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5 Best Boxing Boots

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

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It would be wrong to try and blag you into the belief that boxing boots are as important as boxing gloves, because they’re not. A good pair of gloves can significantly reduce your chances of seriously injuring your hands when training – boots don’t boast this level of importance.

However, a quality pair of boots can certainly enhance the pleasure of a boxing session and, I think, improve your pugilistic performance. I have outlined a few reasons why a quality pair of boxing boots can improve training performance below in the Buyer's Guide.

5 Best boxing boots

Before we consider the benefits of boxing in proper footwear, let's have a look at five of the best boxing boots on the market.

The best boxing boots below have been selected because they have received considerable positive customer feedback.

In addition, all the boots are manufactured by reputable companies that boast a long history in making sports training equipment.

The best boxing boots in order are


Best boxing boots #1: Lonsdale lowcut shoe

Best boxing boots Lonsdale contender.

The Lonsdale Contender lowcut boxing shoes is an affordable entry level boxing boot which would make for a perfect first pair. Yes they’re Lonsdale – which as boxing kit goes confers comparative kudos to cruising around in a Skoda – but they are quilted from leather and they boast a cushioned ankle collar: for extra support when you’re trying to pop out Ali shuffles.

In addition, breathable mesh panels have been fashioned into the sides of the boots so as to improve ‘breathability’. This, allegedly, is an important attributed of boxing boots. After all, we wouldn’t want to develop sweaty boot rash now would we?

And finally, Lonsdale’s boxing boots also benefit from a boxing specific EVA midsole, along with overlays which together enhance durability.

Tale of the tape

  • Mid-cut

  • Laced

  • Closure: Lace-Up

  • Material Composition: Leather

  • Shoe Width: Medium

  • Quilted, cushioned ankle collar


Best boxing boot #2: Everlast Elite high top

Everlast best boxing boots.

Everlast's New Elite best boxing boots have received considerable customer feedback. The company is one of the original boxing brands and can trace its history almost as far back as when the Marquess of Queensburry publicly promulgated the first accepted code of boxing conduct – back in 1867 (for that pointless factoid I owe thanks to Wikipedia).

It makes one wonder then, with such a long and established history, why in the hell are they making boots out of synthetic materials? But what do you expect for £35? Ok, I concede, it might be a bit much to ask for genuine leather, what when the boots cost little more than a cinema ticket, medium sized popcorn and litre of liquid sugar.

However, in spite of the substandard materials from which the boot is made – what is ‘synthetic’ anyway? – Everlast’s boxing shoe has received some rave reviews regarding their comfort and durability. And after nearly one hundred reviews they still boast an impressive 4.5 star rating.

Tale of the tape

  • Everlast Boxing Shoes

  • Ideal for boxes

  • Outer Material: Synthetic

  • Sole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

  • Closure: Lace-up

  • Heel Height: 1 centimetres


Good boxing boots #3: LEONE 1947

LEONE good boxing boots.

Leone's 1947 boxing shoes are stylised as a ‘Lightweight and breathable combat boxing boot covered with perforated and hypoallergenic mesh that facilitates thermal exchange and counteracts sweating.’

Personally I think they’re trying to bamboozle the consumer with all those polysyllabic words and what they’re really trying to say is: our boots are breathable because of that mesh material on the side panels.

In addition to superior breathability ‘the double padding on the ankles and the robust heel reinforcement prevents distortions in lateral movements.’ Again read: extra ankle support for when floating round the ring.

And ‘equipped with an ergonomic rubber sole, an EVA cushioning insert under the heel and a lace-up closure and nine intersections that allow maximum grip on the foot and ankle.’ So they’ll fasten up nice and tight thus fitting your foot like a glove.

Tale of the tape

  • Lightweight and breathable combat boxing boots

  • Double padding on the ankles and heel reinforcement

  • Ergonomic rubber sole

  • Lace up design improves stability

  • Superior quality fabric from improved durability


Best boxing boots #4: Adidas Hog.2

adidas hog.2 boxing shoes.

Adidas' Hog.2 boxing boots are synonymous with premium quality boxing wear – whether it’s clothing, gloves or boots Adidas manufacture products that last. This probably accounts for why they are a favourite amongst boxers.

The Hog. 2 boxing shoe is no exception. They are constructed from durable synthetic fabrics that ensure they will withstand the rigours of boxing training for years to come.

In addition, these boxing shoes include a mesh material in the side panels so as to facilitate breathability. Anyone new to the sport will fail to understand why this is an important attribute to look for in a boot – that of breathability. However, after 10 rounds of rigours sparring a boot that doesn’t breathe will act like a bucket and fill up with sweat. This will almost certainly cause sores and blisters. That’s why you should only buy breathable boots.

Other features include a low-profile cushioned midsole which has been designed to improve foot mobility. Also the natural rubber sole guarantees superior grip thus reducing slips whilst improving traction.

Tale of the tape

  • Perfect boots for agile footwork in the ring

  • One piece Gum rubber outsole for ideal traction and grip

  • Synthetic outer material

  • Inner mesh material to improve breathability

  • Gum rubber sole

  • High lace-up closure for improved stability


Best boxing boots #5: Venum Elite

Best boxing boots.

Venum's Elite boxing shoes look awesome and though they may not make you float like a butterfly they’ll damn sure make you look as colourful as one.

The Venum Elite Boxing Shoes are the result of ‘strategic research’, ‘development’ and ‘collaboration’ between product engineers and Team Venum boxing champions. Battle tested in training and live bouts these boots have been designed to provide superior stability.

The insole was designed to perfectly fit the plantar arch of the foot without being too bulky or uncomfortable. So straight out of the box they should feel like a pair you’ve been wearing for years.

Though they have been stylistically optimised with the offensive boxer in mind, ‘the Venum Elite allows the wearer to manage the distance thanks to the excellent lateral ankle support provided by its mid-cut silhouette.’

This unique feature apparently enables the boxer to make ‘defensive manoeuvres' with ease. In addition ‘to maximize comfort, the "Honeycomb" mesh enables the foot to breathe during the most intense workouts, whilst being incredibly resistant and increasing the longevity of the shoe.’

Tale of the tape

  • Material comprised of a mix of PU flex and mesh honeycomb

  • Rubber outsole: increased grip, durability and stability

  • Synthetic outer material improves breathability

  • Sole: Gum Rubber

  • Closure: Lace-Up


Benefits of best boxing boots

The problem with boxing in trainers is that they tend to give way when making rapid and explosive changes in direction. This can blunt the sharpness of your agility thus marginally slowing you down. And as any aspiring pugilist knows, speed and agility are perhaps two of the most important weapons in the boxer’s arsenal.

Another attribute of boxing in boots, as opposed to trainers, is that they offer far more grip – this especially so when training in a canvas coated boxing ring. Greater grippiness (if you’ll excuse that appalling suffix) will not only improve your mobility but the responsivity of movement. What in the hell does that even mean?

Boxing boots improve support

Well, if you’ve ever sparred in trainers you may be able to recall the uncharacteristic sluggishness of your footwork. Why on that particular night did it feel like you were wading knee-deep through treacle? When boxing in loose-fitting or ill-designed footwear – such as trainers – energy dissipates through the cushioned soul or is absorbed by the fabric as it acquiesces when it should be strong and supportive.

The same principal applies to push bikes (believe it or not). A cheap bike will flex as the cyclist applies force through the peddles. The result? Instead of that energy translating into forward motion some of it is lost. By contrast, a quality performance bike constructed from carbon fibre will remain rigid and the energy the cyclist exerts will propel them forward.

Apologies for the digression. Now back to boxing boots.

Below I have briefly outlined a number of benefits you can expect to enjoy when boxing in purposely designed footwear – aka boxing boots! Those benefits include:

Improved balance
Enhance mobility
Flightier of foot
Greater comfort
Increased traction
And, finally, you’ll look the business

Not all boxing boots were created equal

Now that you’re clued up on the benefits of boxing in boots there’s a couple of style distinctions you should be aware of prior to making a purchase. The news that I’m about to share may come as shock to you, but there are in fact three different types of boxing boot! I know, crazy right? However, you’ll be relieved to learn that the distinguishing features do not require the mind of a NASA scientist to understand.

The three styles of boot to choose from includes the ‘low top’, ‘mid top’ and ‘high top’. Pretty self-explanatory stuff really – so I won’t condescend the reader by describing the difference.

high top boxing boots

Typically the boot from the soul to the ankle doesn’t differ a jot irrespective of the ‘top’ height. So even if, for whatever reason, you decide on a ‘low top’ style (which in my opinion is just weird), the bulk of the boot will still provide you with the benefits identified above. Though it is true that I mid/high top will offer more ankle support.

Really this is a personal preference thing. And that’s exactly where I’ll leave it. On to the Buyer's Guide!


Best boxing boots Buyer's Guide

Below I have identified and outlined a number of essential qualities that you should look out for when buying boxing boots.


Years back I purchased a pair of boxing boots styled on those Mike Tyson used to wear – black leather high tops. And though they looked awesome and were super comfy and lightweight, they were constructed from inferior quality materials. Consequently I spent many a night trying to stich the seams back together. Also, in less than a year of moderate use my boots developed holes in their soles!

But back then I wasn’t aware of the concept of false economy. Yes the boots looked great, and they were certainly a spit of Iron Mike’s, but they were poorly made – which is understandable considering they only cost £30.

It’s for this reason why I would always recommend purchasing a quality pair of boots (as I do with gloves). Yes the initial expense might make your credit card sweat but it’ll be worth it in the long run as they will last for years.


Ideally the boots you buy should be fashioned from either leather or suede. Though in saying that synthetic fabrics are becoming very popular nowadays and they offer equal if not superior durability. The material ought to be double stitched and the side panels made of mesh so as to improve breathability. This is an essential feature.

Boots without breathable mesh panels will cause your feet to sweat buckets. Not only that, they'll cook your feet like a boil in bag chicken. After an hour of boxing in these conditions your feet will resemble a pair of prunes and the blisters will have you hobbling for a week.


Sound soles not only guarantee salvation in the after life (so sayeth all monotheistic religions) but also, and more importantly, guarantee improved gripability in the ring, which in turn enhances responsivity when making rapid movements under pressure. The last thing you want when you're being chased down by a raging bull is for your soles to slip whilst weaving and side stepping to safety. Thus ensure that the soles of which ever boots you select are made from high quality rubber.

Look for soles made from authentic gum rubber or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. EVA, for short, is an 'elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are "rubber-like" in softness and flexibility.' Apparently EVA is a very hardy synthetic rubber substitute that offers superior toughness whilst being resistant to cracking.


In Conclusion

Though boxing boots don’t top the list of equipment necessities – hand wraps, gloves, a skipping rope and, if you spar, a gum shield all should be at the top of the list – they do enhance the boxing experience and you’ll notice a considerable difference the moment you slip on a pair.

If you’re unsure of whether or not to purchase boots firstly assess the standard at which you box and how often you train. If like me you just enjoy working the punch bag a couple of times a week then I’d say that you won’t need boots; trainers will more than suffice as suitable footwear for a few informal rounds.

However, if you regularly train at a boxing club and are actively involved in sparring sessions, then I’d say you should definitely splash the cash and purchase a pair of boots. Anything less than specifically designed footwear will adversely affect your performance. Something you certainly don’t want when in the ring with an opponent.


About Adam Priest –

A former Royal Marines Commando, Adam Priest is a content writer, college lecturer, and health and wellbeing practitioner. He is also a fitness author and contributor to other websites. Connect with Adam via LinkedIn or

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