5 Best 16 oz Boxing Gloves | A Buyer's Guide

Introduction | 16 oz boxing gloves A Buyer's Guide | The 5 Best 16 oz Boxing Gloves

A woman training on a heavy boxing bag with a pair of 16oz boxing gloves.

Get Ready to Glove Up

The 16 oz boxing glove is considered the best weight for heavy bag training and sparring. Because they are packed with wads of padding, they absorb far more impact than lighter gloves. The additional padding in 16 oz boxing gloves reduces hand injuries when working the heavy bag. But also, 16s reduce facial cuts, abrasions and swelling that can occur during sparring sessions.

Unlike with lighter weights, when training in 16oz gloves you can really let your punches go. By being able to hit hard, without the worry of injuring your hands, you will be able to develop punching power while also developing strength and stamina in the shoulders.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing five of the best 16 oz boxing gloves available in 2021. All the gloves that feature in this review have been specially selected by Hungry4Fitness’ very own boxing aficionado Adam Priest, a former Royal Marines Commando and ABAs boxer who now teaches the sweet art to aspiring pugilists.

The top five 16oz boxing gloves below have been chosen because they satisfy our stringent list of requirements. We at Hungry4Fitness only review quality training equipment. That’s because we are all avid fitness enthusiasts and we believe that great kit makes for great training.

Thus, only boxing gloves that satisfied our strict criteria have been selected. The criteria include:

Crafted from premium-quality leather or synthetic materials
Received extensive customer feedback
Ranked 4 stars or above
Made for the arduous sport of boxing

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Two boxers competing in a world title fight. Both are wearing 16oz boxing gloves.

Prior to selecting your boxing gloves, it is wise to consider how you plan to use them and what type of training you will