This 10 Minute HIIT Workout Will Melt Fat

Introduction | How this HIIT session works | 10 minute HIIT workout

A group of exercise enthusiasts completing a 10 minute hiit workout. She is performing press-ups.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval) training is a great way to cram a lot of exercise into a short space of time. This 10 minute HIIT workout is the equivalent of an hour-long gym sesh. For 10-minutes you will be exercising at maximum (or near maximum) intensity. Your heart rate will be through the roof and you’ll be fully immersed in maintain maximal output. During this workout, there’s no time for social media updates or conversations with other trainers.

Though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, HIIT is a highly focused fitness methodology that enables you to maximise every second of your session. I’m just generalising here but most people who use public gyms spend the majority of the time not exercising. That sounds contradictory I know but if you observe the average gym-goer, you’ll see that they waste a lot of training time.

One reason for this is that few people follow structured training sessions. Going to the gym without a plan or routine will likely lead to less exercise being done. However, with this 10-minute HIIT workout, you will have a structured session to follow. And, if at the end of this 10-minute workout you feel like you could do more, you can complete another round – or two!

How it works

After completing the warm-up, you are going to work through the four exercises below. On your training timer set a 20-second countdown followed by a 10-second countdown. For 20-seconds you are to hit the exercise with everything you’ve got. Once the buzzer sounds take your well-earned 10-second rest. Repeat this format for 2-minutes & 30-seconds. In total, you should complete 5 high-intensity sets for each of the four exercises.

Methods of modification

Don’t feel like you’ve got to follow this 10-minute HIIT workout to the letter. The plan below need only act as a template. You can change any of the exercises to suit your preferences or equipment availability.

For example, if you don’t use a public gym you may not have access to a running machine or rower. But that’s not a problem because the run can be performed outside (of you could sprint on the spot) and you could substitute skipping for rowing.

The same goes for the two resistance exercises. If you haven’t got access to a kettlebell you could replace it with a pair of dumbbells or an Olympic barbell and perform thrusters instead. Static double-footed jump into burpee is just as effective as jumping onto a plyo box.