Want To Know How To Stay Fit?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

From this article you will: learn how to stay fit | discover a range of the best exercises | the benefits of fitness training | know how to structure a training regime | receive 5 training sessions that’ll help get you going.

a woman staying fit by exercising in a gym: she has just completed a circuit

Article Contents

Why You Should Stay Fit
Benefits of Exercise
Use the FITT Principal
How to Develop a Fitness Regime
How to Create a Fitness Session
5 Fitness Training Sessions


If you’re struggling to keep fit don’t beat yourself about it. Millions of people across the globe struggle with the very same problem. In fact, it probably wouldn’t be too much of a generalisation to say that maintaining a fitness regime is a common difficulty shared by the majority of people who want to stay fit.

According to one publication only 12% of people in the UK exercise on a regular basis (Marks et al 2018). And of that 12% it is estimated that fewer than half exercise for more than 150-minutes a week – the minimum dosage recommended by public health officials.

The reasons why people relapse on their training regime range from ‘time constraints’ to loss of motivation to any excuse that’ll appeases the inner self-critic.

But as anyone who’s had time off training will know, the longer you leave it the harder it becomes to get back in shape. This is a positive feedback loop: you skip a couple of sessions because of X, Y, Z reasons and before you know it a week has become two months and all those hard-won fitness gains have dissolved like the Wicked Witch of the West.