Try This Outdoor Cardio and Calisthenics Circuit

This is a perfect general-purpose fitness session to help keep you trim and in shape. The blend of cardio and body weight exercises provides the perfect fat-burning and muscle-toning mix. And because this session requires very little equipment, just a park and crossbar, it can be completed almost anywhere, any time.

How it works

Using the area where you plan to perform the body weight exercises as your base, jog the park periphery and, on returning back to your base, complete the four exercises (see below). Really, it’s as simple as that. Depending on the size of your park you could aim to complete five full circuits. Alternatively, you could approach this session much like an AMRAP and try to perform as many laps as possible in, say, 30-minutes.

Key points

  • Warm-up with a light jog and mobility exercises.

  • Run a lap of the park.

  • Complete the four exercises in ascending order.

  • Repeat.

Methods of modification

There’s a million and one ways that this session could be modified. Of course, the body weight exercises are all interchangeable. I simply selected ones that work large muscle groups and are functional. To enhance the resistance you could take a resistance band to the park and apply it when performing certain exercises. Alternatively, to give this session a CrossFit twist, you could throw on a weighted vest.


  • A park or track

  • Stable crossbar

  • A bit of willpower and motivation


10-min slow jog + mobility exercises


1. 700-metre jog (or one lap around your park)
2. 25reps hanging leg raises
3. 25reps squat thrusts
4. 25resp press-ups