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Get Your Fitness Fix with This Super-Compact 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout

A woman who has just completed a 10 minute kettlebell workout. She is sitting a CrossFit gym holding a 1 pood kettlebell.

If you’re looking for a short sharp session to squeeze into a hectic morning, this 10 minute kettlebell workout is for you.

We all know exercise is important and that we should be regularly working out. According to the leading health experts, we should be engaging in some form of physical activity at least four times a week. Some health gurus have gone so far as to suggest that we ought to workout every day.

But because many of us lead busy lives it can be difficult to find time to exercise. Especially when there are a million and one other things that take priority and call for our attention. And after a draining day at work and a punishing commute, it’s hard to find the motivation to get in the gym.

Hell, who isn’t guilty of foregoing a sweat session for a relaxing evening on the couch? But then the guilt!

However, this 10-minute kettlebell workout will provide even the busiest person with a whole-body fitness blast. And because this short workout includes an AMRAP element, your heart rate will be up as you battle against the clock.

The functional whole-body exercises that feature throughout this kettlebell workout ensure that every muscle will be engaged. Also, if you find you’ve got time to spare, there’s always the option of throwing in another round.

How it works

Organised around kettlebell swings, the objective of this workout is to amass as many repetitions as possible in 10-minutes. For each of the six kettlebell exercises, you are to perform 10reps. On completing the stipulated number of reps move on to the following exercise. Ensure to stick to the ordering outlined below.

You can approach this workout in two ways. The first is to treat it as you would a traditional resistance training session. After each set of 10reps take a short recovery rest before moving on. This approach is ideal for developing strength and conditioning. Additionally, because you will remain controlled throughout the workout, it will offer you the opportunity to perfect your kettlebell lifting technique.

The second method is to treat the workout as though you were competing in the CrossFit games. Set a 10-minute countdown timer and attack the six kettlebell exercises as if a place on the podium is at stake. Try to amass as many repetitions as possible in the allotted time. Don’t stop for breath. Don’t take a rest. Keep applying pressure until that buzzer sounds.


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10 minute kettlebell workout

#1: Kettlebell swings – 10reps

  • Hold the kettlebell between your legs, palms facing inwards, feet a little over shoulder-width apart.

  • Keeping the back straight pull the kettlebell back and, using your glutes, propel the kettlebell forward until it’s level with your shoulders.

  • Ensuring to keep your core engaged throughout the movement, allow the kettlebell to return to the start position and repeat.

#2: Kettlebell thruster – 10reps

  • Standing over the kettlebell adopt a slightly wider than shoulder-width stance. Taking a reverse grip grasp the kettlebell and in one smooth clean movement pull it back between your legs and upend it.

  • If you’re in the right position the base of the kettlebell should be pointing to the ceiling and it should be directly in front of your chest.

  • To execute a thruster squat to 90ᵒ. Firing evenly through both quads power out of the squat ensuring to transfer the energy into the overhead press.

  • At the topmost position your legs should be almost straight and the kettlebell high above your head.

  • Now retrace your steps as you progress into the next repetition.

#3: Kettlebell swing – 10reps

#4: Kettlebell goblet squat – 10reps

  • Adopt the same position as you would with a kettlebell swing: bell between your legs, palms facing inwards, feet a little over shoulder-width apart.

  • Fix your eyes on a point to your front and, keeping a straight back, bend at the knee.

  • When your knees reach 90ᵒ pause and return to the start position. Remember: don’t lock your knees at the top.

#5: Kettlebell swings – 10reps

#6: Kettlebell single-arm jerk – 5reps each arm

  • Stand over the kettlebell and, before picking it up, make sure you’ve got a solid base.

  • Grasp the kettlebell with one hand and hoist it up into the nook of the arm. If you’re in the right position the bell should be snuggly support between your bicep and forearm, and your arm resting on your torso. Remember: do not allow your wrist to flop back! You should be able to draw a perfectly straight line from your knuckle to the tip of your elbow.

  • To execute the jerk, take a short dip at the knee and, firing through the big muscles of the legs, get some momentum in the bell.

  • Assist the flight of the kettlebell with your shoulder muscles.

  • When the bell is above your head pause momentarily. Now return to the start position.

  • Repeat.


10 minute kettlebell workout hints and tips

  • If you’ve not quite yet got the fitness to attack this workout with the tenacity of a CrossFit athlete, just take your time. There’s no shame in that.

  • But (following on from above) if you’ve resolved to AMRAP the hell of this workout, I advise that you keep track of your repetition score. That way when you come to have another crack at it, you’ll have a benchmark to compete against.

  • Before tackling this feisty little number make sure you are competent on all of the exercises. Of course, if you spot an exercise that might cause you a few technical troubles, replace it. For some more kettlebell exercise ideas follow the link.


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