Melt Fat and Get Shredded with this Cardio and Calisthenics Scorcher

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Torch calories and kick-start the week with this super simple cardio and body-weight circuit.

a man performing press-ups as a[art of a circuit training session.

This whole-body workout won’t just sculpt visibly sharper muscles, but the combination of cardiovascular and body-weight exercises will burn fat like it’s going out of fashion. Best to complete this session early in the week while willpower and motivation are high and you’re rested from a lazy weekend.

How it works

After polishing off the progressive warm-up you’re going to be working through the 25 exercises as fast as you possible can. This is a ‘lineal’ circuit which means that you must start at the first exercise and complete the proceeding 24 in the order shown.

The objective is to complete the circuit in the shortest possible time. So as well as pushing yourself hard on each exercise, try to resist the temptation to rest between transitions.

Key points

  • All row distances are accompanied with a prescribed pace. Try to maintain the pace as best you can – or, if you’ve got the physicality, exceed it!

  • Remember to stick to the exercise ordering shown in the body of the circuit.

  • The cardio exercise can be changed for running, cycling, skipping – just make sure the timings remain the same.


  • Rowing machine

  • Running machine (the run can of course be completed outside)


  • 1000m row

  • 1000m run

Cardio and Calisthenics Workout

1. 2000-metres Row (try to complete in around 8 minutes - 2:00/500)
2. 50reps press-ups