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Best Boxing Gloves and Pads Set | A Buyer's Guide

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

A boxer using the best boxing gloves and pads set for training.

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A quality pair of boxing gloves and pads (focus mitts) are a must-have for any aspiring pugilist. Pad work is, without doubt, the best training method for improving punch speed, accuracy, and timing. But also pad work is an excellent boxing fitness developer: after a couple of weeks of pad training, you’ll be able to punch faster, crisper, and for longer.

It’s for these reasons why all – ALL! – professional boxers incorporate pad work into their pre-fight training. In fact, it’s probably true to say that pad work forms the largest part of a boxer's training regime.

Boxing gloves and pads sets

In this article, we’re going to have a look at the 5 best boxing gloves and pad set on the market. All the sets that feature in this review have been chosen because they satisfy our stringent list of requirements. We at Hungry4Fitness only review quality training equipment. That’s because we are all avid fitness enthusiasts and we believe that great kit makes for great training.

So, rest assured, only the best boxing equipment has been selected for this review.


Boxing mitts and pads set #1: Lions 'Box Hard'

Boxing gloves and pads set.

Lions’ 'Box Hard' boxing gloves and pads set are perfect for the beginner or if you’re looking to add a bit more kit to your home gym. As well as being affordable they have received tons of favourable feedback from hundreds of happy customers.

These boxing gloves and pads set have been praised for their durability and quality construction. The premium-grade synthetic leather reduces wear and tear. In addition, the multi-layered foam padding will offer protection for both boxer and trainer.

But do bear in mind that Lions’ boxing gloves and pads set are a budget product. And while they perhaps don’t feature the same level of quality as some of the products below, they are more than suitable for those looking to develop basic boxing skills and enjoy a different form of fitness training.

Tale of the tape

  • Made from high-grade synthetic leather.

  • Quality multi-layered padding offers superior protection.

  • Ideal for all types of combat sports training: boxing, MMA, Muay Thai.

  • Budget boxing equipment for beginners and fitness enthusiasts.


Boxing gloves pads set #2: MAXX Curved

MAXX boxing gloves and pads set.

As one happy customer put it, the MAXX curved boxing gloves and pads set are a ‘good basic product, ideal for younger starters or beginner adults’.

For a little less than £25.00, you could have yourself an excellent starter glove and pad set. They are made from quality synthetic materials so will last for years with occasional use.

The focus pads feature a central zone target which will help you training punching accuracy. And the curved design makes these pads ideal for working on uppercuts and ‘shovel’ punches.

Moving on to the gloves. MAXX maintains that these gloves are ‘top quality' and suitable for gym use. They have been designed to maximize comfort without compromising on durability.

Tale of the tape

  • Crafted from quality synthetic.

  • Pro-style designed gloves and pads set ideal for training.

  • Target zone and a curved design perfect for uppercuts.

  • The V-shaped curved design replicates the natural posture of your hands.

  • Multi-layered foam core and GEL padding offer superior protection.


Boxing gloves and pads set #3: EVO Fitness

EVO Fitness boxing gloves and pads set.

Crafted from high-quality Maya leather EVO Fitness’ boxing gloves and pads set will not let you down even through the toughest training sessions.

The multi-layered high-density foam core will reduce impact trauma so you can enjoy the experience of boxing without the worry of injuring your hand. And the additional gel protection padding will reduce post-training aches and pains.

The matching curved pads, constructed from shock absorbent foam, offer a compact punching surface. Also, you’ll be able to develop pinpoint accuracy as you train your punches on the central target.

Tale of the tape

  • Crafted from high-quality Maya Nubuck REX leather.

  • The V-shaped curved design replicates the natural posture of your hands.

  • Multi-layered foam core and GEL padding offer superior protection.

  • The tight-fitting, non-slip pads stop the pads from moving.


Boxing mitts and pads set #4: RDX

RDX boxing gloves pads set.

RDX's boxing gloves and pads set offer Pressure point Porelle membrane dome technology. This feature ensures the focus pads bind with your hands, which reduces slippage while also giving you more control.

These focus pads and boxing mitts are crafted from premium quality Maya hide leather. A material recognized among boxing equipment manufacturers as highly durable and long-lasting.

The pads feature a high potency foam padding which maximizes shock absorption. They also feature a hook and loop fastening device that offers additional comfort and better wrist control.

Constructed from multi-layered padding the gloves offer superior knuckle protection. In addition, they are suitable for all types of boxing training, such as heavy bag and reflex bag work.

Product overview (click image for availability)

  • RDX offers Pressure point design curved boxing pads.

  • Pressure point Porelle membrane dome technology Dome Boxing Pads.

  • Elastic Closure Strap system for a secure fit.

  • Polyurethane-constructed bag mitts offer maximum protection.

  • Ideal for all combat sports training.


Boxing gloves and pads set #5: RDX 'KARA'

rdx boxing pads and gloves set.

These are a serious step-up in quality. RDX all-new KARA series boxing gloves and pads set offers an unbelievable assemblage of power, performance, and protection which delivers incredible results.

This boxing gloves and pads set features RDX’s patent-pending LOMA TECH which has been designed to enhance the feel of the glove.

The polygonal fusion PU-Mould ensures that the focus pads absorb the shock of the punches and not your hand or wrist. And the hook-and-loop closure ensures that the focus mitts stay secure even against the hardest hitters.

RDX’s gloves come with the full wraparound Velcro strap to improve wrist support. And the tri-layered high-density foam padding will reduce impact trauma to your knuckles.

Tale of the tape

  • RDX offers pressure point design curved boxing pad.

  • Patent-pending LOMA TECH designed to enhance the feel of the glove.

  • Pressure point Porelle membrane dome technology Dome Boxing Pads.

  • Elastic closure strap system for a secure fit.

  • Polyurethane-constructed bag mitts offer maximum protection.

  • Ideal for all combat sports.


Boxing gloves and pad set Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing boxing gloves and pads set, it is worth spending a couple of rounds reading the Buyer’s Guide below. There are a couple of things to think about when it comes to choosing the right set for your training needs.

Furthermore, when it comes to boxing gloves and pads, there a number of stylistic differences that novices will not be aware of.

Velcro vs. Laces

When it comes to choosing boxing gloves most people are drawn to lace-ups. This is probably because they look more authentic. And while they certainly are more authentic, only because Velcro hadn’t even been invented during the early days of boxing’s history, lace-up gloves aren’t suitable for those who plan to participate in boxing as a supplementary form of fitness training. (Try this boxing strength and conditioning workout. )

Lace-ups aren’t really suitable for the boxer who trains at a club. Why? For the simple reason that it takes time lacing up then un-lacing your gloves every time you change the training method. Boxing is a highly dynamic sport and across an hour session boxers will transition through multiple styles of training: shadowboxing, skipping, bag work, pad work (sometimes holding the pads), sparring, circuits.

This is where Velcro gloves come in handy as they can be whipped on and off in the blink of an eye. Velcro fastening gloves are also a must for those training on a home boxing reflex bag.

Pads: curved or flat?

You may have noticed that some boxing pads are curved, and others are pan-flat. Of the two different variations, flat pads are most widely used. They are ideal for catching all punching techniques – jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts – and in boxing-inspired fitness circuits.

Flat pads are safer for beginners and novices who have yet to hone punching accuracy. The flat surface reduces wrist injuries and they are generally more comfortable to hit.

Curved pads, by contrast, are arguable a bit more specialist. The slight curvature or tapering of the pad enables a quicker transition from a straight punch into an uppercut. Whereas with flat pads the speed at which a boxer can deliver an uppercut after a straight punch is limited to the time it takes the trainer to adjust the angle of the pad.

With that said, the style of pad you chose is ultimately down to personal preference and even if you are a novice, you’ll be comfortable training on curved pads in no time.


To Conclude

Boxing training is not complete without pad work. Regular focus pad training can improve punching timing, accuracy, and reflex skills.

In addition, training pads offer a far more realistic boxing experience than hitting a punching bag. Whereas a punch bag provides a stationary target, the person holding the pads can imitate an opponent (even going so far as to throw light punches).

Sharpen your skills with this Complete Guide to Boxing >

Also, pad work enables you to perfect your punch technique while providing you with the chance to practice an almost unlimited range of punch combinations.

It’s for these reasons and a few others besides why all boxers train on focus pads.


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