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A woman performing a power clean as part of a CrossFit emom workout.

CrossFit emom workouts

These 4 CrossFit emom workouts will build superior full-body strength. In addition to forging functional physicality, the following workouts will also enhance muscle endurance while improving all-round physicality.

But if you incorporate CrossFit emom workouts into your training routine, you stand to gain more benefits besides those outlined above.

All the emom workouts that feature in this article are organised around compound exercises and Olympic lifts. Such exercises are excellent for developing transitional efficiency and Posterior Chain strength.

Moreover, because these CrossFit emom workouts activate all the major muscle groups, they will provide you with a whole-body workout.

emom workout meaning

EMOM = every minute on the minute

An acronym for “every minute on the minute,” the EMOM exercise methodology challenges you to complete a specific number of exercise repetitions in less than 60 seconds. The time remaining allows you to recover before the next minute starts.

Why do emom workouts?

As exercise methodologies go emom is one of the best. In our other article, EMOM Training | The Complete Guide, we discuss the many benefits of including emom workout into your exercise regime.

Some of those benefits have been encapsulated in the list below. But if you would like a comprehensive overview, access the link above.

So, what are the benefits of CrossFit emom workouts?

  • Building strength

  • Burning fat

  • Improving muscle definition

  • Whole-body conditioning

  • Developing stamina and muscle endurance

  • Maintaining training discipline

  • Reducing time wasted resting (or texting, posing, gassing, etc., etc.)

The benefits of CrossFit emom workouts

A woman completing a crossfit emom workout. She is preparing to complete a set of deadlifts.

In recent years CrossFit has exploded in popularity with affiliated gyms popping up all over the country. But that CrossFit has caught on is no surprise, what with the supper-muscled competitors and enviable feats of physical strength.

The slew of YouTube videos and documentaries of hulking athletes battling it out in multi-disciplinary fitness events inspired millions to adopt the CrossFit training methodology.

As people started to discover, CrossFit training confers loads of fitness benefits.

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Become a complete athlete with CrossFit

By dint of design CrossFit demands that competitors become physical ‘Jack of all trades’, master at none. Similar to MMA, which is an amalgamation of all combat sports, CrossFit athletes must ensure that they have no chinks in their armour. It’s not enough for a competitor to be strong. They must also develop cardio fitness, muscle endurance and a whole host of other physical attributes.

Across the 4 days of CrossFit competition, athletes are put through a gruelling series of fitness challenges – sometimes up to three separate events each day. The challenges could include anything from Olympic lifting, swimming events, marathon row and strongman complexes.

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CrossFit develops: strength | endurance | stamina | functional fitness

To prepare for such a diverse range of disciplines CrossFit athletes must cultivate a high degree of competency in multiple components of fitness. The only way to achieve this, of course, is be incorporating a diverse range of exercise methodologies and disciplines into their training regime.

So, if you begin including CrossFit-inspired workouts into your routine, you will forge functional fitness across a range of training disciplines.

A crossfit competitor is working through a crossfit emom workout.

Best emom training timer

Is it essential to have an emom clock? While emom clocks are certainly handy, because they come with specific countdown features, they are not essential. Any countdown timer or chronograph will suffice.

However, EMOM clocks are particularly useful because, whereas with a stopwatch, or countdown function on a mobile phone, you don’t have to reset the next minute manually. When the time elapses a buzzer sounds to signify the transition between each minute.

Furthermore, with an EMOM clock, such as Gymboss’ Interval Timer below, you can pre-set the number of minutes you want to go for. So, if you’ve only got time for an emom10, you can set 10 minutes on your emom clock and away you go.

Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch

The Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch is a small, easy-to-use, dual interval timer. You can time one or two intervals and repeat them 1-99 times, allowing you to time both your work and rest periods. This multi-use timer has many versatile functions that make it beneficial to virtually any type of exercise program and helps keep your workout on track.


4 CrossFit EMOM Workouts


10 minute emom – Thruster Disguster

Whether you love them or loath them (most people harbour the latter feeling), you cannot deny that the barbell thruster is a super whole-body exercise. This single movement will develop supreme quad, core and deltoid strength.

Furthermore, because barbell thrusters engage such a wide range of muscle groups, they also stimulate the cardiovascular system.

So, in addition to developing all-round physicality, thrusters can also build cardiac muscle tissue which will improve the strength of the heart.

EMOM: 10 X 1-minute barbell thruster (aim for 10reps for the first 5-minutes and 15reps for the second 5-minutes)

Total reps: 150


20 minute emom workout – Macho Man

I’ll be straight with you, I filched this workout from a CrossFit YouTube video. In the video Matt Fraser, 5 X CrossFit Champion, along with a crew of other dedicated CrossFitters, worked through a clean and press complex.

But instead of performing the exercise in one movement, it was broken down into three parts: power clean, front squat, overhead press.

They completed 3 reps on each of the separate movements, totaling 9 reps per minute. This doesn’t sound like a lot, I concede. The average time each athlete took to execute the 9 reps was 20-seconds, leaving 40-seconds to recover.

However, the movements are complex, which means they must be approached with extra caution, and the weights were high. I think Fraser was throwing around a 90kg barbell.

Depending on your current level of fitness, it might be worth starting this workout with a light bar. As you progress through the rounds, incrementally increase the weight. This approach will improve your chances of completing the entire workout.

EMOM 20 X 1-minute: 3 reps deadlifts, 3 reps hang cleans, 3 reps overhead press – 9 reps total.

Total reps: 180


30 minute CrossFit emom workout – Raw Power

Following a similar theme from the preceding workout, for 30-minutes you will progress through a clean and press complex.

Again, the exercise is broken into its three constituent movements: deadlift, front squat and push press. But where this workout differs from the one above is that each exercise forms its own EMOM workout.

So, the first EMOM sees you perform 12 deadlifts on the minute every minute for 10 rounds. The following two 10-minute emom workouts are the same except that the exercises change.

For the advanced trainer, or those wanting to really push themselves, we’ve included an optional challenge. If you’ve got enough gas in the tank you can pit yourself against the full clean and press over 5 X 1-minute rounds. The reps are low, a mere 6, but it’s a beast of an exercise.

EMOM 1: 10 X 1-minute deadlifts (aim for 12reps)
EMOM 2: 10 X 1-minute front squats (aim for 12reps)
EMOM 3: 10 X 1-minute overhead push press (aim for 12reps)

EMOM 4: 5 X 1-minute clean and press (aim for 6reps)

Total reps: 360 (390 including the challenge)


40 minute full body emom workout – The Beast

As the saying goes, save the beast till last. The final emom workout is a compendium of CrossFit exercises.

Comprised of a mix of calisthenics, functional movements and Olympic lifts, this emom brings you the full CrossFit experience. But in doing so it will test every aspect of your physicality.

It starts off deceptively easy and thus can lull you into a false sense of security. After the first 10-minutes you’ll think you’ve got this one in the bag.

But the intensity starts picking up as you enter the second set of 10-minutes. From there this emom workout gets awfully messy and if you hope to see the final round you’ve got to be prepared for a tough physical fight.

EMOM 1: 10 X 1-minute 4reps box jumps + 4 toes to bar
EMOM 2: 10 X 1-minute 6reps dumbbell thrusters + 4 bar jumps into burpees
EMOM 3: 10 X 1-minute 6reps single-arm dumbbell snatch (3reps each arm) + 4reps kip pull-ups
EMOM 4: 10 X 1-minute 4reps barbell power cleans + 4reps barbell thrusters

Total reps = 360


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