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4 Bodyweight EMOM Workouts You Can Do At Home

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

A woman in her home gym completing a 10 min emom workout.

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Bodyweight emom workout at home

In this article we’ve put together 4 bodyweight emom workouts that you can do at home – or anywhere with a bit of space. These workouts, which require no exercise equipment whatsoever, will help you burn fat and sculpt lean, defined muscles.

In addition, because the workouts include a mixture of functional bodyweight and cardiovascular exercises, your heart and respiratory muscles will also be engaged. Truly, you’ll be amazed at how much of a workout you can get with your own bodyweight and a countdown timer.

For those fitness freaks who really want to push themselves through these 4 bodyweight emom workouts, we’ve provided you with a few simple suggestions of how to turn up the intensity.

emom definition

EMOM = every minute on the minute

An acronym for “every minute on the minute,” the EMOM exercise methodology challenges you to complete a specific number of exercise repetitions in less than 60 seconds. The time remaining allows you to recover before the next minute starts.

emom CrossFit

Typically, emom workouts are organised around resistance exercises. If you’ve ever watched CrossFit training videos, you’ll probably have seen athletes complete emom workouts on an Olympic barbell – performing such exercises as the snatch or clean to press.

In addition, you can also incorporate into your emom workouts compound movements such as deadlifts, squats, bent-over rows, bench press and military press.

emom kettlebell

However, this is not a fixed rule of the emom training methodology – that is, you don’t have to use a barbell. You can include pretty much any exercise in your emom workouts.

In another article we created 4 Kettlebell EMOM Workouts which make for terrific, whole-body training sessions.

Kettlebell exercises are perfectly suited to emom (and AMRAP) training. This is because in traditional Girevoy competitions, athletes aim to perform as many repetitions as possible – usually in 10-minutes.

emom dumbbell

Furthermore, you can shape your emom workouts around dumbbell exercises.

Dumbbells, much like kettlebells, make for excellent emom exercise equipment. This is because of the vast range of movements you can perform with a pair of dumbbells.

Also, contrary to common misconception, you can do much more with dumbbells than merely ‘shape’ and ‘sculpt’ muscle. In another article we teach 5 super-functional dumbbell exercises that build strength and explosive power. These exercises are perfect for emom training.

emom bodyweight

As this article shows, you can design emom workouts around callisthenic exercises. Those prejudiced with the belief that you can only emom with a loaded Olympic barbell, might recant their erroneous beliefs after completing any one of the workouts below.

The 4 bodyweight emom workouts that follow can develop all-round functional fitness, natural strength and a lean defined physique. Also, because they require no exercise equipment to complete, you can take these workouts anywhere.

For more ideas on kit-free training see our other article: Outdoor Exercise | The Complete Guide.

emom cardio workouts

But don’t let your imagination stop there. If you practice a sport or fitness discipline, you will likely be able to include specific elements into an emom workout.

For example, if you were an aspiring boxer (or just practice boxing for its awesome fitness developing qualities), you could apply the principles of emom to a heavy bag workout. All you would do is replace repetitions with punches.

Using emom training in this way would not only improve your overall fitness levels (while also burning some serious calories), but it would also help you develop your boxing skills.

Why do emom bodyweight workouts?

In our article – EMOM Training | The Complete Guide – we talk at length about why it’s wise to include emom workouts in your training regime.

For example, in addition to bequeathing you with a veritable barrage of benefits (see list below), emom training is super-disciplined and forces you to utilise every second of your workout.

When you set that countdown timer it’s as though a military Physical Training Instructor stepped in the room. The booming buzzer and compulsion to complete your reps leave you with very little time to procrastinate.

These two components arguably make emom training the most effective exercise method available. And the proof is in the numbers. For example, if you complete #4: 30 minute emom, you’ll have racked-up a total of 875 reps!

So, what are EMOMs good for?

  • Building strength

  • Burning fat

  • Improving muscle definition

  • Whole body conditioning

  • Developing stamina and muscle endurance

  • Maintaining training discipline

  • Reducing time wasted resting (or texting, posing, gassing, etc., etc.)

Best EMOM clock

Is it essential to have an emom clock? While emom clocks are certainly handy, because they come with specific countdown features, they are not essential. Any countdown timer or chronograph will suffice.

EMOM clocks are particularly useful because, whereas with a stopwatch, or countdown function on a mobile phone, you don’t have to reset the next minute manually. When the time elapses a buzzer sounds to signify the transition between each minute.

In addition, with an EMOM clock, such as Gymboss' Interval Timer below, you can pre-set the number of minutes you want to go for. So, if you’ve only got time for an emom10, you can set 10 minutes on your countdown timer and away you go.


Bodyweight EMOM workouts you can do at home

emom 6 minutes – bodyweight progression

This super-short emom workout is perfect to cap a cardio session with. After that 5-mile run or 10k row finish off with this calisthenics blast.

Shaped around the bastod (a burpee with a press-up), which is an exercise used in the military to beast recruits, the workout is split into 3 X 2-minute mini emoms.

For the first 2-minutes you’ll be performing just press-ups. The second 2-minutes will see you transition into burpees. And for the final 2-minutes, you’ll piece them together into the full bastod.

Because this is a short workout the reps are high and the rest is kept to a minimum. Remember, if you can’t complete the reps with at least 10-seconds remaining before the next minute, reduce them accordingly.

EMOM 1: 2 X 1-minute: Press-ups (aim for 40reps)
EMOM 2: 2 X 1-minute: Burpess (aim for 25reps)
EMOM 3: 2 X 1-minute: Bastods (aim for 20reps)

Total reps: 170


emom 12 minutes – burpees, burpees, and more burpees

All legs and lungs this spicy little number will reduce you to a blubbering wreck. Comprised solely of the dreaded burpee, your legs will take a battering as you battle the clock.

But there’s a sneaky twist with this emom workout. After you’ve completed the reps you are to jog (preferably sprint!) for the remaining time. Yep, that’s right, you don’t get a rest with this workout: it’s all work and no play.

Ideally, you want to work through this 12 min emom at a park (or somewhere with plenty of open space). However, if you don’t have access to a local park (or you feel embarrassed about burpeeing in public), just jog on the spot.

EMOM 1: 4 x 1-minute burpees (aim for 10 reps) + sprint
EMOM 2: 4 x 1-minute burpees (aim for 15 reps) + sprint
EMOM 3: 4 x 1-minute burpees (aim for 20 reps) + sprint

Total reps: 180


20 minute EMOM workout – bodyweight bonanza

This 20 min emom workout is as straight-laced as they get. No funny business and no hidden surprises. Promise! Just good honest on the minute every minute bodyweight exercises.

Split into 4 X 5-minute individual blocks, you are to begin at the first emom workout which consists of air squats. From there proceed through the 20 X 1-minute sets.

You may have noticed, if you’ve already scanned the workout, that the exercises have been strategically ordered to target all major muscle groups.

For example, the first block of 5-minutes focuses primarily on the legs. The second exercise shifts the emphasis up to the core and transverse abdominus. The third exercise targets the chest and a bit of the shoulders. And the final exercise is all back baby! Genius I know.

However, I must confess, in the introduction I said that you will not need any equipment. That was a white lie. For this emom workout you’re going to need a pull-up bar or frame of some sort. But, if you don’t have access to a bar, that’s not a problem, you can replace pull-ups with burpees!

EMOM 1: 5 x 1-minute air squats (aim for 30 reps)
EMOM 2: 5 x 1-minute plank (hold for 40-seconds)
EMOM 3: 5 x 1-minute press-ups (aim for 40 reps)
EMOM 4: 5 x 1-minute pull-ups (aim for 10 reps – if you’re doing burpees instead, aim for 20reps)

Total reps: 600


30 minute EMOM workout – a calisthenic corker

Our final emom workout is a veritable collage of calisthenics. Following a similar format as above, this workout is split into 6 separate 5-minute emoms. The aim, of course, is to maintain the rep range for all 30 1-minute sets.

But, unlike its predecessors, there is a cardiovascular current running throughout this workout. Between each emom set you’ll find a 1000-metre quick-paced run.

The objective here, and this is more for advanced trainers or those who really want to push themselves, you must attempt to complete the run in under 4-minutes.

As reward for your hard work on the run, however many seconds remain on the clock you can take as rest before the next emom set. So, if you complete the run in, say, 3:30, you get 30-seconds rest.

EMOM 1: 5 x 1-minute plank (hold for 40-seconds)
1000-metre run
EMOM 2: 5 x 1-minute squat thrusts (aim for 40-reps)
1000-metre run
EMOM 3: 5 x 1-minute press-ups (aim for 40 reps)
1000-metre run
EMOM 4: 5 x 1-minute air squat into plyometric jumps (aim for 25 reps)
1000-metre run
EMOM 5: 5 x 1-minute pull-ups (aim for 10 reps – if you don’t have access to a bar, you’re on burpees! 20 reps please)
1000-metre run
EMOM 6: 5 x 1-minute burpees! (aim for 20 reps)

Total reps: 875


Enjoyed these workouts?

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Bodyweight emom workouts book.


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