How to Get Abs – The Disclosing of a Trade Secret

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

This article dispels the myths that surround abs and also divulges the secret behind how to get that super chiselled six pack.

woman tensing her abdominal muscles - she is showing off her abs.

Have you been chasing the dream of that washboard belly but for one reason or another found it to remain irritatingly elusive?


So then you’ve probably faithfully followed that infallible 5 minute ab blast brought to you by the good people at Men’s ‘Health’, or you’ve adopted that animal protein-laden diet that’s touted as being the next best thing for unveiling the six pack.

And what did you discover after wasting 5 minutes of your day for the past month doing crunches and suffering meat sweats?

Neither worked!

‘Why did I get born with the obstinate ab gene!’ you said with seething contempt whilst pointing threateningly at that gelatinous tub of recalcitrant lard that just won’t budge.

woman pinching her belly fat

Firstly, before we proceed any further, let’s clear one thing up.

If your motivation for exercise is a six pack you are a sad person - really sad. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t insult my readership but of all the aspirations and positive exercise outcomes – such as reduced risk of CHD, stroke, cancer (see my other article The Benefits of Exercise) – one of aesthetics should be way down the list. Shouldn’t be on the list.

Yet it could be argued that any motivation to exercise, even if it is really crappy, is a good one; certainly better than the sedentary alternative I suppose.

If this is the case for you I will divulge the secret of how to get abs like rock solid slabs.

But before I share this secret with you, you must first make a solemn, cross-your-heart-hope-to-die promise. The promise: that once I have shared this secret, which I am prepared to divulge for free, you will not use if for commercial gain. Promise?