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Skipping HIIT Workout For Fitness & Fat-Loss

A guy taking part in a jump rope HIIT workout.

Send your cardio fitness through the roof with this skipping HIIT workout. As well as being one of the all-time best conditioning exercises, skipping is a brilliant fat burner.

Martial arts legend and fitness fanatic Bruce Lee said that skipping is one of the most effective single exercises we can do. He also purportedly claimed that 10-minutes of skipping was as physically demanding as 30-minutes of running.

If Lee is right, and jumping rope is three times more effective than jogging, then this skipping HIIT workout is like going for a 1-hour 15-minute run.

Skipping HIIT workout benefits

This skipping HIIT workout will provide you with a challenging training session. One that will leave you feeling like you’ve pushed yourself to your fitness limits.

Also, another benefit of this skipping workout is that it requires only a jump rope and a bit of space. So, you can complete it almost anywhere – at home, on holiday, or at work over a lunch break.

In addition, because the workout is organised into three HIIT series, consisting of two 10-minute and one 5-minute blocks, the duration of the workout can easily be tailored to suit your time constraints.

But if you can find a permanent place in your training program for this skipping workout, you stand to gain other fitness and health benefits besides those already outlined.

Health & fitness benefits of this HIIT skipping workout

  • Improved cardio performance

  • Enhanced muscular endurance

  • Fat loss

  • Improved body composition

  • Visibly sharper muscular definition

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How to approach this skipping rope HITT workout

Before having a go at this workout ensure to spend 5- to 10-minutes warming up. Begin by spending a couple of minutes completing mobility exercises: ankle rotations, knee bends, high knee raises, etc. After the mobility exercises start skipping.

Once warmed and ready to go, set a 10-second repeat timer. Your objective is to work through the three HIIT series below.

Grouped into 10-minute blocks you’re skipping at a high intensity for 10-seconds before taking a rest of the same duration. It’s recommendable to tick over at a low intensity for the rest period. Of course, you can stop to rest if you feel you need to, but it can make it more challenging to get going again.

10 minute skipping HIIT workout

You’ll be oscillating between interval and rest for 10-minutes. After the time has elapsed take a 2-minute rest before transitioning to the next HIIT series.

10-second HIIT first series

Concluding the rest, reset the repeat timer but this time for 20-second intervals. Following a similar format as outlined above, complete this HIIT series for another 10-minutes. Again, on completion take another 2-minutes rest.

A grid of skipping HIIT intervals for a skipping hiit workout. There are ten 1-minute sections each comprised of two 10-second high-intensity intervals and two 10-seocnd rest periods.

20-second HIIT second series

A grid of skipping HIIT intervals for a skipping hiit workout. There are ten 1-minute sections each comprised of two 20-second high-intensity intervals and one 20-seocnd rest periods.

Notice the back-to-back interval that concludes the 10th minute.

5 minute skipping HIIT workout blast

Now, depending on your fitness levels, or if you feel like you’ve got more in the tank, you could challenge yourself to this HIIT blast.

For the final HIIT series, you will be skipping at a high intensity for 20-seconds. But you’ll only get a 10-second rest. This minor reduction in rest really turns up the heat. Getting through the intervals requires more than just fitness: you’ll also need grit and determination.

However, whereas the previous two HIIT series are scheduled for 10-minutes, the final challenge is only 5-minutes in duration. Don’t let that lure you into a false sense, it’s still a beast.

20-second HIIT third series

A grid of skipping HIIT intervals for a skipping hiit workout. There are ten 1-minute sections each comprised of two 20-second high-intensity intervals and one 10-seocnd rest periods.

Hints and tips for the skipping workout

  • Ensure to warm-up thoroughly before tackling the HIIT workout.

  • To help you keep track of progress, consider using the interval grids above. After each interval/rest pairing put a line through boxes. It’s a bit like bingo except the only prize for a full house is fatigue and sweat.

  • If you can, avoid stopping completely during the rest periods. Try ticking over at a low intensity.

  • When you've polished off the above HIITs, try this skipping and kettlebell workout.


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