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EMOM Dumbbell Workouts

Updated: Jan 10

A woman completing emom dumbbell workouts.

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If you’re searching for some training ideas, or desirous to diversify a dull routine, look no further than these EMOM dumbbell workouts. Packed to bursting with functional exercises, any one of the dumbbell EMOM workouts below will provide you with a complete training session.

Furthermore, each workout is completely modifiable. So, irrespective of your current level of fitness and physical strength, you can alter the EMOM workouts to suit. To give you a target to aim for, the workouts come accompanied with a suggested rep per minute (RPM) range.

Before we take a look at the EMOM dumbbell workouts, I've briefly explained the EMOM training method and answered a few frequently asked questions. This section is for those that are new to the EMOM method. If your a seasoned CrossFit athlete, you'll probably want to skip straight to the EMOM dumbbell workouts >

Best adjustable for EMOM dumbbell workouts.

EMOM workout meaning

EMOM = every minute on the minute

An acronym for “every minute on the minute,” the EMOM exercise methodology challenges you to complete a specific number of exercise repetitions in less than 60 seconds. The time remaining allows you to recover before the next minute starts.

Are EMOM dumbbell workouts effective?

Yes, they certainly are. In fact, you could go so far as to EMOM training is extremely effective. Comparable to a conventional gym session – rest, reps, repeat – EMOM training is vastly superior.

In just half the time with an EMOM workout you could easily exceed the exercise volume of a standard gym session. Don’t believe me? Take up the following challenge and find out for yourself.

Next time you go to the gym to complete your Friday evening biceps and triceps workout, organise the reps and sets into an EMOM format.

If you take up this challenge you’ll likely find that your 45-minute slow-paced gym sesh, which consists of a few static exercises, can be comfortably condense into a 15 min EMOM workout.

What else are emom workouts good for?

In addition to being a great training time-saver, EMOM dumbbell workouts can yield some impressive outputs.

For example, in the second workout, a 20 min emom aptly named ‘Thruster Disguster’, if you can complete all of the reps stipulated with a pair of 18kg dumbbells, you will have lifted a combined total of 4050kg (or a little over 4 ton!).

That’s serious output by anyone’s standards; especially in 20-minutes and armed only with a single pair of dumbbells.

And don't forget, as this Bodyweight Workout shows, the EMOM training method can be applied to any resistance exercise.

More benefits of EMOM training

  • Building strength

  • Burning fat

  • Improving muscle definition

  • Whole-body conditioning

  • Developing stamina and muscle endurance

  • Maintaining training discipline

  • Reducing time wasted resting


EMOM Dumbbell Workouts

Now that we've covered the training methods and fitness benefits, it's time to turn our attention to the EMOM dumbbell workouts. Below you'll find four simple session plans. Each plan progressively gets more challenging. The training duration increases in addition to the repetition ranges.

Remember, though, all of the workouts can be adapted to suit your training ability and level of experience. If you come across an exercise that your are not completely confident at performing, don't hesitate to change it. (If you need replacement ideas, see the Hungry4Fitness Exercise Page >)

10 minute EMOM upper body workout

This short sharp upper body workout is perfect for those on the run. Yet, though it’s only a quickie, in just 10-minutes this workout engages all the big upper body muscle groups.

The rep ranges are higher than what you’d find in a 20- or 30-minute EMOM workout. But because this is only supposed to be a quick blast, a lot of reps have been packed into each minute.

As a consequence, it may feel a bit racy. To complete those reps inside each minute, you’ll have to move your arms like a pair of well-oiled pistons. The pay-off will be worth it though.

EMOM 1: 2 X 1-minute dumbbell bent-over rows (aim for 30reps)
EMOM 2: 2 X 1-minute dumbbell standing overhead press (aim for 30reps)
EMOM 3: 2 X 1-minute dumbbell biceps curl (aim for 30reps)
EMOM 4: 2 X 1-minute dumbbell bench press (aim for 30reps)

Total reps: 240


20 minute CrossFit emom workout

I don’t know about you, but I hate thrusters. Few exercises induce as much physical suffering as squats into an overhead press. But horrible though they unarguably are, thrusters are one of the best whole-body exercises.

As you transition through the three distinct phases – hang clean, squat, overhead press – your biceps, core, quads, glutes, shoulder and biceps are all engaged. (So pretty much the entirety of your musculature.)

However, the fitness benefits thrusters confer do not stop there. After 2 to 3 rounds into this 20 minute CrossFit emom workout, your heart rate will have jumped 30bpm as your ticker labours to supply the muscles with much-needed fuel.

EMOM: 20 X 1-minute dumbbell thrusters

Aim for the following splits: first set of 5-minutes @ 8reps – second set of 5-minutes @ 10reps – third set of 5-minutes @ 12reps – fourth set of 5-minutes 15reps

Total reps: 225


30 minute legs-only emom workout

The mere thought of a 30-minute leg workout is enough to make most people's legs burn. But an emom legs-only workout! It’s going to be like Dante’s Inferno. All I can say is, be prepared for some serious DOMS.

But don’t think it’s just your legs that are going to experience a rotisseries-style roasting. The step-ups and plyometric jump squats will turn on the cardio heat.

So as well as building lean, defined muscle and developing stamina, this 30 minute legs-only emom workout will also burn fat.

There’s also the option of turning it into a whole-body workout. If you’re feeling particularly fit merge the 10 minute upper body emom above for a complete training session.

EMOM 1: 10 X 1-minute dumbbell lunges (aim for 16reps – 8 each leg)
EMOM 2: 10 X 1-minute dumbbell step-ups (aim for 20reps – 10 each leg)
EMOM 3: 10 X 1-minute dumbbell plyometric jump squats (aim for 20reps)

Total reps: 560


40 minute full body EMOM dumbbell workout

Our final EMOM dumbbell workout is really an amalgamation of its predecessors. Split into 4 individual 10 min EMOMs, the first two workouts focus solely on the lower and upper body.

The following two workouts are comprised of functional exercises that engage multiple muscle groups. This combination of compound and functional movements ensures that every inch of your musculature is activated.

Because this is a mammoth workout there’s no shame in taking a rest period between each of the four individual EMOMs. I suggest no more than 2-minutes rest though. Any longer and you will begin cooling down and likely lose your appetite for the workout.

Remember, the rep ranges are suggestions. If you find that it is too much and you are struggling to maintain the output, reduce the reps accordingly.

EMOM 1: 10 X 1-minute dumbbell plyometric jump squat (aim for 15reps)
EMOM 2: 10 X 1-minute dumbbell bent-over row (aim for 20reps)
EMOM 3: 10 X 1-minute dumbbell lunge into lateral raise (aim for 16reps – 8 each side)
EMOM 4: 10 X 1-minute dumbbell thruster (aim for 12reps)


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Enjoyed these EMOM dumbbell workouts?

EMOM dumbbell workouts blog concludes with the HUngry4Fitness Book of Circuits.


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