5 Best Power Bags

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

a woman performing exercises with a power bag

The functional fitness utility of power bags has long been recognised. In addition to being neigh on indestructible, which makes them great value for money, power bags can be used to develop strength, functional strength, muscular endurance, core stability and, if you dare do burpees into cleans, they’ll have your heart racing like a horny rabbit’s.

As well as offering a unique and dynamic dimension to your fitness sessions, their multi-functional design offers the trainer a plethora of exercise options.

For example, with a power bag you could perform conventional movements – such as squats and deadlifts – or get down and functional by integrating them into exercises like burpees and (my personal favourite) hanging snatch into over-head throw.

Granted, you could well argue that the fitness benefits and methods of application thus far outlined can all be got from traditional iron. However, the power bag stands out amongst the exercise crowd when we consider its application in explosive movements.

Because they’re not only shaped like a tubular cushion but are soft as well (though much heavier of course), you can drop, hoist, toss and throw your power bag without worrying about doing a demolition job. The same cannot be said for kettlebells.

Serious Versatility

With a power bag you can perform literally hundreds of different exercises. Sharing this similarity with the kettlebell, it’s like an all-in-one gym.

It is the versatility of power bags that have made them so popular; especially amongst people building a home gym. Rare that you’d find a gym that doesn’t have one kicking about the place.

Also, they are becoming ever increasingly popular in the home. More and more people are recognising the multi-dimensional application that power bags possess.

1: Xn8 Power Bag

Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • Manufactured using high-durable, hard-wearing Lamina hide leather.

  • Impact-resistant design makes this power bag perfect for explosive exercises and plyometric movements.

  • Premium quality EVA underlay ensures comfort without compromising robustness.