21 Training Sessions For Improved Fitness And Fat-Loss

Updated: May 4, 2021

a woman completing an exercise circuit

In this article you will discover 21 training sessions for developing whole-body fitness. They consist of a combination of resistance, calisthenics and cardiovascular exercises. To make the them more accessible the sessions require only minimal equipment and can be completed in the gym or at home.

All of the training sessions are fully modifiable. The set distances, repetitions, timings and exercises can all be altered or substituted to suit your training preferences.

But before we get into the 21 sessions a DIY training plan has been created for the reader who might want to create their own sessions in conjunction with those that feature in this article. In addition, the training plan outline will also provide you with the theoretical tools to make modifications to those sessions that, for whatever reason, you cannot do.

Create Your Own Training Session

This blank template has been created so that you can design your own training sessions. Follow the basic layout below ensuring never to neglect your warm-ups, cool-downs and stretches. For each section I have provided you with suggested time durations and (for the warm-up and cool-down phases) exercise ideas.

Of course, you are not bounded by the suggestions; change what you want to suit your training timeframes and current fitness aspirations. However, I would strongly advise that you always ensure to spend a minimum of five minutes warming-up, cooling-down and stretching – that’s five minutes on each of the three phases.

Warm-up (10-minutes)

Ideally a warm-up should last for around ten minutes. It should include a cardiovascular exercise – preferably the rower or cross-trainer (as they work the whole body) – and similar exercises that will feature in your main session. The warm-up should gradually increase in intensity so that when ten minutes has elapsed you are at, or very near to, the intensity that you plan on working through your main session.

It would be unwise to sit on a static bike for ten minutes, peddles listlessly turning, and then attempt, say, a kettlebell session. The warm-up should be reflective of the main session design.

Main Session (20-plus-minutes)

The sky is quite literally the limit with the main session. In the past I’ve picked exercises out of a hat and arranged them arbitrarily – some of my best training sessions have been put together that way. The main session can last from between twenty minutes to a couple of hours or more. I once completed a circuit with a group of exercise enthusiasts which took 4-hours and 25-minutes – and that was first place; last place came in at seven hours!

Cool Down