The Benefits of Exercise

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

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A woman measuring her waist showing the benefits of exercise. As this image aims to demonstrate, one of the benefits of exercise is weight loss and fat loss.

In 2009 an Australian research team published a paper showing the positive effects exercise exerts in the fight against cancer. The research demonstrated that exercise, in conjunction with established treatment methods, can positively support cancer patients irrespective of what stage they are at in their treatment.

Since the publication of that seminal 2009 paper the benefits accrued through supplementing exercise during cancer treatment have been extensively reviewed. A recent publication reported that of 140 such studies 75% showed ‘statistically significant and clinically relevant benefit through exercise on a range of treatment-related side effects, physical, functional, and psychosocial outcomes,’ (Maloney, et al. 2018).

The single most successful outcome of the Australian research team’s paper, besides stimulating wider scientific interest, was to inspire the medical profession to prescribe exercise to cancer sufferers as a supplementary method of treatment.

Wait! There’s more benefits of exercise?

Of the myriad benefits exercise confers the cancer fighting one is arguably the crowning jewel. But we should not be dazzled and allow this one benefit to lessen the lustre of the numerous other gems that adorn the diadem of exercise. If not equal they should be given the due consideration they deserve.

It is these benefits that will form the body of our discussion.

The corpus of this blog comes in two parts. Firstly, with the time-strapped reader in mind, the health benefits associated with regular exercise have been encapsulated in a list. Following the list, for the reader not so conscientious of time management, a number of the benefits have been discussed in greater detail. In an attempt to lend this blog a scholarly gloss academic references have been enlisted to support content (all references and suggested reading have been included after the conclusion).

I might be committing an impropriety by saying this now, but what you are about to read is really no more than an impassioned panegyric. This author not only loves exercise but also believes everyone else ought to. Thus through the immense din of so much insensible noise I’m attempting to reach out with a few words of inspiration. For it is my sincere hope that the information contained within this blog will fire your desire to take up exercise and in doing so reap the many benefits it has to offer.

It is to those benefits we now turn . . .

If you decide to implement an exercise regime as part of a move towards a healthier lifestyle you stand a statistically greater chance of pocketing the following positives.