What Are The Best 8 oz Boxing Gloves?

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A female boxer is showing that she is happy with her 8 oz boxing gloves by giving one of the gloves a kiss.


Perhaps like many people you’re looking to diversify your training regime and are considering putting together a home boxing set-up. Or maybe you’re planning to join a local boxing club and need some kit.

Well, whatever reason has brought you here, if you’re looking for a great pair of 8 oz boxing gloves to train in, you’ve come to the right place.

This review brings you the best 8 oz boxing gloves of 2021. Each pair has been specially selected by Hungry4Fitness’ very own boxing aficionado Adam Priest, a former Royal Marines Commando and ABAs boxer who now teaches the sweet art to aspiring pugilists.

The 5 best 8 oz boxing gloves that follow have been picked because they satisfy our stringent list of requirements. Here at Hungry4Fitness we only review the best equipment. That’s because we are all avid fitness enthusiasts and we know that great kit makes for great training.

In keeping with our passion for great kit, all the gloves that feature in this review have been crafted for the serious boxer. This means they’ve been constructed from high-quality leather or synthetic materials. Thus, when you purchase a pair of gloves from this article, you’ll have confidence that they’re going to last.

In addition to superior durability, each pair of 8 oz boxing gloves has received extensive customer feedback and has been ranked at 4 stars or above. In short, we’ve sifted through the mounds of rubbish boxing gloves so that you don’t have to.

8 oz Boxing Gloves | A Fighter’s Guide

A woman standing in front of a boxing bag with her 8 oz boxing gloves on.

Before you select a pair of boxing gloves you should consider what you’re going to use them for. At first, the answer may seem obvious – ‘I’m going to box in my boxing gloves!’

However, you should know that not all gloves are suited for every type of boxing training. Below we have provided you wi