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5 Best Boxing Gloves

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

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In this article we're going to take a look at the 5 best boxing gloves on the market. The boxing gloves that feature in this review have been carefully selected. Only the best quality gloves and those that feature high customer satisfaction have been included.

Benefits of quality boxing gloves

Make no bones about it, boxing gloves are a hugely important piece of equipment. A quality pair of gloves will not only last for years but will also reduce the punishment to our hands.

Gloves can reduce the wear and tear in the joints of the arms the same way trainers can reduce the wear and tear in the joints of the legs.

Anyone who regularly pounds the tarmac will agree with the statement that good trainers significantly reduce shock and with it the aches and pains that are the frustrating side-effect of road running.

Much the same can be said about quality boxing gloves.

Obvious though this is to me now, it wasn’t for the many years. I’m embarrassed to admit that I used inferior quality gloves for nearly a decade before I realised what I’m telling you. I hope you’ll learn from my mistake. As the saying goes: the clever person learns from their own mistakes whereas the philosopher learns from the mistakes made by others.

Boxing glove sizing guide

As a boxing trainer I’m frequently asked by people new to the sport: ‘What ounce glove should I get?’ I never recommend less than a 12oz glove. Here’s why.

If you plan to participate in all aspects of the pugilistic art bag work, pad work and sparring an 8/10oz glove is (in my opinion) too light. For reasons obvious boxers should never spar in gloves lighter than 12oz. Also, lighter gloves do not offer the same level of protection for the hands. And if you are boxing regularly you will need all the protection you can get (see our other article on the importance of hand wrapping).

Finally, a heavy glove will over time marginally increase muscle strength and, if you do compete, when you switch to a 10oz glove it’ll feel as though you’re wearing nothing at all. Enough gab, let's have a look at:


The 5 Best Boxing Gloves


1) RDX Boxing Gloves for Training & Muay Thai - Maya Hide Leather (£32)

Product Particulars (click image for more information)

  • Resilient Maya Hide leather construction makes the gloves stubbornly durable and long-lasting.

  • Gloves provide extra-thick padding that offers added protection for your hands.

  • The gloves are armed with extra-long band that offers superior wrist-support and a comfortable fit.

An extremely well rated product from RDX. With over a thousand reviews this pair of boxing gloves still retains 5-stars. The Maya Hide Leather from which they are constructed ensures a long life and praiseworthy durability.

The extra thick padding around the primary impact points will reduce aches and pains in the hands. And the Velcro straps make them easy to whip on and off for when you're taking part in a boxing circuit.

These gloves are perfect for the beginner or the person who is looking to incorporate boxing into their fitness regime. They are probably not suitable for those who regularly train boxing or box at a club.

But if you are just looking for a pair of reasonably priced mitts to use on your home boxing bag, these are decent pair that will adequately meet your needs.


2) Beats Gear Boxing Gloves - Simian Model Genuine Cowhide Leather (£49)

Product Particulars (click image for more information)

  • Premium quality gloves which offer superior protection for your knuckles, fingers, wrists, bones, tendons.

  • Made from only the highest quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes.

  • They look mighty fine!

Firstly, few could deny that these gloves look awesome. The Simian boxing mitt from Beast Gear are made from genuine cowhide leather which guarantees that they will last you years.

Also, the multi-layered padding will protect your hands when you're whacking away at that bag. This is an important feature and one to look out for in any glove you consider buying.

Of course, the better the padding the longer the glove will last. But what's more important is reducing the severity of the impact trauma your hands will inevitably receive. Not so much a problem after the odd session over years of abuse it could lead to arthritis which, so I've been told, is not pleasant.


3) Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (£87)

Product Particulars (click image for more information)

  • All-purpose boxing gloves with vectro straps.

  • Tight fit design.

  • Constructed of premium leather and handmade in Thailand.

Fairtex are synonymous with manufacturing only the highest quality combat sport equipment. All of their gloves are made from only the best materials which accounts for why they are so durable and the preferred choice of most Thai boxing gyms.

If you’re after a pair of gloves that will not only confer you some serious kudos at the gym but also last a lifetime, look no further.


4) Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves (£94)

Product Particulars (click image for more information)

  • Professional sparring and training gloves.

  • Multi foam padding for maximum protection.

  • Air flow system for best thermal regulation.

  • Made from a vegan friendly leather.

We’re knocking it up a notch now. Hayabusa are a boxing brand renown for producing super-high quality combat equipment. The T3 boxing glove is the crowning result of Hayabusa’s obsession with research, testing and equipment development.

They are crafted from superior materials so as to ensure durability and performance. In the words of Hyabusa, the 'craftsmanship and design' of the T3 'gives you the very best equipment you need to strike harder, train longer and perform better.'

But their confidence in their equipment is abundantly supported by customer feedback. With over 2000 reviews the T3 boxing gloves still retains 5-stars. And many of the reviews speak favourably of the robustness of the T3 and their superb shock-absorbent properties.


5) CLETO REYES Velcro Boxing Gloves (£200)

Product Particulars (click image for more information)

  • Leather strap closure for a firm and quick adjustment.

  • Produced under strict quality control in leather and all materials.

  • The thumb attached protects eyes, prevents the thumb Sprain and fracture.

As the saying goes: save the best till last! Cleto Reyes is credited with making only professional grade equipment. Whether it’s bags, pads, gloves, head or groin guards, Reyes are built to last. Their products are handmade and constructed from the finest quality materials.

This explains why after years of use and abuse they retain that just-purchased feel. The gloves featured below cost a whopping £200. That, comparatively speaking, is crazy expensive. But, as long as you look after them you’ll never need to buy another pair of gloves.


In Conclusion

It’s probably a breach of blogging ethics to express or show favouritism. The professional should maintain complete impartiality at all times. It’s perhaps a little too late to confess the obvious fact that I ain’t no professional. But that’s by the by.

Listen, all the gloves reviewed are damn good – I wouldn’t have wasted my time on them otherwise. And because they all tick the right boxes durable, high-quality materials, made from genuine leather – deciding which pair to purchase will be a tough fight in itself.


(As we are very interested in user feedback at Hungry4Fitness, I would be very grateful if you could take a few seconds out of your day to leave a comment. Thanks in advance!)

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