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Updated: Mar 20, 2021

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The functional fitness utility of power bags has long been recognised. In addition to being neigh on indestructible, which makes them great value for money, power bags can be used to develop strength, functional strength, muscular endurance, core stability and, if you dare do burpees into cleans, they’ll have your heart racing like a horny rabbit’s.

As well as offering a unique and dynamic dimension to your fitness sessions, their multi-functional design offers the trainer a plethora of exercise options.

For example, with a power bag you could perform conventional movements – such as squats and deadlifts – or get down and functional by integrating them into exercises like burpees and (my personal favourite) hanging snatch into over-head throw.

Granted, you could well argue that the fitness benefits and methods of application thus far outlined can all be got from traditional iron. However, the power bag stands out amongst the exercise crowd when we consider its application in explosive movements.

Because they’re not only shaped like a tubular cushion but are soft as well (though much heavier of course), you can drop, hoist, toss and throw your power bag without worrying about doing a demolition job. The same cannot be said for kettlebells.

Serious Versatility

With a power bag you can perform literally hundreds of different exercises. Sharing this similarity with the kettlebell, it’s like an all-in-one gym.

It is the versatility of power bags that have made them so popular; especially amongst people building a home gym. Rare that you’d find a gym that doesn’t have one kicking about the place.

Also, they are becoming ever increasingly popular in the home. More and more people are recognising the multi-dimensional application that power bags possess.


1: Xn8 Power Bag

Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • Manufactured using high-durable, hard-wearing Lamina hide leather.

  • Impact-resistant design makes this power bag perfect for explosive exercises and plyometric movements.

  • Premium quality EVA underlay ensures comfort without compromising robustness.

Xn8’s power bags, due to their innovative multi-handle design feature, are widely used by athletes and professionals of various sporting disciplines.

The high quality, ultra-durable material from which they are constructed makes them perfect for a variety of fitness activities, including deadlifts, squats, throwing alters and lunges.

In addition, the compact and versatile design makes them suitable to use in all exercise environments: circuit training, gym classes, strength and conditioning, HIIT sessions and more.

This power bag is useful for building muscles, burning fats, and performing tough workouts. The extra thick handles will help improve forearm strength and the multiple grip positions will enable you exercise through unconventional range of movements that couldn’t be achieved with conventional weights.

Very well rated over 220 reviews and still retaining 5 stars.


2: ONEX Power Bag

Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • Made from high-quality synthetic leather which guarantees durability whilst also allowing the bag to be washed down after use.

  • Strong handles are heavy duty stitched to reduce rips and tears.

ONEX offer a multi-purpose power bag perfect for home gym use. The synthetic leather offers superior durability without compromising on quality or comfort – depending on the exercises hessian or canvas can be quite abrasive on the skin.

Another feature of note with ONEX’s power bag are the heavy-duty stitched handles – a quality which in part probably accounts for the many 5 star reviews this product has received.

When it comes to power bags heavy-duty stitching is a must. Anything less than heavy-duty will ultimately lead to tears which will result in your power bag being demoted to a door stop.

A very well rated bag; over 80 reviews with 5 stars


3: RDX Sand Filled Power Bag

Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • Zipper feature enables you to increase or decrease the weight of your power bag.

  • Manufactured with nylon handles that refuse to split, fray or tear.

  • Abrasion-resistant material guarantees superior durability.

  • Reduced sand leakage material.

  • Added reinforcement lets you increase weight.

The RDX power bag is specially crafted with superior Maya hide leather material for resilience and unmatched performance. The solid build resists wear and tear over prolonged usage meaning they'll last for years to come.

The uncompromising toughness of the bag is second to none which makes it ideal for weightlifting, powerlifting, functional workouts, muscles building, fat burning, and cardio routine.

In addition, this power bag features a zip closure which allows you to add more filling to enhance weight. Furthermore, RDX’s power bags offer just the right level and balance of resistance which keeps it consistent and even across the whole surface area of the bag.

They are manufactured with nylon handles, all double stitched, which significantly reduces rips. Moreover, the multi-positional handles allow you to apply numerous grip positions thus increasing the range of exercise options.

Another highly rated product from RDX – 4.5 stars


4: Punch Power … Power Bags

Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • Unique design ideal for home and commercial gyms.

  • Filled with sand and cloth pieces.

  • Weights range from 5kg to 35kg.

  • Constructed from durable canvas to reduce rips and tears.

  • Power bag standard size: length 2ft; width 9inch.

Punch Power’s power bags have received only positive reviews. Customers have commented favourable on their quality and durability.

Constructed from durable canvas to reduce rips this power bag promises superior longevity making it perfect for home use.

The mixture of sand and shredded cloth will ensure a more even weight distribution; thus reducing the likelihood of having to shuffle the filling about before initiating your next set of squats.

In addition, sand and cloth filling improves impact absorption which makes this power bag ideal for explosive exercises.

Over 20 reviews with very nearly 5 stars.


5: Stronrive Power Bag

Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • Crafted from superior Maya hide leather material for resilience and unmatched performance.

  • Built-in small sandbag with adjustable weight.

  • Our weighted power bag is manufactured with nylon handles that refuse to split, fray or tear.

  • The bag is durable and washable, and can be used in the rain outdoors.

Stronrive’s weighted sandbag, as they call it, is specially crafted with superior Maya hide leather material for resilience and unmatched performance. The solid build quality reduces wear and tear meaning it’ll provide a faithful training partner for years to come.

This solid bag is ideal for weight lifting, running, powerlifting, functional workouts, muscles building, fat burning, and cardio routine.

Moreover, the nylon, double-stitched handles offer a wide range of grip options which explodes the number of possible exercises that can be performed with this bag.

In addition, the well positioned side and top handles allows you to do multiple different exercises such as, forward lunge, wood chop, reverse lunge, good morning side lunge, front raise, curtsy lunge, hammer curl and more.

Well rated but only 7 reviews.


Power Bag FAQ

What are power bags filled with?

Typically they’re filled with sand. But lighter power bags may be filled with shredded fabric.

Can you increase the weight of power bags?

Yes, most all power bags are refillable.

What are power bags made from?

Usually they’re made from synthetic leather. And though synthetic leather is often considered inferior to its real counterpart, it is preferable for a training tool such as power bags. Why? Because as well as being hard-wearing synthetic leather can also be wiped down after usage; which is a useful quality considering that a power bag’s life consists of being sweated over and dropped on the floor.


Exercise Method

How could a power bag best be incorporated into your training regime? The answer to that, of course, can really only be answered from a preferential perspective. Personally though, I think they make an excellent addition to a circuit.

I tend to use them in a power/explosive capacity where, after performing a snatch, the power bag would be propelled over head as high and as far as physically possible. The trainer then is awarded with the added benefit of having to run to the power bag to perform the next repetition.

This accounts for why, in my circuits at least, the power bag station is usually feared above all others.

But what if I’m not in to hurling bags about the place, how can I use them? Don’t worry, with a power bag you can perform many of the more controlled – ‘static’ – exercise that are typically done with barbells and dumbbells; such as squats, bent-over rows, deadlifts, etc. And the bag doesn’t stop there. Power bags are great for floorwork and core stability training.

In short: if you’ve got the space and inclination (a sadomasochistic bent also comes in handy) the sky really is the limit with what you can do with this highly functional piece of exercise equipment.


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