6-Week Kettlebell Training Programme

Updated: Jan 8

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a man and a woman swinging kettlebells as part of a 6-week kettlebell training programme

Fitness benefits of this 6 week kettlebell training program

What possible good can a cannonball with a handle protruding from it do for me? This is a fair question and I imagine that many people, on clapping eyes on a kettlebell for the first time, have probably wondered the same thing.

As exercise equipment goes the kettlebell is quite unassuming and in truth it doesn’t look like a fitness tool at all.

But the kettlebell not only is a piece of exercise equipment, and a hefty one at that, it’s brilliant at developing whole-body fitness, superior strength and physical functionality.

What makes the kettlebell such a good training tool?

advantages of kettlebells over dumbbells

Unlike conventional weights, such as dumbbells, barbells or machines, the kettlebell – because of its unique shape – does not align with the body’s centre of mass. By this I mean, when we perform, say, a dumbbell shoulder press, or a bicep curl, we can get ‘under’ the weight and centre it so as to stabilise the platform from which we lift. This we cannot do with a kettlebell because the weight is situated outside of our centre of mass.

Why is this a good thing? You may well ask.

Well, for starters, when the weight is positioned on the outside of the body it ‘pulls’ us off balance. To avoid going the way of a Jenga stack we are required to activate many more muscles just to keep the kettlebell in position (if you don’t believe me try a single arm press with a dumbbell and then with a kettlebell).

Other advantages of kettlebells | core stability

One of the primary muscle groups used to stabilise the kettlebell during lifts is the core. Throughout any kettlebell session the core must remain actively engaged. It is for this reason why after thirty minutes of swinging, pressing and pumping it can feel like as if you’ve been wrung like a rag.

kettlebells build muscular strength

Another benefit is what I like to call body strength synchronicity. How can I best describe this term?