Best Home Boxing Equipment UK | A Buyer’s Guide

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A boxer working the heavy punch bag. This image heads the article on the best home boxing equipment uk.

In this review we bring you the very best home boxing equipment in the UK. We’ve trawled the web and read a hundred reviews in our search for the best boxing kit. Our picks provide you with a range of high-quality boxing equipment that will enable you to build the perfect home gym setup.

But why bother building a home boxing gym?

In another Hungry4Fitness article, we outline the many health and fitness benefits that boxing confers. To avoid an unnecessary digression, we won’t go into those benefits in this article. But if you are interested to discover how boxing could improve your health and fitness, follow the link: 10 Benefits of Boxing Training.

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In addition to being one of the best forms of physical exercise, boxing is a great way to beat stress. After a frustrating day at work, or suffering a cortisol-inducing commute, there’s no better way to destress than gloving up and going 12 rounds on the heavy boxing bag.

Furthermore, as you'll discover further down, boxing equipment is relatively inexpensive. So it doesn't matter if you're on a budget, you'll still be able to afford a quality home boxing gym. With that said, before making a purchase, have a look over the Buyer's Guide below.

Best Home Boxing Equipment UK | A Buyer’s Guide

Firstly, we’ll consider the basic boxing kit you’ll need to get going. At a minimum, a boxing gym requires three items of equipment:

1: Boxing gloves
2: A boxing punch bag
3: A wall mount or freestanding heavy bag stand

If you purchased these three basic items of equipment, you’ll be able to develop boxing fitness, diversify your training routine, improve punching technique, and bust stress. It might come as surprise but building a home boxing gym is relatively cheap. The three items listed above, if you were to buy budget equipment, would cost less than £250.