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Best 10 oz Boxing Gloves – A Fighter’s Guide

A number of pairs of 10 oz boxing gloves. This image is part of an article that reviews the best 10 oz boxing gloves on the market.


If you’re looking for a great pair of 10oz boxing gloves to train in, you’ve come to the right place.

This review brings you the best 10 oz boxing gloves of 2021. Each pair has been specially selected by Hungry4Fitness’ very own boxing aficionado Adam Priest, a former Royal Marines Commando and ABAs boxer who now teaches the sweet art to aspiring pugilists.

The 5 best 10 oz boxing gloves that follow have been picked because they satisfy our stringent list of requirements. Here at Hungry4Fitness we only review the best equipment. That’s because we are all avid fitness enthusiasts and we know that great kit makes for great training.

In keeping with our passion for great kit, all the gloves that feature in this review have been crafted for the serious boxer. This means they’ve been constructed from high-quality leather or synthetic materials. Thus, when you purchase a pair of gloves from this article, you’ll have confidence that they’re going to last.

In addition to superior durability, each pair of 10 oz boxing gloves has received extensive customer feedback and has been ranked at 4 stars or above. In short, we’ve sifted through the mounds of rubbish boxing gloves so that you don’t have to.

10 oz Boxing Gloves A Fighter’s Guide

A picture of a woman wearing a pair of 10 oz boxing gloves.

Before you select a pair of boxing gloves you should consider what you’re going to use them for. At first, the answer may seem obvious – ‘I’m going to box in my boxing gloves!’ However, you should know that not all gloves are suited for all types of boxing training.

Which weight boxing glove is best?

The person who is just going to use their gloves to train on their freestanding punch bag in their home gym is going to want a different style and weight glove than a person who is training at a boxing club.

Really, the type of training you’re going to be doing will determine the weight of the glove you select.

For example, bag mitts have very little padding and as a consequence, they are not suitable for sparring. Bag mitts are very light and compact and so enable you to train at high intensities, working on your speed, accuracy and punching volume.

In contrast, 16- or 18 oz boxing gloves are ideal for sparring, as they reduce injury and facial swelling. But they can feel heavy and cumbersome when working the bag or training on the pads. However, a heavier weighted glove, such as 14 or 16 oz, are more suited to working on power development on a heavy sand-filled bag.

But what’s the best weight boxing glove for all-purpose training?

The glove weight a boxer uses is largely a personal preference thing. I prefer to use 10 to 12 oz gloves for pad and bag work. But if I’m going to spar then I select a heavier weight, such as 14 or 16 oz.

However, for home training purposes a 10 or 12 oz glove is spot on. Boxing gloves of this weight offer plenty of protection for your hands, which reduces post-training aches and pains, but they also won’t feel like you’re trying to box with a pair of pillows strapped to your fists.

The Hungry4Fitness boxing glove training suitability guide. This is a guide that informs the reader of which weight gloves suits which style of boxing training.

Velcro vs. Lace-ups

The lace-up style boxing glove is a favourite amongst purists and boxers who have the luxury of a personal coach – because lace-ups don’t lace up themselves. It’s for this reason why lace-up boxing gloves are not suitable for those who are buying gloves to use in their home gym. Once you’ve tightened one up it’s a bugger to tighten up the other.

So why would anyone buy lace-up boxing gloves then?

Compared to Velcro gloves lace-ups can be fastened much tighter, and not just at the wrist but almost the full length of the glove. When you’re suited and booted and your coach laces your gloves up, you feel like you can take on the world. Your fists are compacted into stone and you feel as though you could punch holes through walls.

Velcro gloves are the obvious choice for those who plan on boxing on their home punch bag. But Velcro gloves are also ideal for those who train at a boxing gym, as they can be taken on and off in seconds, which is handy when you're participating in a boxing circuit.

Velcro-Lace-up combo

My first ever pair of Cleto Reyes boxing gloves (which are by far the best gloves on the market) were Velcro and lace-up. By incorporating dual fastening options, you kind of get the best of both worlds, and you don’t need someone to tighten the laces up for you. I partially tightened the laces, just enough so that I could squeeze my hand in the gloves, and then used the Velcro to get a super-tight seal.

Leather vs. Synthetic materials

Traditionally all boxing gloves were crafted from leather as this was the only material that was durable enough to endure the rigours of boxing training. Today, there are lots of different materials that boxing gloves are constructed from. You can still get leather gloves, of course, but they tend to cost more.

In saying that though, just because they cost more doesn’t mean that they will last any longer. I’ve got an old pair of 14 oz Title gloves that are crafted from synthetic materials. For five years I’ve used my Title gloves three times a week and they’re still as good as new.

Another benefit of synthetic materials over leather is that they are much easier to keep clean. After a high-intensity boxing session, you can easily wipe the sweat, tears (and blood) from synthetic material boxing gloves.

Leather, by contrast, is more absorbent than synthetic materials. This accounts for why old leather boxing gloves stink (an aroma which only true boxers love). Also, if after a sweaty training session you forget to air your leather boxing gloves out, they can crack and split or attract mould.

A row of leather 10 oz boxing gloves lined up on boxing ring.


The 5 Best 10 oz Boxing Gloves


#1: Adidas 10 oz Boxing Gloves (£25.97)

Product overview (click image for availability)

  • Manufactured from synthetic materials.

  • Layered with EVA padding for optimal shock absorbency.

  • 3D integrated mesh technology for increased durability.

  • High-density lightweight advanced cross-linked sheet to reduce impact.

As budget boxing gloves go you’d struggle to find a pair better than the Speed 50 by Adidas. Crafted from durable synthetic materials they promise to last well beyond what they should for the price.

The multi-layered cushioning will offer your hands plenty of protection. And they have been designed to mould your hand into a fist so that when you clench the glove will compact rock solid.

These attributes make Adidas 10 oz boxing gloves the perfect pair for home gym use or general boxing training sessions.

Knock-out! customer feedback: 4.5 stars with over 1,200 reviews!


#2: RDX 10 oz Boxing Gloves (£26.99)

Product overview (click image for availability)

  • Manufactured with Maya Hide combat leather.

  • Layered with EVA padding for optimal shock absorbency.

  • Quadro-Dome technology offers resilience and correct first form.

  • Strategically placed nylon mesh delivers maximum ventilation and breathability.

  • Quick-EZ hook-and-loop strap wraps around for an easy and convenient fit.

RDX’s matte black 10oz boxing gloves pull no punches with their exclusive Maya Hide ConvEX skin combat leather casing. This highly durable material will keep these gloves looking new for years to come.

The Quadro-Dome PU-Mould ensures correct ‘fist form’ at all times – basically, the glove moulds your hand into a fist shape. In addition, the multi-layered slabs of shock-absorbent EVA padding reduce injury susceptibility and post-training hand soreness. And the breathable nylon mesh will keep your hands dry even during the most gruelling training session.

An inner anti-sweat repellent lining resists perspiration and the Quick-EZ hook-and-loop ensures secure wear and easy removal.

Super customer feedback: 4.5 stars with over 1,700 reviews!


#3: Valour Strike 10 oz Boxing Gloves (£29.99)

Product overview (click image for availability)

  • Multi-layered high-density padding offers superior safety while reducing impact trauma injuries.

  • PU boxing mitt is tear-resistant, durable and built to protect your hands during all types of boxing training.

  • Easy to apply Velcro wrist strap makes using these gloves easy to put on and take off.

We’re stepping up a weight division here. Valour Strike’s 10 oz boxing gloves have been designed for the serious boxer.

From the outer material to the inner padding these gloves are clearly engineered for high-intensity training. Unlike cheaper gloves, Valour Strikes feature a multi-layered high-density foam padding.

The purpose of this padding is to reduce impact trauma which instils the boxer with the confidence to unleash their hardest punches. The gloss PU outer material is both tear-resistant and easy to clean. As well as featuring functional qualities these gloves also look the biz.

Solid customer feedback: 4.5 stars with over 230 reviews!


#4: Venum 10 oz Impact Boxing Gloves (£60.00)

Product overview (click image for availability)

  • Integrated mesh panel under the fist delivers thermal regulation for maximum comfort.

  • Strengthened seams provide long-lasting quality, so you can fight harder, longer.

  • Premium Skintex leather, suede aspect, with yokes affect carbon of incomparable quality.

  • Reinforced palms and triple-density foam provide unrivalled shock absorption and protection.

Venum’s 10 oz ‘Impact’ boxing gloves have got a lot going for them and I imagine that they are the envy of most other competing gloves.

They are fashioned from premium Skintex leather which, in the words of Venum themselves, offers ‘incomparable quality. This durable material promises to last for years of punishing training. And the reinforced palms and triple density foam padding will endure the wear and tear so that your hands don’t have to.

With interior mesh panels, Venum’s 'Impact' offers enhanced thermal regulation for improved comfort even during 12 punishing rounds on the heavy bag. Yes, you pay more for these gloves, but you get a lot more bang for your buck.

Immense customer feedback: 4.5 stars with over 1,300 reviews!


#5: Sandee ‘Authentic Leather’ 10 oz Boxing Gloves (£81.76)

Product overview (click image for availability)

  • Constructed from premium quality cowhide leather.

  • Engineered with a tight-fit hand compartment to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

  • Sandee "Tri-Foam" system for maximum shock protection.

  • Designed to slide on and off with the least amount of effort.

  • Handmade in Thailand.

I did say in the Buyer’s Guide that leather boxing gloves are more expensive. However, you pay a premium for a reason. Quality leather boxing gloves literally last a lifetime. And that’s not a catchline designed to get you to click! As any boxer will attest, leather gloves are superior to synthetic alternatives.

Sandee is one of Thailand’s original boxing equipment manufacturers. They’ve been crafting boxing gear for over 30 years and their high-quality reliable gloves have made them a favourite amongst professional boxers and passionate pugilists the world over.

Each pair of gloves has been hand-crafted by master craftsmen and leatherworkers. Thus, all Sandee gloves are entirely unique. Which I think you would agree is a pretty awesome selling point. Sandee is proud to proclaim that they only use 'premium quality cowhide leather'. And their ‘Tri-Foam’ technology guarantees maximum protection and shock absorbance.

Cast-iron customer feedback: 5 stars with over 30 reviews.


To Conclude

Truly, you can’t beat a good pair of 10 oz boxing gloves. Boxing in quality, light-weight gloves enhances the pleasure of training and makes the rounds feel a breeze.

But they serve an important purpose beyond looks and feel. A well-made pair of gloves will reduce impact trauma that the hands inevitably suffer during boxing training.

Hand injuries are one of the most important things a boxer can safeguard against. For with injured hands boxers can’t do what they love.

It’s for this reason why I always recommend splashing the cash on good gloves. This is the one item of boxing kit that you shouldn’t skimp on – gloves and a mouth guard or course.

Anyone of the gloves in this review will offer the protection and durability that your hands deserve. But remember, select the gloves that are most suited to your training. If you plan on working the heavy bag in your home gym then the Adidas Speed 50s, RDX or Valour Strikes will more than suffice.

If, however, you plan to box at a club and your training consistency exceeds two sessions a week, the more durable Venums or Sandees will be better for this type of high-intensity training.


(As we are very interested in user experience here at Hungry4Fitness, we would be very grateful if you could take a few seconds out of your day to leave a comment. Thanks in advance!)

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Adam Priest, former Royal Marines Commando, is a personal trainer, lecturer, boxing and Thai boxing enthusiast.

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