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Best Tabata Timer For The Home Gym

A CrossFit trainer using a tabata timer in his home gym. He is using battle ropes as part of a tabata workout.

Why use a tabata timer?

A tabata timer is an indispensable training tool that improves exercise experience. Anyone who has tried to get through a tabata (HIIT, AMRAP, or EMOM!) session using a stopwatch can attest to the frustration of having to reset each interval manually. The fluidity of the tabata workout is thrown out of whack which impacts motivation and focus.

By investing in a tabata timer this irritating outcome will be a thing of the past. After setting the work/rest intervals, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your tabata workout.

Any one of the tabata timers in this review will provide you with a faithful training partner. They require minimal set-up, feature innovative training functions, while also enabling you to customise your tabata workouts.

Benefits of a training timer

  • Improve exercise motivation

  • Keep you focused throughout your tabata workout

  • Provide your tabata workouts with structure

  • Can provide training goals

  • Offer timer and countdown functions for other workouts such as HIIT, EMOM and AMRAP

1: Gymboss interval and tabata timer

Tabata timer key features

  • Set one or two intervals between two seconds and 99-minutes.

  • Built-in stopwatch and clock feature.

  • Removable belt and wrist clip.

  • Loud interval notification bleep!

  • Backlit LCD improves the visual display.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery.

Gymboss’ tabata timer is bossing the competition. Of all the training timers available, Gymboss’ is by far the best rated. It boasts over 3000 4.5-star reviews. Which is pretty impressive for a glorified egg timer.

One great asset of the Gymboss tabata timer is that it is portable. The lightweight design and wrist strap mean you can take it wherever you go. So, if you plan to squeeze a tabata workout into your lunch break (or do some tabata on your hols!), you can take your timer with you.

Also, its compact, durable design means that it’ll tough it out through the most gruelling tabata workouts.

Another feature of note is the range of interval timings. You have the option of programming one or two intervals with a time ranging from two seconds to 99-minutes! Though arguably a bit excessive, it means that you can customise quick tabata blasts right the way through to tabatathons.

What are customers saying? One customer stated that Gymboss’ tabata timer is ‘fabulous’ for timing all types of workouts from tabata to running.

2: Jhering interval HIIT timer

Tabata timer key features

  • Pre-programmed workouts.

  • Fully customisable interval work-to-rest ratios.

  • Build-in stopwatch and clock feature.

  • Ear-piercing buzzer!

  • Remote control so you can adjust workouts on the fly and at a distance.

  • Gargantuan LED screen.

  • Power supply options include batteries or mains.

The gym timer by Jhering is the Rolls Royce of training timers. Big and unapologetically brash, with its super-sized LED screen, you’ll be able to see what interval you’re on even through blurry, sweat-soaked eyes.

Like all contemporary tabata timers, Jhering’s is easy to use and requires minimal faff to set up. It’s just a matter of setting the interval length and number and pressing go!

Fully customisable, you can program rounds and work-to-rest ratios to suit your training needs and fitness levels. Also, if you wanted to mix up your workouts, you could set a single countdown for an AMRAP session or interval minutes for EMOM.

What are customers saying? The reviews are mostly favourable with a couple of quibbles. Some customers maintain that Jhering’s tabata timer is the best thing since sliced bread: ‘Brilliant, perfect for the home gym.’ Yet other reviews are not so favourable. One reviewer said that it’s a good tabata timer but perhaps a little overpriced.

3: Senshi & tabata & interval timer

Tabata timer key features

  • Set one or two intervals between two seconds and 99-minutes.

  • Build-in stopwatch and clock feature.

  • Removable belt and wrist clip.

  • Buzzer and bleep option.

  • The reviews are a healthy 142 with the majority at 3.5-stars.

  • Power supply: batteries.

  • One to 99 interval rounds.

If you’re looking for a no-thrills timer to keep you ticking over during your tabata workouts, the Senshi interval and tabata timer is for you. A smidgen over ten quid, this tabata timer does exactly what it says it does. That is, keep count of interval rounds.

But Senshi’s tabata timer has a couple of other tricks up its sleeves. For example, it boasts an extensive range of interval rounds – from one to 99!

In addition, you have the option of setting a bleep or buzzer interval notification. Thus, those tabata addicts can go stealth when working out in the wee hours.

What are customers saying? Most of the feedback is positive. Customers have commented on the functional utility of Senshi’s tabata timer while praising its robustness. However, some reviewers have questioned the volume of the buzzer. But as one reviewer rightly pointed out, don’t expect the earth, after all ‘it is under £10, isn’t it?’

4: Seesii fitness TABATA, AMRAP, EMOM, and HIIT timer

Tabata timer key features

  • Five primary functions: 12/24-hour clock, stopwatch, countdown or count-up timing, and interval timer.

  • Build-in stopwatch and clock feature.

  • Adjustable luminosity.

  • The reviews are a healthy 67 with the majority at 4.5-stars.

  • Power supply: batteries or main. Also comes with its own power pack for portability purposes.

  • Fully customisable work/rest interval ratios.

Seesii’s training timer offers a superior range of functions and programs. The primary features include a 12/24-hour clock, stopwatch, countdown or count-up timing, and interval timer.

This broad range of functions makes Seesii’s tabata timer one of the most versatile gym timers on the market.

The pre-programmed operations include tabata 20s training, 10s rest, eight cycles of five-minute training with one-minute rest, five cycles of five-minute training with one-minute rest, and three cycles with one-minute rest.

These programs feature on the timer remote and can be activated at the push of a button. This can make workouts a breeze. After a warm-up simply select the five five-minute repeating cycles and complete this barbell routine.

What are customers saying? The feedback for Seesii’s all-in-one training timer is impressive. Besides one individual who complained about the incompatibility of the plug, much of the feedback is extremely positive.

For example, one reviewer wrote: ‘Just a cracking all round easy to use timer. Great for my own gym, remote control is so useful, you can create so many training combinations very flexible that way. You can control the brightness so can be seen from anywhere when on display, would recommend to any serious trainer out there.’


Tabata HIIT timer quick FAQ

To conclude this review of some of the best tabata timers, we have endeavoured to answer a few frequently asked questions. The questions are concerned with the application of tabata timers and the training methodology.

If you have a question about tabata timers or tabata training that doesn’t feature in the FAQ, pop it in the comments box and we’ll answer it when we get back from the gym.

How to use a CrossFit tabata timer?

Tabata timers are super-simple to use. Typically, they come with pre-set interval timings. All you have to do is decide the number of rounds, hit go, and start training.

As with Seesii’s all-purpose training timer, you also have the option of altering the interval-to-rest duration. This is an indispensable function, especially if you’re new to tabata, or you are a beginner trainer. Being able to set longer rest periods will enable you get through the session while also maintaining a high-intensity output throughout each interval.

Conversely, this function allows you to tailor and customise the tabata session to your level of fitness and ability.

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Best tabata timings?

Tabata timings are usually short duration exposures ranging from 10- to 20-seconds. The ratio between work and rest is equally balanced: 10-seconds of exercise followed by 10-seocnds of rest.

However, none of that is set in stone. To reiterate the point above, if you are untrained, you will probably need to set the tabata timer so that you are afforded more rest after each interval.

The opposite method would apply to those who possess high aerobic fitness. That is, short rest periods to long exercise intervals.

A positive attribute of the tabata timers featured above is that the interval-rest duration can be customised.

Can you use tabata timer for hiit?

The two training methodologies – tabata and HIIT – are in many respects very similar. Thus, a tabata timer could be used for HIIT workouts.

In addition, the tabata timers above can also be used for AMRAP and EMOM workouts.

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