The 5 Best Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do At Home

Introduction | How to lose weight at home | The 5 Best Weight Loss Exercises | #1: Rowing | #2: Kettlebell swings | #3: Running | #4: Dumbbell thrusters | #5: Skipping!

A woman skipping as part of a fat-loss programme. This is one of the 5 best weight loss exercises you can do at home.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the 5 best weight loss exercises you can do at home. The 5 exercises selected are not only great for weight loss but also for developing functional, whole-body fitness.

Each of the exercises below will support you on your weight-loss journey while also improving your strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular capacity.

Furthermore, the following weight-loss exercises require little technical skill to perform, making them ideal for the beginner trainer.

In addition, because they require a few basic items of training equipment, links to which have been provided next to each exercise, they can be included in your home gym exercise routines.

How to workout to lose weight at home

Often people ask if there are there specific weight loss exercises for women and specific weight loss exercises for men. The answer is no. Weight loss exercises do not differentiate between the sexes. Running, skipping and kettlebell swings are just as effective at burning fat irrespective of your gender.

When it comes to weight loss workouts at home what’s important is consistency, intensity, and duration. To lose weight and burn fat you’ve got to exercise often – preferably every day.

Exercise intensity

Also, your weight loss workouts should be moderate to high intensity. If you only ever train at low intensities, you will not stimulate your body sufficiently.

Moreover, your fat loss workouts should range from between 20- to 60-minutes. Studies have shown that the body begins metabolising fat for energy after around 15-minutes of continuous training.

So, for the most effective weight loss workout, try to maintain a daily training routine that consists of moderate to high-intensity exercise for between 20- to 60-minutes.