21-Day Fat-loss Programme

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

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A woman is weighing herself during a 21-day fat-loss challenge. She is trying to lose 20lbs of fat in 21 days.

This uber-simple 21-day Fat-loss Programme will help you shed those unwanted pounds.

Before delving into the programme proper, we first need to discuss diet and lifestyle. For exercise alone is not enough to banish the blob.

Whenever embarking on a fat-loss programme it is of paramount importance that you make changes to your daily diet whilst looking to improve other areas of your lifestyle. For example, restricting calorie consumption (AKA fasting), reducing alcohol consumption and generally being more active.

But first . . .

Diet Reformation

There must be a billion blogs on the subject of diet – and a further million books to boot. Much of this diet-related literature is saying the same thing. Below I have encapsulated in a checklist the common consensus on what constitutes as a healthy, fat-loss-promoting diet. Underneath the checklist the points of primary concern have been explained in a little more detail.

Dietary Checklist

· Cut out all processed food
· Cut out all refined carbohydrates
· Limit or remove sugar
· Limit or remove animal protein
· Reduce or remove alcohol consumption
· Reduce snacking
· Increase vegetable consumption
· Increase fruit consumption; especially berries
· Replace refined carbs for wholegrains
· Consume clean liquids: herbal teas, water
· Consume nuts and seeds