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The 8 Best Punch Bag Stands

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

A man hitting a punch bag that hangs from an rdx free standing punch bag stand. He is training in a Muay Thai boxing gym.

This review brings you the best punch bag stands on the market. From RDX's wall mount to Everlast's freestanding heavy bag stand, this article has you covered.

But before you get stuck in to the review, it might be worth reading over the punch bag stand Buyer's Guide below. The Buyer's Guide outlines the three different types of punch bag stand while weighing up the pros and cons of each option.

Punch bag stand | A Buyer's Guide

When it comes to choosing a punch bag hanger there are three options:

1) Ceiling hanger
2) Wall mount hanger
3) Floor standing hanger

Neither option is better than the other. The deciding factor hinges on personal preference and/or the facility in which you plan to hang your boxing punch bag.

The three types of boxing bag stand have their own positives and negatives.

Ceiling punching bag hangers

For example, ceiling hangers are great because your range of movement around the bag is completely unrestricted (as long as you don’t position it too close to a wall or in a corner). But, once the hanger has been bolted in place, it's a pain to move.

Other limiting factors of ceiling hangers are that they require a lot of space and high ceilings. If your home gym is a converted conservatory or garage, it's unlikely that you'll be able to suspend a boxing bag from a ceiling hanger.

Wall mounted boxing bag hangers

Wall mounts offer more flexibility than ceiling hangers in terms of where they can be positioned. But again, before spending an hour or two bolting one to the wall, you’ve got to be absolutely certain the position is perfect prior to revving up the drill.

Also, it might be worth assessing your boxing abilities before opting for a wall mount. If you plan to use your punch bag a lot, you might want to consider if the wall that you plan to bolt your hanger to is durable. For it's unlikely that thin internal walls or plaster board will be strong enough to support a heavy boxing bag that's put to regular use.

Free standing punch bag stand

A freestanding boxing bag stand, on account of the frame, restricts movement around the bag. This is their one limitation. However, they can be moved at the drop of a hat. Also, depending on the hanger you select, it could house a whole host of pugilistic playthings: speed balls and reflex bags – to name but two.

In addition, freestanding heavy bag stands are more durable than ceiling and wall mounted alternatives. Furthermore, there is the option of buying an adjustable heavy bag stand. The benefits of buying an adjustable stand is that they are suitable for adults and children.

So, to satisfy the three possible preferences, a range of the best hangers have been selected: the first two are ceiling and wall hangers and the following six are floor standing. All of the hangers that feature within this article satisfy the following criteria:

Retain 4 or more stars
Has received reviews
Are constructed from high-quality materials
Are built for the rigours of boxing training
A woman training Thai boxing on a heavy boxing bag. She is using a mma heavy bag stand.


The 8 Best Punch Bag Stands


Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • Very well rated over 300 reviews with 4.5 stars

  • All-weather AQF Heavy Duty Wall Bracket

  • Solid powder coated 16 gauge steel construction

  • Includes wall fixings, D-shackle and printed assembly instructions

  • Can hold up to 60 kg and 17 Inch / 43 cm from wall to end of bracket

This is a happy-go-lucky punch bag hanger from the good people at AQF. Yes it’s cheap. Yes it’s cheerful. But, according to those reviews, and there are many, it does a pretty damn good job – at supporting a punch bag.

This ceiling hanger has been designed to withstand the weight of a 60kg cow carcass. That’s comforting to know. The last thing you want is for the ceiling hanger to detach whilst you’re wailing away.

If you’re just after a sturdy hook to hang a punch bag from, perhaps to fill that unutilised corner in your home gym, then AQF’s heavy duty wall bracket is perfect. And if it isn’t anything but perfect AQF promises to give you a full refund. Can’t say fairer than that.


Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • Very well rated over 300 reviews with 4 stars

  • All-weather compact & heavy duty gym-quality punch bag wall bracket

  • Made from welded 16-gauge powder coated Iron

  • The reinforced construction holds up to 60 KGS

  • Boxed set includes D Shackle, assembly instructions and all necessary wall fixings

  • Treated with special red oxide anti-rust formulation

RDX can always be relied on to produce high-quality functional training equipment. Their heavy bag ceiling hanger is no exception.

With over 300 reviews it still retain 4 stars. Many of those customers have commented favourably on the ‘sturdiness’ and ‘longevity’ of this ceiling hanger.

As with AQF’s hanger RDX’s can comfortably support a 60kg bag. However, they’ve slightly advanced their product by coating it in what they call a ‘special red oxide anti-rust formulation’.

This affords you the option of fixing the hanger outside without the worry that it’ll rust-up inside a week.


Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • Nearly 5 stars after over 150 reviews

  • Designed specifically for martial arts workouts with training bags to practice a variety of strikes and kicks.

  • Constructed of 3" tubular steel with three weight pegs for stability.

  • Shock absorbing design keeps frame stationary during vigorous workouts.

  • Designed to hold up to 100lb.

This is the first of the heavy bag floor stands. Senshi's freestanding boxing bag stand with speedball is a reasonably priced product. And for a little under £200 you will receive a box standard steel frame on which you can hang a punch bag. But if that’s all you want then this stand is perfect.

Other features include protruding pegs at the corner of each support. These pegs enable you to load weights (barbell discs) onto the stand so as to prevent it from moving around during ‘vigorous workouts’.

Senshi's floor stand can support a bag of about 45kg. Though this doesn’t sound a particularly impressive load capacity, compared to ceiling hangers, it isn’t far off the upper maximum of the majority of floor stands – without paying stupid money.


Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • 4 stars with nearly 40 reviews

  • VEVOR free standing punch bag stand is manufactured using premium quality steel for making it durable and robust. Having a sturdy base that stabilizes the boxing platform for letting you practice your new boxing moves conveniently.

  • 40 kg is the maximum load that this punch bag can bear.

  • Comes with an adjustable speedball platform.

This is a bit more than just a punch bag stand. But we’ll get to that. Firstly, let me tell you about the boring stuff.

The frame from which your bag will swing is constructed from premium quality steel. Thus ensuring that it won’t cave in when go Rocky Marciano.

VEVOR’s free standing heavy boxing bag stand is designed to support a maximum load of 40kg. However, though a little on the light side, this weight capacity still exceeds that of most heavy bags – which range from 25 to 35kg.

Now for the more exotic features.

In addition to the standard stuff described above, this floor stand also sports a speedball station and – AND! – reflex ball mount. Together these additional features transform a one-dimensional piece of boxing equipment into an inclusive, dynamic training tool.


Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • Nearly 5 stars after over 45 reviews

  • Comes with an easy release fold flat mechanism for easy storage after use

  • Black powder coat finish prevents rusting

  • Three fixed anchor points with protruding stabilising pins

  • Maximum load capacity: 30kg (66lbs)

HOMCOM’s free standing heavy bag stand is a simple, no-nonsense piece of kit that does exactly what it’s designed to do: support a boxing bag.

Perhaps its one defining feature is the ‘easy release fold flat mechanism’. This (obviously) allows you to fold it away after use. Depending on how much free room your home gym has this could be quite a useful feature.

Beyond the fold flat mechanism, you get nothing more than what VEVOR offer – but HOMCOM's is over £10 cheaper. However, HOMCOM’s punch bag hanger has a maximum load capacity of 30kg, making this a bit of a lightweight.

To finish on a positive, this floor stand has received lots of positive reviews and has unanimously been awarded 5 stars.


Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • 4.5 stars with over 600 reviews

  • Powder-coated steel tubing

  • Three weight plate pegs

  • Easy to assemble. Height when fully assembled is 88.2"

  • Punching bag stand holds any size bag up to 100-pounds

  • 57"L x 47.6"W

The Everlast free standing heavy bag stand is by far the best rated in its product class. Over 600 customers felt the need to express their opinions publicly. And the vast majority commented favourably on its superior build quality and competency in fulfilling the role of punch bag stand.

So what do you get for £200?

Some powder-coated steel tubing that, when assembled, which apparently is easy, will form an apex structure upon which you can hang a bag.

And that’s it.

The max load capacity of Everlast’s punch bag stand is 45kg.


Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • 61 reviews and still retaining 4 stars

  • Gyronetics’s free-standing boxing station includes a punching bag and speed ball.

  • Suitable for effective strength training in your home gym or for professional use in a studio.

  • Multifunctional boxing stand does not require wall or ceiling attachment.

  • Dimensions of the station: 117 x 98 x 208 cm, punching bag: 80 x 27 x 27 cm, weight: 21 kg, Max. load: 100 kg.

Gyronetics’s punch bag stand is a step up both in quality and functional utility. Built to endure the daily grind of a ‘professional studio’ this stand will feel like it’s on permanent vacation in a home gym. Unless, of course, it finds its way to Tyson Fury’s home gym!

As well as being constructed from superior quality materials it boasts a maximum load capacity of a jaw dropping 100kg. (Not that you’ll be able to find a bag of that weight to test it.)

In addition, Gyronetics’s floor stand includes a speed ball station and punch bag. So soon as the tranny van driver dumps it on your doorstep you could have it assembled and be boxing before he gets down the road.


Product Overview (click image for availability)

  • 5 stars after 9 reviews

  • Premium material: bracket made of durable, wear-resistance steel that is both strong and sturdy.

  • Adjustable height: the sandbag rack height can be adjusted. The adjustment range is 48cm

  • The stand can be easily folded.

  • Suitable for home gym.

  • Stable and firm frame ensures that it will withstand rigorous boxing training.

SehrGo's freestanding heavy bag stand is a premium quality floor stand that is built to endure the onslaught of even a seasoned pugilist.

The frame is constructed from industrial-grade steel and the bracket (the bit the bag hangs from) is made from ‘durable, wear-resistant’ materials. That’s good to know as this is the first component of any punch bag hanger to degrade. I’ve worn out a handful in my time.

Besides superior build quality SehrGo’s floor stand offers little else.


FAQ – of the freestanding heavy boxing bag stands featured

Do any of the stands come with a boxing bag?

Yes! Gyronetics’s floor stand includes a punch bag. However, all the other featured products do not. But if you need a bag follow this link and discover the Top 5 Best Heavy Bags.

Are these boxing bag stands good for home use?

Absolutely! In fact, that’s what they’ve been designed for. Seldom will you find a freestanding bag hanger in a boxing gym. Wall mounts yes.


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