5 HIIT Workouts For Fat-Loss

What is High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT)? | Are HIIT Workouts good for improving fitness? | Can anyone participate in HIIT Workouts? | The Dos and Don’ts of HIIT Workouts | 5 HIIT Workouts For Fat-Loss

A man and a woman are completing HIIT Workouts in a gym. They are engaging in high-intensity interval training with battle ropes for improved cardiovascular and muscular endurance fitness.

If you’re trying to burn fat and bring out a bit of muscle definition, you’re in the right place. HIIT is one of the best training methodologies for improving body composition and developing fitness. The below article will show you exactly how to do this wilth 5 HIIT Workouts for Fat-Loss. But before you assault the five sessions below, it’s advisable to familiarise yourself with the training procedures and the Dos and Don’ts of HIIT.

What is High-Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT)?

At its simplest, high-intensity interval training (from here on out HIIT) is where we exercise at super high intensities for short exposures. Typically, each high-intensity interval is immediately followed by a rest or active recovery exercise of equal duration.

The time exposure of each separate interval rarely exceeds 30-seconds. The reason why is because HIIT training is anaerobic and thus is powered by the adenosine triphosphate system (ATP). ATP is analogous to the nitrous oxide in muscle cars that gives them an explosive boost of speed.

But because it’s high octane stuff and limited in quantity, ATP is quickly exhausted. Once used up, which at maximal effort takes between 10- and 30-seconds, the body begins synthesising more. However, this takes time and rest.

In this text box in the article on HIIT Workouts it says: Cells store a small quantity of ATP and must therefore continually resynthesize it at its rate of use.

This is where the rest or active recovery exercises comes in. The rest period between intervals provides the body with enough time to replenish the depleted stock of ATP. Right in time for the next high-intensity interval!

A woman and her personal trainer in a gym are participating in HIIT Workouts. She is performing high-intensity interval press-ups to improve her fitness and muscular endurance. The personal trainer is motivating her through her HIIT Workouts.