5 Best Boxing Gloves

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Benefits of quality boxing gloves | Boxing glove sizing guide | 5 Best Boxing Gloves

an image of a pair of boxing gloves hanging from a wall

In this article we're going to take a look at the 5 best boxing gloves on the market. The boxing gloves that feature in this review have been carefully selected. Only the best quality gloves and those that feature high customer satisfaction have been included.

Benefits of quality boxing gloves

Make no bones about it, boxing gloves are a hugely important piece of equipment. A quality pair of gloves will not only last for years but will also reduce the punishment to our hands.

Gloves can reduce the wear and tear in the joints of the arms the same way trainers can reduce the wear and tear in the joints of the legs.

Anyone who regularly pounds the tarmac will agree with the statement that good trainers significantly reduce shock and with it the aches and pains that are the frustrating side-effect of road running.

Much the same can be said about quality boxing gloves.

Obvious though this is to me now, it wasn’t for the many years. I’m embarrassed to admit that I used inferior quality gloves for nearly a decade before I realised what I’m telling you. I hope you’ll learn from my mistake. As the saying goes: the clever person learns from their own mistakes whereas the philosopher learns from the mistakes made by others.

Boxing glove sizing guide

As a boxing trainer I’m frequently asked by people new to the sport: ‘What ounce glove should I get?’ I never recommend less than a 12oz glove. Here’s why.

If you plan to participate in all aspects of the pugilistic art bag work, pad work and sparring an 8/10oz glove is (in my opinion) too light. For reasons obvious boxers should never spar in gloves lighter than 12oz. Also, lighter gloves do not offer the same level of protection for the hands. And if you are boxing regularly you will need all the protection you can get (see our other article on the importance of hand wrapping).

Finally, a heavy glove will over time marginally increase muscle strength and, if you do compete, when you switch to a 10oz glove it’ll feel as though you’re wearing nothing at all. Enough gab, let's have a look at: