Fat Loss Workout | That Actually Gets Results

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A woman taking part in a fat loss workout. She is performing the exercise medicine ball slams.

This fat loss workout will melt the blob like the stuff is going out of fashion. The 9 exercises that comprise this lineal circuit have been specially selected for their superior fat-burning qualities. Think of the exercises as a crack team of fat-fighting combat specialists whose mission is to help you achieve your desired body weight.

But be under no illusion, from start to finish this workout will push you to the limits. However, the hard work required to complete it will more than pay off in both fat loss and fitness gains.

The workout focuses primarily on short cardiovascular blasts. Interspersed between the cardio blasts is an assortment of highly functional, whole-body resistance exercises. These exercises are highly prized for their superior fat-fighting credentials. But they are also excellent at shaping lean defined muscle.

This fat loss workout brings you the best of both worlds: as well as reducing body fat it will also build lean defined muscle.

In addition to being brilliant at facilitating fat loss, the resistance exercises have been shown to promote the metabolization of fat for up to 30-minutes after the training session. So, when you complete this workout, your body will be burning fat while you’re slurping away at that super healthy post-workout smoothie.

How it works

The Ultimate Fat Loss Workout couldn’t be simpler. The warm-up is integrated into the session. After completing the first exercise, 2000-metres rowing, progress on to the second exercise in the circuit, 100 repetitions of kettlebell swings (need to perfect your swing technique?).

Proceed in this fashion until you complete all 9 exercises.

Your objective is to get from exercise 1 to 9 as quickly as your physicality and determination will permit. To achieve this objective, you must maintain a methodical work rate while ensuring to resist the temptation to take rests.

However, unless you’re a closet CrossFit competitor, you will inevitably have to spilt the four 100rep resistance exercises into manageable chunks. I recommend planning your approach before tackling this fat loss workout. Whatever set size you settle on, make sure you stay disciplined during the workout and don’t deviate from your plan.