The Best Strongman Training Kit

a strongman about to perform Farmer's Walk on a pair of Farmer's Walk handles

Strongman training is by far the best way to build whole-body strength – and not just static strength. By incorporating strongman exercises into your training routine you’ll begin to build a body as strong and robust as an ox’s and also you’ll develop a functional physicality that serves a purpose beyond the parochial confines of a gym.

Brian Shaw, 4 X World’s Strongest Man, advises people to incorporate strongman exercises into their regime because the strength these exercises build help to make everyday tasks easier. For example, when you can flip a 100kg tyre or carry a 50kg keg, carting the shopping to the car or picking up the kids become comparatively easy. So does twisting off that stubborn jam jar lid or uncorking that bottle of vino.

In addition to forging functional strength, strongman training is a superior muscle and mass builder. If you’re looking to bulk-up or add a bit more size to your frame, including exercises such as deadlifts, tyre flips and barrel carries to your regime, could contribute to a noticeable increase in lean muscle mass.

Below are some other benefits of strongman training

Improved body coordination

Functional exercises, unlike their inferior static counterparts, require that we move across unconventional planes. This forges functional strength while also developing synergist muscles.

Augmented biomechanical synchronicity

Basically, because functional exercises require that the trainer coordinates their lumbering mass through multiple movements while transitioning three dimensions, out of necessity they will improve their mind/body connection.

Re-correcting strength imbalances

Functional exercises, which are a hallmark of strongman training, develop whole-body strength. As a strongman it’s not enough just to be strong in one exercise or discipline. To be competitive a strongman must cultivate cross-discipline competency; meaning they must maintain whole-body strength.

Strongman kit is relatively cheap and surprisingly easy to procure

Contrary to popular opinion you don’t need to spend a fortune on strongman equipment. As well as being cheap strongman equipment is eminently durable. For example, prior to purchasing a tractor tyre, you’ll not have to concern yourself with the returns policy. The same can be said for all strongman training it.

Benefits of strength training include

Increased muscle mass
Increased strength
Stronger tendon and ligaments
Increased metabolic rate