Try This Sizzling Session: 1 Hour of AMRAPs!

Updated: May 4, 2021

a woman performing an AMRAP (as many repetitions as possible) training session

This unconventional session will work every fibre in your body. Below are 6 10-minute AMRAPs which include a mix of cardiovascular, muscular endurance and muscular strength exercises. Thus, the primary components of fitness will be put to the test – and so will your grit and determination.

AMRAP, if you didn’t already know, is an abbreviation for the training methodology of completing As Many Repetitions As Possible in a given time period. Of all the training methodologies available to us – EMOM, HIIT, Tabata, etc., etc. – AMRAP is by far the simplest. However, don’t let its low IQ dampen your desire to get more AMRAP in your regime, for what it lacks in sophistication it more than makes up in physical might.

You can complete the session on your own or, if you know 5 sadomasochists, as a group. Though it works perfectly fine individually it is much better to complete with others as you can get a bit of healthy competition going.

When I completed this session as part of a group, we had to write our individual AMRAP achievements on a whiteboard for all to see. This provided a target to aim for which made the session all the more horrible . . . I mean physically stimulating.

How it works

This session couldn’t be simpler. After the warm-up you are to start on the first AMRAP: punches on the heavy bag. Your objective: punch the bag as many times as you can in 10-minutes. Once you’ve unleashed blind fury for 600 seconds you can treat yourself to a 2-miunte rest. During the rest ensure to make a note of how many punches you achieved. The moment the 2-minutes are up progress on to the second AMRAP: power bag bastods into overhead throws. Same objective as before: try to rack-up as many reps as possible. Rest. Repeat. Rest. Repeat. Rest. Repeat. Rest. Repeat. Finish!

Key points

  • Warm-up! And don’t just go through the motions either. A comprehensive, progressive warm-up can both reduce injury susceptibility and improve physical performance.

  • Begin at the first 10-minute AMRAP: punches on the heavy bag.

  • Your objective for this session is to achieve as many repetitions/metres/rotations as possible in 10-minutes. (To give you a benchmark to aim for I have included my efforts next to each AMRAP.)

  • You are entitled to 2-minutes rest between each AMRAP.

Methods of modification

There’s a million and one ways this session could be modified. For example, depending on equipment availability, any one of the exercises could be replaced without impacting on the dynamics of the session. Also, depending on time constraints and/or current fitness levels, the length of each AMRAP could be reduced to, say, 5-minutes. This would still be a tough cookie of a session even if the AMRAP durations were slashed by half. Alternatively, you could work through each 10-minute AMRAP as a pair taking it in turns 1-minute working/1-minute resting. And, finally, the weights for the resistance exercises can of course be increased/decreased accordingly.