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RDX Boxing Gloves | Product Review, Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

rdx elite training boxing gloves.

RDX boxing gloves are perfect for beginners or those looking to use boxing training as a supplementary fitness activity. RDX produce quality gloves at reasonable prices. They have been called the best producers of budget boxing gloves on the market. No mean feat when there are so many companies out there making gloves.

This review brings five of RDX’s top-ranked gloves. Each pair is an undisputed champion in its category. In addition, the gloves selected for this review have received impeccable customer feedback.

Below the review, you’ll find an RDX boxing gloves Buyer’s Guide. Aimed more at those purchasing their first pair of gloves, the guide will walk you through some glove selection essentials.

#1: RDX Boxing Gloves | Best Budget Glove

2650 reviews with nearly 5 stars – £21

rdx best budget boxing gloves.

The ‘Pro Training’ glove by RDX is their lowest-priced entry product. Depending on the ounce of glove selected, you can have a pair for a mere £21. The small cost makes this glove perfect for the beginner or those who plan to mix up their workouts with a bit of boxing.

But though they are one of the most competitively priced gloves on the market, they have received immense customer feedback. Boasting over 2600 reviews, the RDX Pro Training glove still retains 4.5-stars.

#2: RDX Boxing Gloves EGO

1,900 reviews with 4.5 stars – £30

rdx EGO boxing gloves.

RDX’s EGO boxing glove is one of their most popular products. Though still competitively priced, EGOs are manufactured from Maya Hide leather for enhanced durability. Many of the favourable reviews, and there are thousands, attest to the quality of this glove.

In addition to hard-wearing material, the EGO comes equipped with RDX’s in-house ‘impact dispersion’ technology. Multiple layers of foam padding are reinforced with a ‘calibrated impact diffusion sheet’. What does this mean for you? It means that your hands will suffer less impact trauma when pounding the heavy bag. Which could result in reduced risk of hand and wrist injury.

#3: RDX Womens boxing gloves

62 reviews 4.5 stars – £34

rdx womens boxing gloves for all types of boxing training.

The women’s boxing training glove by RDX boasts a number of unique features. First feature of note is the Maya hide ‘flora-skin’ which is fashioned from a tear-resistant material. As well being more durable than the normal Maya hide leather, flora-skin is also more supple, meaning the glove moulds to the shape of your hand quicker.

Another favourable feature is the multiple layers of padding which include RDX’s patented EVA and DenZo-Tron foam and SpongeX padding. In plain English, the padding of these gloves is by far the best you’re going to get for the price. And while RDX’s women’s boxing training gloves have yet to receive as many reviews as the EGO, they have still enjoyed much positive feedback.

#4: RDX Boxing Gloves Genuine Cowhide Leather

155 reviews 4.5 stars – £41

rdx boxing training glove made from genuine cowhide leather.

RDX’s genuine cowhide leather boxing glove is their answer to Title's Boxeo Mexican leather training glove and adidas’ Hybrid 100. Fashioned from premium quality leather, these sturdy gloves promise ‘unshakable resilience’. Leather is the material of choice for boxing gloves (bags, pads and shoes).

In addition to its celebrated durability, leather improves with use. The material becomes more supple and with it the gloves become more comfortable.

Encased within the durable leather outer is a thick layer of ‘EVA-Lution’ foam slabs. Situated at prominent impact points, RDX’s superior padding technology absorbs and dissipates force. As well as reducing injury risk this padding can also reduce post-training aches and pains.

#5: RDX Pro Training Boxing Gloves

58 reviews with 4.5 stars – £60

rdx pro training glove for all types of boxing training.

RDX’s Pro Training boxing gloves have been handcrafted from premium quality cowhide leather. The Pro Training is a professional-grade product that directly competes against well-known brands like Leone and Sandee.

However, the defining difference is price. Elites are manufactured to the same exacting standards as Twins and Everlast, yet they are nearly half the price.

They also boast other comparative features. For example, the multi-layered padding for superior hand and wrist protection. Then there’s the thermic ventilation system designed to expel heat and wick sweat away from the skin. Simply put, without any more waffle, the Elite Performance is probably the best quality gloves money can buy.


Buyer’s Guide

It’s a mistake to buy boxing gloves without first assessing your training objectives. Certain glove features are more suited to certain types of training. The most prominent features of consideration have been outlined below and matched to relevant training methods.

Glove weight

The first thing to consider when buying RDX boxing gloves is the weight. Those new to boxing often think that, other than the price and colour, a glove is a glove. I made this mistake when I purchased my first pair of gloves. I just went with what looked good and what I could afford.

However, I later learned that your training focus should dictate the glove weight you select. For example, if you train at a boxing gym and plan to prepare for contests, you’ll need a heavy glove – 14 to 18oz. A glove of this weight is suitable for most types of boxing training including heavy bag and pad work and sparring.

In contrast, 8 to 12oz gloves are more suited to pad work and training on the reflex bag. A light glove doesn’t offer as much protection and so wouldn’t be used for sparring or pounding the heavy bag.

Velcro vs. Lace-ups

An overview of the closure feature is largely irrelevant here for the simple reason that nearly all RDX gloves are Velcro. The only lace-up glove they offer is their Pro Training Boxing Training Glove. But it’s perhaps worth discussing in brief for future reference.

If your boxing training is scheduled to take place in your garage or bedroom, Velcro gloves are a must. Why? For the one and only reason that Velcro gloves are a lot easier to get on and off.

It’s partly for this reason why Velcro gloves are more widely used in boxing gyms. When switching between training activities – pad work, shadow boxing, skipping, circuits, sparring – you need to be able to whip off your gloves at a moment’s notice.

Budget vs. Big Bucks

I’ve used many different brand boxing gloves over the years – from Title to Pro Box to Cleto Reyes. The price difference between these gloves is no less extreme than that between a Ford and a Ferrari. And while the most expensive gloves always outperform budget gloves (as you’d expect), my cheap 16oz Titles are still going strong after 10 years of faithful service.

The moral of this little anecdote? Even budget gloves are built to last. And for £30 you could have yourself a pair of boxing gloves that will endure for years. In fact, while we’re on the subject, many of the reviews for RDX’s budget glove comment on the surprising durability of a glove that costs only £21.

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Boxing glove FAQ

What is the best boxing gloves?

Each boxer will have their own opinion on which boxing gloves are best. The best gloves are the pair most suited to the type of boxing training.

However, with all that said, and the question yet to be answered, in my opinion the best boxing gloves are Cleto Reyes. Not only have Reyes featured in more professional boxing matches than any other glove brand, but they truly are built to last a lifetime.

I purchased a pair of Cleto Reyes nearly 15-years ago. And even after countless thousands of hours of use, they are still going strong. In fact, I’m starting to think they’ll outlast me.

What boxing gloves should a beginner use?

Beginners are best off buying a budget glove to begin with. That way, if after a season you realise that you don’t much enjoy boxing, you won’t have wasted a lot of money on a now redundant pair of gloves.

A good pair of beginner gloves are the RDX EGO. EGOs don’t cost the earth and they are well made.

What boxing gloves are best for training?

A good all-purpose boxing training glove includes any of those reviewed above. When selecting a training glove there are a couple of things to look out for.

First, the closure should be Velcro. This way you’ll easily be able to remove your gloves when transitioning between training activities.

Second, the glove weight should be between 14 and 18oz. A heavier glove offers more protection, marginally improves muscle endurance in the shoulders, and is more suitable for sparring.


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