4 CrossFit EMOM Workouts | Beginner to Advanced

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A woman performing a power clean as part of a CrossFit emom workout.

CrossFit emom workouts

These 4 CrossFit emom workouts will build superior full-body strength. In addition to forging functional physicality, the following workouts will also enhance muscle endurance while improving all-round physicality.

But if you incorporate CrossFit emom workouts into your training routine, you stand to gain more benefits besides those outlined above.

All the emom workouts that feature in this article are organised around compound exercises and Olympic lifts. Such exercises are excellent for developing transitional efficiency and Posterior Chain strength.

Moreover, because these CrossFit emom workouts activate all the major muscle groups, they will provide you with a whole-body workout.

emom workout meaning

EMOM = every minute on the minute

An acronym for “every minute on the minute,” the EMOM exercise methodology challenges you to complete a specific number of exercise repetitions in less than 60 seconds. The time remaining allows you to recover before the next minute starts.

Why do emom workouts?

As exercise methodologies go emom is one of the best. In our other article, EMOM Training | The Complete Guide, we discuss the many benefits of including emom workout into your exercise regime.

Some of those benefits have been encapsulated in the list below. But if you would like a comprehensive overview, access the link above.

So, what are the benefits of CrossFit emom workouts?

  • Building strength

  • Burning fat

  • Improving muscle definition

  • Whole-body conditioning

  • Developing stamina and muscle endurance