Try These 21 CrossFit WODs

a group of exercise enthusiasts completing a CrossFit training session

In this article you will discover 21 individual CrossFit training sessions. Each one will present a unique physical challenge whilst providing a fitness focus. And, depending on how you incorporate them into your training, you could have inadvertently stumbled on a veritable goldmine of exercise ideas.

For example, you could complete one WOD a day and circulate through them until you’ve thoroughly had your fill - which could take weeks. Alternatively, you could focus on one WOD a week and look to establish your best possible time. The latter approach will not only provide you with months of training sessions but some healthy competition to boot.

But before you pit yourself against the sessions it might be worth familiarising yourself with CrossFit terminology. This way you’ll know your AMRAPs from your EMOMs and your WODs from your RFTs.

Also, by acquainting yourself with the lingo, you’ll be able to dive straight into each WOD without having to pester Google prior to the session.


AMRAP is an abbreviation for the training methodology of completing As Many Repetitions As Possible in a given time period. So, after participating in a whole-body cardiovascular-based warm-up, you would select an exercise (need exercise ideas?), set a countdown timer and away you go how many reps you achieve nobody knows!

This training methodology is widely used throughout the CrossFit fraternity for the simple fact that, when it comes to competition, nothing separates the wheat from the chaff like a 20-minute AMRAP.

Furthermore, as a means of advancing physicality – especially in the domains of muscular endurance and strength – the AMRAP is a method par excellence. For the ethos is dogmatically centred on volume and maximum effort. Thus, when you embark on an AMRAP – whether it be 10, 15 or 20 minutes in duration – your primary objective should always be one of striving to achieve the highest number of repetitions physically possible.

For a detailed insight into AMRAP training and specific training sessions, follow the link.


EMOM, if you didn’t already know, is an abbreviation for the training methodology of completing a specific number of exercise repetitions Every Minute On the Minute. Though it is a very simple form of training, deceptively so, it is popular amongst CrossFitters for two reasons.

Firstly, because it is fiercely time constrained, EMOM brings some serious military-style discipline to a training session. When setting that timer – to count either up or down – it’s like having a drill sergeant in the room; and woe betide the weakling who fails to initiate the next set the moment the second’s hand strikes :59!

Secondly, EMOM massively improves training efficiency (so long as you stick to timings of course). Why? After you’ve completed your set number of repetitions, say 10 barbell thrusters, there is usually only just enough time on the clock to recover before the minute elapses thus triggering the next set. During an EMOM session there’s no time to update your social media account or flirt with your reflection.

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