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Best Floor To Ceiling Boxing Ball for The Home Gym

A female boxer training on a floor to ceiling boxing bag.

A floor to ceiling boxing ball is a must-have piece of training equipment for the aspiring pugilist. This article brings you the 5 best floor to ceiling boxing balls. Any one of the boxing balls reviewed below will make for a great addition to your home gym.

The floor to ceiling boxing balls is an inexpensive training tool that can enhance your pugilism while also providing a great workout. Below we’ve outlined many of the benefits of floor to ceiling boxing ball training.

Following the benefits, we’ve sourced five of the best floor to ceiling boxing balls on the market. Concluding the article you’ll find a floor to ceiling ball FAQ, which aims to answer commonly asked questions.

Why use a floor to ceiling boxing ball?

Hitting the heavy bag is a great boxing training for developing endurance and punching power (as well as busting stress!). Because of their weight, you can welly a heavy bag with all your might and it’ll barely budge an inch.

However, there’s a downside to working the heavy bag regularly. And that is they can blunt your reaction time and slow punch speed.

This is why it’s important to mix your training methods by including floor to ceiling boxing balls into your workouts.

Unlike the heavy bag, a floor to ceiling boxing ball is super-lightweight. Thus, they don’t offer anywhere near the resistance as a heavy bag. And because they’re suspended by a long elastic band, they respond erratically when hit.

Consequently, when training on a floor to ceiling boxing ball, you must focus on reaction, timing, and punch speed. If not, you’ll be hitting thin air all day.

Benefits of using a floor to ceiling boxing bag

  • Develops excellent hand to eye coordination

  • Improves punching speed and accuracy.

  • Enhances reaction time.

  • Improves fitness and muscle endurance.

  • Offers a great way to diversify your training.


MAXX double end floor 2 ceiling speed ball

Boxing speed bag overview

  • High quality double end ball made from genuine cowhide leather.

  • Hand stitched for superior quality.

  • Multi-layered lining for improved durability.

  • Includes two elastic straps, hooks, and fixings.

  • £18.99

The MAXX double end floor 2 ceiling speed ball is crafted from premium quality leather. Priced at little less than £20, it’s one of the best value floor to ceiling boxing balls available.

This speed ball has received an army of favourable reviews, yet still retains 5-stars. One reviewer said the MAXX floor to ceiling ball is ‘very good quality’ and requires no DIY skills to fix in place.

The MAXX would make an ideal first floor to ceiling boxing ball for those who are new to the sweet art of pugilism or would like to spice-up their home gym.


TOCO FREIDO boxing ball speed training ball, double end punching bag

Boxing speed bag overview

  • Durable PU leather reduces wear and tear.

  • Double stitched and reinforced with triangle seams.

  • Improved gas nozzle design to reduce deflation.

  • Includes two elastic straps, hooks, fixings and a pump.

  • (£21.99)

The TOCO FREIDO boxing speed ball is crafted from PU synthetic leather. While this might sound off-putting, synthetic leathers are equally as durable as the real thing. In addition, PU materials are easy to clean and, because they don’t soak up sweat, they don’t stink after years of use.

TOCO FREIDO’s floor to ceiling ball features triangle seams which improve the shape and durability of the product. For added reinforcement, all seams are double stitched.

It’s these qualities that account for the 5-star rating and why one reviewer wrote: ‘This double end bag is brilliant. Tie the carabiners on a dumbbell and then a pull up bar/squat rack or ceiling and you have a nice bit of kit’


AQF leather double end boxing speed ball

Boxing speed bag overview

  • High-quality ‘Rex’ leather outer material.

  • Lightweight and hand-stitched for improved durability.

  • Includes all the fixings and elastic bungee cords.

  • £24.99

The AQF double end floor to ceiling bag is encased in a hefty outer casing comprised of premium quality leather. Each ball has been hand-stitched and goes through a rigorous quality control process. This probably accounts for why it has received many favourable reviews and 5-star ratings.

As well superior quality, AQF’s floor to ceiling ball comes with all the necessary fixtures and fittings. This enables you to put it up and get punching within minutes.


RDX double end speed ball

Boxing speed bag overview

  • Manufactured from sturdy Maya hide leather.

  • Lightweight and hand-stitched for improved durability.

  • Includes all the fixings and elastic bungee cords.

  • £34.99

The RDX speed ball boxing bag is one of the best-rated and most popular products on the market. But then RDX is a recognised manufacturer of boxing equipment that has built a name synonymous with quality.

This boxing speed bag is another worthy addition to the RDX collection. Constructed from sturdy Maya hide leather with a twin textile layer, this speed bag promises to last for years.

Holding the ball in place is a reinforced elasticated nylon strap and RDX’s super stable base that uses their exclusive 'V-Gravity technology’. Engineered with the professional in mind, ‘the top-quality base has a reduced centre hub which offers speed, precision, balance and durability making it perfect for sparring and training.’

‘This is a good quality bag which seems to be lasting well after multiple sessions. The bag itself is a good size to be able to hit and slip out of the way and I would recommend it for all skill levels’ (Amazon customer review).


pro box floor to ceiling ball

Boxing speed bag overview

  • PU leather for enhanced longevity.

  • Lightweight and hand-stitched for improved durability.

  • Excellent reviews and rating.

  • Includes all the fixings and elastic bungee cords.

  • £42.99

Pro Box is one of the leaders of boxing equipment. From gloves to bags, Pro Box manufacture superior quality products that are always built for boxers – hence the reason why they last.

Thus, when you buy Pro Box kit, you know it will not need replacing for years to come.

The Pro Box floor to ceiling speed ball has been crafted from the finest materials, all seams have been double stitched to increase durability.

To enhance responsivity, this light weight speed ball comes with high-tensile elasticated bungies. As well as offering more resistance than other speed balls, Pro Box’s will move with lightning speed. It’s these qualities that led one customer to proclaim: ‘[I’m] delighted with it!’


Boxing speed ball FAQ

Floor to ceiling punch ball training

The floor to ceiling ball can be incorporated in your boxing workouts in a multitude of ways. Because they are low impact, they are an ideal pre-training warm-up exercise. After a 10-minute skip, you can loosen up the arms and wake up the boxer within by going a couple of rounds on the speed ball.

Then there’s the option of focusing your workout entirely on floor to ceiling punch ball training. After a warm-up, and three to five rounds of shadowboxing, aim to complete either 8, 10, or 12 rounds of 2- to 3-minutes on the speed ball.

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Floor to ceiling boxing ball fixings

Securing your floor to ceiling ball in place couldn’t be easier. Firstly, you need an anchor point fixed in the ceiling and, preferably, the floor. (An anchor point is a metal hook – most of the products reviewed above come with said hooks.)

This is the only bit of DIY required.

However, if you have an Olympic weight disc or kettlebell, you can forgo the floor anchor and tether your speed ball to the weight instead.

Once your fixings are in place, all you need then to do is fasten your elastic bungees in place and off you go.

Optimal boxing floor to ceiling ball height

The optimal height of the floor to ceiling ball is roughly equal to your face. Assuming that you spar or complete, it’s likely that you’ll do so with opponents of your weight class. Typically, boxers of the same weight class are similar in height. Thus, you want to set the floor to ceiling ball at a height to that of a potential opponent.

To do so, line up the centre of the speed ball with your chin.

How tight should a floor to ceiling ball be?

The tighter the elastic bungees the more responsive the floor to ceiling ball will be. And the more responsive the ball is the harder it is to hit.

So, the tightness of the elastics should be dictated by your ability. If you are a beginner boxer, it might be best to start off with relatively slack elastics until your speed, reaction time and coordination improve. Otherwise, you might find yourself disgruntled when all you can hit is thin air.

For more boxing equipment and training guides, see the Hungry4Fitness dedicated boxing page.

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