Develop Functional Fitness With These 4 EMOM Dumbbell Workouts

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A woman completing a dumbbell emom workout. She is performing the single arm snatch with a dumbbell.

If you’re searching for some training ideas, or desirous to diversify a dull routine, look no further than these 4 dumbbell emom workouts. Packed to bursting with functional exercises, any one of the dumbbell emom workouts below will provide you with a complete training session.

Furthermore, each workout is completely modifiable. So, irrespective of your current level of fitness and physical strength, you can alter the emom workouts to suit. To give you a target to aim for, the workouts come accompanied with a suggested rep per minute (RPM) range.

emom workout meaning

EMOM = every minute on the minute

An acronym for “every minute on the minute,” the EMOM exercise methodology challenges you to complete a specific number of exercise repetitions in less than 60 seconds. The time remaining allows you to recover before the next minute starts.

Are emom workouts effective?

Yes, they certainly are. In fact, you could go so far as to emom training is extremely effective. Comparable to a conventional gym session – rest, reps, procrastinate … repeat – emom training is as superior as Achilles was to the tortoise.

In just half the time with an emom workout, you could easily exceed the exercise volume of a standard gym session. Don’t believe me? Take up the following challenge and find out for yourself.

Next time you go to the gym to complete your Friday evening biceps and triceps workout, organise the reps and sets into an emom format.

If you take up this challenge you’ll likely find that your 45-minute slow-paced gym sesh, which consists of a few static exercises, can be comfortably condense into a 15 min emom workout.

What else are emom workouts good for?

In addition to being a great training time-saver, emom workouts can yield some impressive outputs.

For example, in the second workout, a 20 min emom aptly named ‘Thruster Disguster’, if you can complete all of the reps stipulated with a pair of 18kg dumbbells, you will have lifted a combined total of 4050kg (or a little over 4 ton!).

That’s serious output by anyone