The 5 Major Components of Fitness

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

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a picture collage displaying the six components of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, power and body composition

In this article we’ll take a quick peek at the components of fitness: their characteristics and how they can be developed so as to improve your physicality. In addition, next to each component of fitness, an effective training method has been identified. Why?

Well it’s not enough just to know the characteristics of each component of fitness. This knowledge alone, though useful, would not enable you to take action to improve or rectify fitness imbalances. It be like knowing the ingredients of a meal but not the preparation or cooking instructions.

It is for this reason why each component comes accompanied with a best training method and range of associative exercises.

What this article covers

The five primary components of fitness
The characteristics of each component of fitness
Best training methods
A range of relevant exercises
Benefits of developing each component of fitness
Key points

But first . . .

Component of Fitness FAQ

Why are components of fitness important?

It’s important to have an awareness of the components of fitness for the simple fact that by doing so you will be able to identify physical imbalances but also how to rectify them. Let’s imagine that you are completely clueless to this concept; you haven’t the foggiest what strength or muscular endurance mean and you have no idea what exercise modalities can improve them. If, for w