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Best Kettlebell Sets For The Home Gym

Updated: Feb 13

An image of many different weight kettlebell sets.

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This article brings you the four best kettlebell sets for the home gym on the market. The kettlebell sets that feature below have been selected for their superior quality construction and outstanding customer feedback.

In addition, all the kettlebells meet the Girevoy Sports bell dimension specifications. What the hell does that mean?

If you’re new to kettlebells you might think that they’re just lumps of steel with a handle. However, though this is partly true, not all kettlebells were created equal.

Since their rise in popularity, fitness companies have rushed to exploit the explosion in consumer demand. And in doing so these companies have flooded the market with a deluge of hideous knockoffs; from plastic sand/water-fillable kettlebells to fluorescent Quasimodo-lookalikes.

Girevoy Sports Competition Kettlebell Sets

I don’t want to come across as a snob, but there’s only one style of kettlebell you should buy. Girevoy Sports kettlebells are designed to specific dimensions so that, irrespective of the weight, they are the same size.

This is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the uniform size makes it easier when transitioning between weights as you don’t have to re-accustom yourself to handling a larger or smaller kettlebell.

Secondly, the size of Girevoy Kettlebells makes them more comfortable to train with. Kettlebells that are the size of a shotput or shaped like an egg will bruise and batter prominent contact points, such as the wrist and shoulder.

As well as being the same size, Girevoy Sports kettlebells are colour coded to specific weights. The colours are as follows:

Pink = 8kg

Blue = 12kg

Yellow = 16kg (or 1 pood)

Purple = 20kg

Green = 24kg (or 1.5 poods)

Orange = 28kg

Red = 32kg (or 2 poods)

Grey = 36kg

White = 40kg

Silver = 44kg

Gold = 48kg

Why buy kettlebell sets?

‘The kettlebell is a highly effective tool for strengthening the connective tissues, especially in the back’ and they ‘deliver strength, explosiveness, flexibility, endurance, and far loss.’

Pavel Tsatsouline, author of The Russian Kettlebell Challenge

It’s not up for debate, kettlebells are one of – if not the – most diverse, multi-functional training tools you can buy. With a single kettlebell, you can perform a plethora of whole-body exercises. And using just one kettlebell you could put together a complete training session that will burn fat, build muscle and improve fitness.

But, as good as one kettlebell is, you are still unable to access the full range of exercises on offer. For example, to perform the jerk, snatch, and long cycle you need two kettlebells.

Furthermore, with kettlebell sets, you can also include into your fitness regime other functional strength-building exercises such as Farmers’ walk and bent-over rows.

Also, though you can deadlift and squat with a single kettlebell, the weight is rarely sufficient to stimulate strength gains. With a kettlebell set, you have the option of increasing the load as you become physically stronger.

Ram competition kettlebell sets.

Ram Elite Competition Kettlebells are designed to meet both the National and International Kettlebell Sports requirements. These kettlebells are constructed from a single mould, which means no ugly welding around the handles.

Cheap cast iron kettlebells with welded handles should be avoided. Typically, the body of cheap kettlebells is either too small or too large, which can cause discomfort during training. And welded handles are far more likely to break if the bell is dropped.

Single mould steel kettlebells, like the Ram Elite competition bell, are sleek, perfectly proportioned and nearly indestructible.


Gorilla sports competition kettlebell sets.

Gorilla Sports’ one-piece solid cast steel competition kettlebell sets have received over 140 5-star reviews. These bells have been designed and constructed for elite athletes and commercial gyms.

Thus, as one customer put it, when you buy a Gorilla kettlebell ‘you’ll never need to buy another one’.

The cast steel competition bell features a rotating steel core which is designed to improve weight distribution. In addition, unlike most kettlebells on the market, Gorilla Sports’ are equipped with a ‘handy and non-slip handle, so that it sits securely in the hands’.

Bell weights range from 8kg up to 32kg, incrementally increasing by 4kg.


ATREQ competition kettlebell sets.

With over 30 reviews ARTEQ’s competition kettlebells still retain a full 5-stars. Reviewers rave about their durable construction, professional finish and commercial gym quality.

ATREQ Competition Kettlebell sets are manufactured from cast steel and are available in sizes ranging from 8kg through to 36kg at 4kg increments. The size and colours meet the National and International Kettlebell Sports requirements.

Furthermore, ATREQ’s kettlebells boast a professional finish with their uniform size and highly polished handles. These are features to look out for in kettlebells as they reduce sores and abrasions after prolonged training.


ATOM competition kettlebell sets.

After nearly 100 reviews ATOM's ‘gym quality’ cast-iron competition kettlebells are a favourite among fitness enthusiasts. As the company says, ‘the ATOM competition kettlebells have been developed for real professionals, studios and trainers with the highest standards.’

The weights of ATOM bell sets range from 4kg to 48kg – increasing incrementally by 4kg. ATOM offers the greatest weight range of all other kettlebell providers. So, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned girevik, ATOM has the weight for you.

As we’ve come to expect of kettlebells that adhere to the National and International Kettlebell Sports requirements, ATOM’s competition bells are a uniform size – irrespective of the weight – and colour coordinated in accordance with Girevoy Sports.


To Conclude

When you’ve decided on which kettlebell sets to buy, you’re going to want to put them to use. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Below we have included links to kettlebell exercise tutorials, workouts and the Hungry4Fitness 6-Week Kettlebell Programme.

Get even more workouts and training ideas with Atomic Kettlebells >

Kettlebell sets blog concludes with the book Atomic Kettlebells.


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