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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our support page. Here you can find the most frequently asked questions pertaining to our products, services, and articles. If you cannot find an answer below, please contact us at:

What is Hungry4Fitness about?

Our mission is a simple one. We want to promote and propagate the principles of health and fitness whilst providing tools and services that help people achieve a healthier, more active lifestyle. It is through the Hungry4Fitness website and other media platforms – YouTube, Slideshare, Twitter, and Instagram – that we endeavour to pursue our mission.

Our modus operandi is almost exclusively through content creation in the form of blogs, articles and product reviews. This side of Hungry4Fitness is entirely pro bono and from our many excellent articles, we receive not a single penny, cent, or yen.

How can Hungry4Fitness help me?

Hungry4Fitness is a website designed to help people improve their physical fitness. In addition, it aims to provide people with relevant, realistic, and actionable information which they can use not only to better their fitness but also their state of health.

Throughout the Hungry4Fitness website, you will discover articles that contain contemporary content on important topics such as the Benefits of Exercise and coverage of contentious issues such as whether animal protein can be consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle.

But we offer more than just information. Our ever-expanding range of health and fitness tools, including 1-to-1 coaching and motivational mentoring programmes.

In what ways can Hungry4Fitness help me?

Below is a list of ways in which Hungry4Fitness can help you:


  • With our Exercise Programmes Hungry4Fitness can provide you with the tools to improve your fitness and health.

  • The Hungry4Fitness Book of Circuits & Workouts series can provide you with a wealth of training sessions.

  • Our product reviews can provide you with a useful insight into the best fitness equipment on the market.

  • The Hungry4Fitness 30 Day Challenge initiative can offer you exactly that: a chance to challenge yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle for 30 consecutive days.

  • By accessing our Exercise Archive you will be able to help yourself expand and develop your current repertoire of exercises.

  • On our Hungry4Health page, you will discover a plethora of articles dedicated to helping you improve your health.

Why should I choose Hungry4Fitness over competing sites?

While we at Hungry4Fitness do not lay claim to being the best fitness (exercise and health) website, we are unmatched in our passion for procuring and disseminating accurate and honest information. This is our guiding principle: to put honesty before all else.

It has not escaped our notice – and we doubt dear reader, it has escaped yours – that there are many websites masquerading as ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ professionals. Yet, when one looks a little closer these sites can be seen for the charlatans that they are: fad followers and subscribers to spurious, outdated doctrine.

We are obstinate in our refusal to propagate, publish, and/or endorse health and exercise advice that is not in some way grounded on a firm foundation of empirical research.

What makes Hungry4Fitness different from its competitors?

For starters, we’re not just an affiliate marketing website. The vast majority of our articles aim to share fitness (exercise and health) information of a functional nature for free.

Furthermore, we provide a range of mediums through which we share advice. For example, throughout our many articles, you will discover written content, video tutorials, images, how-to guides, and links to appropriate websites that have been selected because they offer either a deeper insight or they specialise in a particular field.

Last but not least, all Hungry4Fitness contributing content writers practice what they preach. Really this ought to be a given, a prerequisite of all self-styled health and exercise practitioners. But unfortunately, this is just not the case. However, here it is!

Why should I trust Hungry4Fitness and the information presented on the site?

As mentioned above: we are obstinate in our refusal to propagate, publish and/or endorse health and exercise advice that is not in some way grounded on a solid foundation of empirical research.

So, to take but one example, in our article To Meat or Not to Meat, which aims to present a reasoned case for why it is important to transition to a plant-based diet, many contemporary citations have been included to support the underlying contention.

Moreover, all citations have been listed at the end of the article (where applicable) and the reader is encouraged to conduct their own, independent research. The reason for this is twofold.

First, contentious claims and statements can be traced to their original sources and thus verified. Second, though we do conduct wider research when composing an article, we are neither infallible nor omniscient. Consequently, contradictory research may have been missed. It is for this reason that the reader should always seek external sources so as to gather a broader, more well-rounded insight.

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