5 Best Olympic Barbells

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Introduction | Olympic Barbell Buyer's Guide | The 5 Best Olympic Barbells

The ultimate piece of exercise kit! The Olympic bar is item of choice for the person who wants to build strength and size. This image shows a group of exercise enthusiasts performing different lifts on Olympic barbells.

There’s no escaping the fact, an Olympic barbell is a brilliant piece of exercise equipment and an absolute must for the aspiring CrossFit athlete – or, of course, Olympic lifting enthusiast.

Also, Olympic bars open up access to a whole host of strength and power building exercises that can’t be done without one; single arm dumbbell snatches or kettlebell clean and jerks are great exercises, but they’re only imposters to the real thing.

Olympic barbells are best for building strength

And let’s not forget that with an Olympic barbell you can perform all those classic strength exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bent-over rows and standing military press. These exercises have formed the training foundation of body builders, strongmen, power lifters and anyone who aspires to build strength and size since some genius popped two weights either side of a pole.

If these exercises have formed the staple of your training diet then you might be feeling somewhat malnourished at the moment, what with the perpetual gym closures; which, among other negatives, has decimated the routine of most exercisers. Buying an Olympic barbell for the home gym and a set of bumper plates is a sound investment in these uncertain times.

Benefits of an olympic barbell

For not only will an Olympic bar enable you to keep up the multi-joint compound exercises, it will add a whole new dimension to your home gym. After all, barbells are one of your best options, perhaps the best option, for developing strength and size. And short of acquiring a strongman set-up, there’s few other ways of going super heavy.

Okay, so we’re in agreement then – viz. Olympic barbell training is an integral part of any strength and size developing routine and an Olympic bar would make a super-awesome addition to your home gym.

Key features of an olympic bar

Now before you purchase the first cylindrical length of steel that you clap eyes on, make sure you know what you’re looking for first. The last thing you want arriving at your doorstep is an inferior, rust-prone piece of pig iron good for donating to the Rag ‘n Bone man.

The Hungry4Fitness Olympic barbell Buyer’s Guide will walk you through the key features that only true Olympic bars possess.