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Top 4 Exercise Benches For the Home Gym

A woman performing dumbbell rows on an exercise bench. She is using the weight lifting bench as part of a strength and conditioning workout.

A quality exercise bench is an essential piece of home gym equipment. If you already have an Olympic barbell or set of dumbbells, a weights bench will explode the number of different exercises you can currently perform.

In addition to expanding the versatility of free weights, thus opening a whole new vista of different exercise options, a workout bench can be used for other training purposes.

For example, you can use an exercise bench to perform step-ups on and plyometric exercises such as bench hops and box jumps. It’s this versatility that makes a workout bench a must-have piece of home gym equipment.

What makes for the best workout bench for home gym use?

Ideally, you want a bench that is durable and made for the serious trainer. This will ensure that the workout bench that you buy will last a lifetime and won’t wind up being fly-tipped a month after purchase.

If you opt for a budget bench don’t expect a bomb-proof piece of exercise equipment. Typically, cheaper products are manufactured from inferior quality materials. This might not be so much of a problem for the person who rarely uses the home gym, or only uses it for light training.

However, if you plan on pressing some serious weight, save your pennies and purchase a proper piece of kit; such as PASYOU’s adjustable weight bench. That way you won’t be disappointed when it breaks and you won’t have to buy twice.

Exercise bench Buyer’s Guide

Before you rush out to buy a workout bench, you might want to skim-read this Buyer’s Guide. It might come as surprise but not all exercise benches are the same. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some benches sport additional functions, some of which are useful, others not so. And then there are flat benches, foldable benches and adjustable benches.

However, this Buyer’s Guide will make choosing the perfect bench a breeze. We’ve distilled the choices down, thus clearing away the confusion, while also briefly outlining the relative pros and cons.

Flat bench

Of the many exercise bench options, the flat bench is by far the simplest of them all. What do you get? A steel structure and a flat padded top – and that’s your lot. A flat bench looks like an ironing board built for a Hobbit, but they’re just much sturdier.

Is it worth buying a flat bench with such a limited range of functions?

In truth, though flat benches are certainly durable (because they have no moving parts), it would be wiser to spend a little bit more on an incline or adjustable bench. That way, when you’re sick of bench pressing or dumbbell flying, you can alter the incline and mix things up with seated lateral raises or shoulder press.

But if you just want a box standard bench, flat is for you.

Incline bench

An incline bench is more versatile than a flat bench. With an incline bench, you have the option of raising the back support from flat up through to 90ᵒ. This function increases the variety of exercises you can perform on your bench.

For example, with an incline bench, you can alter the angle of the back support so that you can target different muscle groups. Whereas with a flat bench you could only perform the standard bench press, an incline function enables you to shift the emphasis to the upper pectorals.

Moreover, you can also raise the bench to perform more exotic exercises such as incline leg raises, single-arm dumbbell rows, and reverse flyes.

Adjustable workout bench

Adjustable weightlifting benches typically offer you a greater range of positions than do incline benches. In addition to being able to adjust the back support, most adjustable benches also feature adjustable seating positions.

Moreover, adjustable workout benches usually come with other ‘innovative’ fitness equipment. For example, Naspaluro’s fully adjustable (and foldable) bench features resistance bands and cushioned footholds. With a pair of dumbbells and/or barbell you could pretty much perform any resistance exercise in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopaedia of Modern Bodybuilding.

Foldable workout bench

The final weightlifting bench option is for those who want to maximise the space in their home gym. Foldable workout benches can be folded down and stored away. For example, PASYOU’s exercise bench, which is fully adjustable, can be folded down to less than half its original size.

Foldable weightlifting benches are perfect for small home gym setups or people who abhor clutter.


The 4 best workout bench for home gym training


Adjustable workout bench overview

  • Constructed from industrial-grade steel with an integrated triangular structure for improved durability.

  • Contemporary design with unique triangle structure and made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel.

  • Total weight capacity of a very generous 300lbs!

  • Designed with 7 adjustable back positions to maximise exercise variation.

  • Installed with a thicker backrest to improve comfort and support during heavy lifts.

Naspaluro’s folding weights bench is perfect for the person building a home gym on a shoestring budget. And though it is cheap, at nearly half the price of some of its competitors, this exercise bench still offers plenty of quality features.

For example, the design of the Nasparluro’s folding workout bench doesn’t in any way differ from its more expensive rivals. It’s made from the same materials and features a triangular frame structure for extra durability.

Furthermore, this foldable home gym bench boasts 7 adjustable back positions to maximise exercise variations. The seat and backrests are constructed from high-density foam and are encased in premium quality PU leather.

In addition to sporting many admirable features and functions, Naspaluro’s exercise bench has received over 600 reviews at 4- to 5-star. As one very enthusiastic customer put it:

‘This is high quality straight out of the box. Had it up and running in minutes so it's super easy to set up for anyone. … Aesthetically, it looks quite professional and sits proudly in our gymnasium room. Being comfortable to sit or lie on … I can confirm that it is a sturdy beast which is well designed and constructed from above average, quality materials. We consider it a bargain price for what we got and couldn't be happier with it.’

What more can you ask for from an exercise bench that costs £56.00?


Adjustable workout bench overview

  • Contemporary design with unique triangle structure and made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel.

  • Total weight capacity of a very generous 330lbs!

  • Designed with 6 back positions and 4 seat positions to maximise exercise variation.

  • Installed with a thicker backrest to improve comfort and support during heavy lifts.

  • Easy to carry and no assembly required.

YOLEO’s adjustable weight lifting bench is one aesthetically pleasing piece of exercise equipment. The ‘contemporary design’ and ‘brushed silver upholstery makes this suitable for the gym onboard the Starship Enterprise.

But don’t let its sleek looks fool you, this is one well-made weightlifting bench. Built from heavy-duty commercial-grade steel, YOLEO’s adjustable exercise bench can comfortably support 330lbs.

And with 6 back and 4 seat positions, it boasts the variation of a Rubik’s Cube. The price, adjustability, and durability have earned this exercise bench tons of positive feedback. One elated customer had this to say:

‘Fantastic bench. Really good quality straight out if the box I was impressed. The padding is really thick which is one of the reasons we liked this model at 1.8” thickness which definitely makes for a more comfortable workout. The stitching and rear of the bench is well finished NOT cheap old staples like some I have seen. … Delighted thanks!’

With nearly 200 reviews, YOLEO’s adjustable workout bench has been rated nearly 5-stars.


Foldable workout bench overview

  • Manufactured from commercial thickness steel, this foldable bench has passed thousands of weight tests to ensure safety.

  • Designed with 6 back positions and 4 seat positions for full accessibility to a wide range of exercises.

  • The cushioned contact areas are filled with thick foam pads and upholstered from high-quality leather.

  • Total weight capacity of a very generous 660lbs!

FLYBIRD’s fully foldable weights bench has received a jaw-dropping 12,506 reviews! That’s impressive in itself. But your jaw drops a few feet further when you glance at the ratings. After receiving enough reviews to make up a sizable army, FLYBIRD’s foldable bench still boasts 4.5-stars!

It shouldn’t come as surprise to discover that this is the best and most extensively rated exercise bench on Amazon.

The logical question is, why is it so incredibly popular?

Well, as FLYBIRD points out, they’ve been designing and producing fitness equipment for 20 years. And they specialise in the ‘WEIGHT BENCH’. If you can’t get it right after 20 years of development what hope do you have?

In addition to a wealth of experience, FLYBIRD solicits the support of ‘designers’ and ‘professional fitness coaches’ in the development of their exercise benches.

The strength of this bench lies in its simplicity. Designed ‘with a unique triangle structure’ and ‘made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel’ FLYBIRD’s foldable exercise bench can support a whopping 600lbs!

Thus, this bench offers incredible safety and durability. All for under £90!


Adjustable workout bench overview

  • Fully adjustable design with 7 back positions.

  • Heavy-duty construction with reinforced thickened steel for superior durability.

  • Total weight capacity of a very generous 500lbs!

  • Installed with high-density backrest to improve comfort and support during heavy lifts.

  • Easy to carry and minimal assembly required.

PASYOU’s adjustable weight bench has received over 5,000 reviews. Yet still it retains 4.5-stars. Thus it’s one of the best-rated exercise benches on Amazon.

The fully adjustable design makes storage a breeze. Featuring innovative supports the bench can be stored in an upright position to maximise space-saving. In addition, you can also origami this bench into a compact block and store it under your bed (or in a wardrobe).

Seriously, PASYOU’s adjustable bench is like a diminutive transformer.

Furthermore, the heavy-duty construction and premium-quality steel (and triangular mechanical support design) greatly improve durability. This adjustable workout bench can support a max weight of 500lbs, making it one of the strongest benches available.

Ergonomic adjustability enables you to access 7 back support positions so that you can hit every stratum of your pectorals. And the ‘high-quality full foam cotton’ enhances comfort and stability.


Three more great home gym workout benches

If any of the benches above fail to float your boat, below you'll discover three more exercise benches. However, the following workout benches feature additional fitness equipment.

1: VIAVITO Olympic barbell weight bench with leg extension (£249.99)

Adjustable workout bench overview

  • Comfortably padded workout station

  • Easy to fold away to a compact size

  • Perfect weight bench for abdominal training, upper body muscle building, and back training at home

  • The backrest and padded seat are fully adjustable

  • Innovative and comfortable padding, anti-slip feet, and push-up handles.

The VIAVITO Olympic barbell weight bench is a multifunctional training device for a wide variety of exercises. Also, it boasts an extensive range of adjustable options.

The high-quality padding ensures comfortable workout conditions, wide anti-slip feet leave the floor undamaged, and also prevent any movement of the weight bench during training. Safety is therefore ensured.

Though VIAVITO's exercise bench has only received 14 reviews, it has still been rated 5-stars. And the feedback is exceptional. For example, one reviewer wrote ‘I can't believe how good this bench and rack are for the money. Extremely solid and straightforward to put together.’


2: Sportstech Weight Bench & Weight Plate Stand (£118.99)

Adjustable workout bench overview

  • Comfortably padded workout station

  • Easy to fold away to a compact size

  • Offers multiple training options including powerlifting and traditional workout bench exercises.

  • The backrest and padded seat are fully adjustable

  • Innovative and comfortable padding, anti-slip feet, and push-up handles.

The innovative Sportstech training bench is a real all-rounder among weight benches. It combines the multifunctional dumbbell and push bench with a sit-up bench and dip station and offers endless training possibilities.

Thanks to the rubber feet of the fitness bench, your floor is protected from scratches and scuffs. In addition, the feet are based on the concept of anti-slip design compared to the competition.

This construction ensures a secure and stable hold throughout your workout. Furthermore, Sportstech’s weight bench features a nifty foldable function so that it can be stored away after use.


3: TNP bench press bench (£199.99)

Adjustable workout bench overview

  • Sturdy barbell rack suitable for Olympic barbells.

  • Robust design with a maximum weight limit of 100 kg (220.5 lb).

  • Adjustable for height and suitable for almost every size and various exercises.

  • Compact and space-saving and sturdy and non-slip footing.

  • 12 adjustable levels for maximum exercise accessibility.

  • Sturdy steel construction for optimal security.

TNP’s bench press bench is a super-robust and sturdy piece of exercise equipment. Yes, it’s uber-simple; and, No, it doesn’t feature any fancy fitness gimmicks.

But, what it lacks in personality it more than makes up for in durability. This quality is echoed in the feedback of many satisfied customers. As one reviewer commented, TNP’s bench press bench is

‘Better than expected. Stable and sturdy product.’


Exercise bench FAQ

What exercises can you do on a bench?

  1. Concentration curls

  2. Reverse dumbbell fly

  3. Dumbbell fly

  4. Dumbbell bench press

  5. Barbell bench press

  6. Dumbbell shoulder press

  7. Barbell shoulder press

  8. Skull crushers (lying triceps extensions)

  9. Dumbbell row

  10. Bench hops

  11. Step-ups

  12. Box jumps

  13. Triceps dips off the side of the bench

How to use exercise bench?

Follow the links below for exercise bench workouts.


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