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The Spartan 300 Workout | Train Like A Warrior  

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

An image of a spartan warrior competing the spartan workout.

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The spartan workout was made famous by the 2007 film 300 starring Gerard Butler. Based on the historic battle that took place at the narrow pass of Thermopylae in Greece, where 300 Spartan warriors repelled the invasion of a million Persians, the film has enjoyed global success. This success can be attributed to two reasons.

Firstly, the film featured a lot of gruesome violence. Secondly, the actors wore tight-fitting leather underpants and sported eye-popping muscular tonality.

Arguably the perfect recipe for cinematic success, the film grossed a staggering $450 million worldwide since its release. And from the moment it hit the box office the fitness industry has gone 300 mad.

More or less every man and his dog wanted one of those super-chiselled Spartan physiques, what with the bulging biceps, shoulders like boulders, and abs like slabs. And the leather pants!

In preparation for the film, the actors underwent a ‘gruelling’ training regime. Created by a professional strength and conditioning coach, the regime – which came to be known as the 300 Workout – was designed to build muscle, increase muscle definition while simultaneously burning fat.

And anyone who’s watched the film will readily attest that the Spartan 300 workout certainly sculpts an impressive physique.

Benefits of the Spartan 300 workout

The 300 workout is a complete training session. The seven exercises that comprise the workout engage every muscle in your body. In addition, because it was designed to be performed at a high intensity, it also stimulates your cardiovascular system.

This is how the workout can simultaneously build muscle, increase definition, and burn fat.

The objective is to complete all 300 repetitions as quickly as possible. Once you start the workout your aim should be to finish it without resting.

Typically, the 300 workout takes between 20- to 30-minutes, making it ideal to include within your weekly training regime. And because you will be waging war with the clock, when you set a personal best, you’ll have something to compete against the next time you go into battle.

It’s this feature of the Spartan 300 workout that makes it perfect for striking up competition against a fitness friend. If you can find someone sadomasochistic enough to compete against, your motivation and training intensity will go through the roof. There’s nothing like an ego-driven challenge to fire up the competitive spirit within.

Spartan 300 workout

Below there are three versions of the 300 workout. The first, entitled ‘Original’, is the workout that the actors did in preparation for the film. This is the hardest version and thus requires an advanced level of fitness to complete.

Following the ‘Original’ 300 workout is the intermediate and beginner versions. Don’t feel discouraged if you have to start with either one of these, for they are still both quite challenging.

Underneath each workout, you’ll find suggestions on how to approach it and methods of modifying the exercises.

Remember: because these workouts are high intensity and feature complex functional exercises, it is important to warm-up thoroughly first. For warm-up ideas follow the link.

The “Original” 300 Warrior Workout

Pull-ups - 25 reps
Barbell Deadlift with 60kg - 50 reps
Push-ups - 50 reps
2-foot Box Jumps - 50 reps
Floor Wipers - 50 reps
Single-Arm Clean-and-Press with 24kg Kettlebell - 50 reps
Pull-ups - 25 reps

On completion of a progressive warm-up, work through the seven exercises as fast as you can. The one guiding rule of the 300 workout is that you are not to progress onto the following exercise until all repetitions have been completed. So, even if you can only perform two pull-ups at a time, you must stay on that exercise until all 25-repetitions are done. Cruel I know, but rules are rules.

Before attempting the 300 workout it is wise to organise the equipment first. If you are desirous of achieving a good time (anything under 20-minutes) then you will want to maximise efficiency. Forgetting to set up the Olympic barbell for the deadlift is going to cost you precious time. Also, if possible, try to situate all the equipment in one localised area in the gym. If kit is spread out all over the place, again, you’ll waste time during transitions.

The Intermediate Spartan 300 workout

Pullups - 25 reps
Dumbbell Deadlift - 50 reps
Push-ups - 50 reps
Bodyweight Squat Jumps - 50 reps
V-Ups - 50 reps
Dumbbell Push Press- 50 reps
Pullups - 25 reps

You’ll notice that much remains the same in the intermediate workout. The deadlift weight is unspecified, meaning you can lift as little or as much as you want. Also, the kettlebell clean to press has been replaced by dumbbell push press. Still as equally challenging physically, the dumbbell push press doesn’t require the technical expertise to perform.

The only other modification of note is the substitution of bodyweight squat jumps for box jumps. This change will not prohibit you from jumping as high, but it will make the workout safer. When you’re fighting fatigue the likelihood of mistiming a jump and tripping over the box increase significantly. Bodyweight squat jumps remove that unpleasant eventuality.

The beginner Spartan bodyweight workout

Bodyweight Rows - 15 reps
Bodyweight Squats - 25 reps
Pushups - 15 reps
Jumping Jacks - 50 reps
Mountain Climbers - 20 reps
Close-Grip Pushups - 10 reps
Bodyweight Rows - 15 reps

All resistance exercises have been replaced with bodyweight movements. In addition to making the workout safer, this modification also makes it far more accessible. And yet, even without resistance, this is still a beast of a session and even advanced trainers would be reduced to a sweaty mess after completing it at maximum effort.

The bodyweight – or inverted – rows are in many ways similar to pull-ups. The only difference is you are pulling about 50% of your body weight. To perform this exercise set a smith machine barbell at about waist height and, with your feet on the floor and legs outstretched, proceed to pull your chest to the bar.

Once you’ve dominated the Spartan 300 Workout have a go at this 30-Minute Kettlebell HIIT session.

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