on account of the low spring placement (which attaches right at the base), is perfect for novice boxers or fitness enthusiasts who wants to get a great workout, while developing accuracy, timing and distance.

The durable, synthetic leather punching bag ensure superior longevity even after years of use.

Another feature of note is the adjustable pole which extends from 49” up to 69”. This makes the bag accessible for father and son or mother and daughter.

The plastic base tank can be filled with up to 125 (60kg) pounds of water or 240 pounds (110kg) of sand. This ensures that, when fully filled, it will remain fixed in position during training sessions.

Tale of the tape

  • This bag's height can be easily adjusted between 49"-69".

  • The plastic base tank can be filled with up to 125 pounds of water or 240 pounds of sand.

  • Mimics the movement of an actual opponent via the specifically-placed chrome spring.

  • Made of easy to clean durable synthetic leather.


Reflex strike bag #4: Maxx Advanced

Maxx Advanced reflex strike bag.

Maxx Advanced reflex strike bag boasts a high-quality hand-sewn faux leather head which reduces wear and tear over time.

In addition, the shock-absorbing polyurethane foam enables you to give this bag a bit more welly. And, unlike some of the inflatable products, will actually feel like you are hitting something.

The heavy-duty sand fillable base improves the stability of the reflex bag while you do the Ali shuffle. Superior stability enables you to focus on punching and reflex skills instead of having to wait for the bag to rebound or, worse still, pick it up off the floor.

Tale of the tape

  • Easily adapt to a wide variation of heights making it suitable for teenagers and/or adults.

  • The plastic base has 8 super suction cups to prevent shaking and scratching floor, you can fill it with sand or water to keep the shelf stable.

  • Suitable for any smooth surface floor.

  • High-quality hand-sewn artificial leather ball and shock-absorbing polyurethane wraps, more durable and safer, can participate in sports activities for a long time.


Best Reflex Bag #5: Dripex advanced reflex

Dripex reaction punching bag.

The Dripex 'advanced' reflex bag is a bit of beast. Unlike it's competitors, it features a body-sized target as opposed to just a head. This enables you to work on your body shots but also you can put a bit more power behind your punches - something you can't do with a standard boxing reflex bag.

The bag itself is comprised of an impact absorption material that is supposed to reduce wear and tear on the hands. In addition, it is held in place by a stainless steel support. That, by the way, is a feature of note. The majority of reflex balls are propped up by aluminium tubing which is not very durable and thus is liable to bend. Stainless steel, on the other hand, offers superior strength.

Dripex's advanced reflex bag also features suction cups on the base for added stability. This makes the bag suitable for kickboxers and Thai boxers. The additional support are designed to withstand knees and kicks.

Tale of the tape

  • Dual TPU absorbers and 4 springs to achieve 360° shock and noise absorption.

  • Weighs roughly 137lbs when filled with water, 182lbs with sand.

  • Water/sand unfilled durable high-density plastic base with multiple powerful suction cups.

  • Steel rod construction along with high-grade PU bags with inner bladder design.


360 reflex bar #6: Boxingbar Viper Reflex Cobra Bag

Boxingbar Viper Reflex Cobra Bag.

According to Boxingbar, their Viper Reflex Boxing Bag is one of their most popular products. Question. Why?

The bag has been redesigned to ensure improved responsivity and durability. Because it has been built for the competitive athlete in mind, it has been constructed from superior-quality materials.

In addition, the foam-filled bag not only requires no inflation, a boon for those bereft of a pump or patience, meaning as soon as it’s assembled you can get boxing. But also a foam-filled head can take a bit more of a beating.

The sturdy steel frame offers superior strength and longevity and the adjustable, rapid-rebound spring can be set to accommodate the Bilbo Baggins of the world right up to the High Towers.

Tale of the tape

  • Redesigned to ensure improved responsivity and durability.

  • Built for the competitive athlete.

  • Foam-filled bag withstands greater force and improves longevity.

  • Steel frame offer superior strength and robustness.


What is a boxing reflex bag?

At its essence, a spring-loaded foam head attached to a heavy base by a steel pole. However, there are variations and some reflex bag designs are better than others: it’s all a matter of the placement of the spring. Let me explain.

The closer the spring is to the foam head the greater the responsivity of the bag and the more skill is required to use it effectively. Bags where the spring is situated at the base respond very slowly; this is the single most prevalent complaint from people who have purchased this style of reflex bag: there just isn’t much reflex. It is for this reason why they are more suitable for beginners.

Conversely, bags where the spring attaches straight to the head, rather like a coiled neck, move with blinding speed and unless you’ve got the reflexes of a cat, or Joe Calzaghe, you’ll be punching air all day long.

But thankfully there’s a middle ground between the two extremes. Reflex bags where the spring is centred between the base and the foam head offer a respectable degree of responsivity, making this style of bag challenging but also widely accessible.

Why they are boxing reflex bags good?

Heavy bags are great for developing punching power – something that you can’t do on a reflex bag. But heavy bags can also breed bad boxing habits; such as flat footedness, sloppy punching technique, and an immobility of the torso and head.

By contrast, reflex bags, because of the dynamic and often unpredictable way in which they move, almost force the boxer to be flightier of foot. For if you are not on your toes moving, bobbing and weaving, you’re likely to catch a foam head in the kisser.

In addition, reflex bags can help to improve the timing and accuracy of your punches. Essential boxing attributes that the heavy bag can actually deteriorate. Furthermore, because little to no power is applied when using a reflex bag, you tire less quickly which enables you to maintain a higher work rate.

How to use a reflex bag

A boxer using a reflex boxing bag.

As briefly touched on above, reflex bags are designed to help the boxer hone timing, accuracy and, yes, reflex action. They are not designed to be hit hard. Doing so will not only result in damage to the bag (because they’re not built to absorb weighty blows), but also potentially your elbow and/or shoulder joint.

The aim, when using a reflex bag, is to remain light and loose. The boxer pops out snappy punches from the chin ensuring to execute correct technique. While doing so he or she will be bobbing and weaving, sticking and moving.

Also, keep your hand loose in your boxing glove. Don't hold tension in your arm or shoulder and try to remain as relaxed as possible. The aim is to throw punches like you would when whipping a twirled tea towel: you're after that stinging snap!

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Benefits of reflex bag training?

The benefits that regular reflex bag training boasts include:

Improved punching speed
Improved torso and head mobility
General fitness and stamina
In addition, reflex bag training can increase muscular tonality and help to burn unwanted calories.


To Conclude

It's not up for argument, the reflex bag is one of the best training tools for developing punch speed, accuracy and timing.

But reflex punching bags are also a great way to improve fitness and boxing conditioning. It's these attributes of the reflex bag why they are growing in popularity.

Anyone of the products reviewed above would make for a perfect home boxing training tool. And because of their versatility you'll be able to work on all aspects of your boxing skill set.

Teach yourself the principals of pugilism with our Boxing Basic How To Guide >

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