The Kettlebell – From Russia with Love

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Introduction | The benefits of kettlebell training | Three functional kettlebell exercises

A man in a gym dusting his hands with chalk over a kettlebell. As part of dan john kettlebell 10,000 repetition challenge he is about to perform the kettlebell swing with a 16kg kettlebell.

Kettlebells are one of – if not the – most diverse, multi-functional training tool you can buy. With a single kettlebell you can perform a plethora of whole-body exercises. And using just one kettlebell you could put together a complete training session that will burn fat, build muscle and improve fitness.

If you include kettlebells into your training regime will begin to develop functional strength and muscular endurance while also improving cardiovascular performance. In addition, kettlebell training builds solid core stability courtesy of the unconventional way in which they force you to move.

Kettlebells build functional strength

Another physical performance promoting attribute associated with regular kettlebell training is the development of ‘in-between’ strength.

Conventional resistance methods – such as static lifting, aesthetic training, barbells, dumbbells, cables, machines – though they can develop strength and help sculpt that coveted physique, neglect the dynamic strength that enables us to administer force from odd-angles or a destabilised position.

This accounts for why kettlebell training is becoming ever increasingly popular amongst boxers and MMA fighters.

Kettlebell training develops mental toughness

The final benefit of kettlebell training that I’ve got for you is not physical but psychological. Hard though it is to believe but that old Russian toy can even toughen up that 2.2lbs gelatinous blob between your ears!

Much of what goes on in gyms and ‘fitness suites’ could constitute as little more than an ego stroking exercise. Consequently the majority of people who attend a gym barely boast above-average fitness and have been physically enfeebled by their hedonistic training methods.

The kettlebell, by contrast, is one sadomasochistic training tool. After a mere twenty minutes of snatching, pressing and get-upping you’ll feel like you’ve crawled out the cage after a fight with Connor McGregor (ok, slight exaggeration).

So in conjunction with enhancing all aspects of your physicality the kettlebell will also temper the mettle of your psychological strength. Yes you will be left battered and bruised, and muscles you didn’t know existed will ache for days afterwards, but – as the old saying goes – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

6 health and fitness benefits of kettlebell training

Let’s pause for a moment and take stock of what we’ve covered so far. By adopting the kettlebell into your training regime you can expect to enjoy the following benefits: