Best Boxing Punch Bags

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Introduction | Boxing bag Buyer's Guide | Do I need to spend a lot? | Leather vs. synthetic? | 5 Best Boxing Bags

an image of a punch bag and a man running around a boxing gym

In this article we're going to take a look at 5 of the best boxing bags on the market. The boxing bags that feature in this review have been carefully selected. Only the best quality bags and those that feature high customer satisfaction have been included.

After all, they don’t call the punch bag a boxer’s best friend for nothing. Over the course of their careers a boxer, even at an amateur level, will probably have spent thousands of hours thwacking away at what essentially is a stuffed leather sack.

But as you’ll find out, not all sacks are created equal. It is because of this extreme use (or abuse) why we should conduct a spot of research before buying a punch bag. For a cheap or poorly designed bag is not only susceptible to rapid wear and tear but could cause the boxer an injury; hitting a soft bag can result in hyperextension at the elbow and improperly packed bags can cause hand trauma.

Boxing bag buyer's guide

Do I need to spend a lot?

How much you spend on a boxing bag should depend on how often you plan to use it and your ability. If you are going to use your bag 2-plus times a week, then you might want to consider a middle of the road bag, such as ONEX's Heavy Filled bag.

Similarly, if you have boxed before, or you have a weighty punch, or you are of significant stature, you will need a solid, durable bag - such as Turnermax's genuine leather heavy bag.

But if you plan on using you punch bag as part of general fitness training, then one of the more modestly priced product will suffice.

However, it's worth pointing out that a well-made leather sand-filled boxing bag will last a lifetime. Yes, such a boxing bag will initially put you out of pocket but it will only ever do so once.

The Twins boxing bag pictured above hangs from an iron girder in the famous Sasiprapa Thai Boxing Gym. It is well over fifteen years old and gets kicked, kneed, elbowed and punched for 4 hours a day six days a week - by world ranked Thai boxers no less. Yet, besides one indentation and a number of stains of suspect origin, it looks almost as good as new.