1000 Repetition Circuit! Have You Got What It Takes?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

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Here, for your entertainment and physical development, I proudly present a 1000 repetition circular circuit. This is a cheeky little number that’ll get your pulse racing whilst putting a bit of fire into the muscles.

For the first two laps it leads you into a false sense of security as it feels deceivingly easy. But by lap four you’ll find yourself fighting through a deluge of lactic acid whilst gasping desperately for air (of course that’s all dependent on how hard you push yourself).

Your objective here is to complete the 1000 repetitions in the shortest possible time. I covered the reps in a substandard time of 28:08.

But in my defence I did coast through the first three cycles each one taking just over 3 minutes to complete. When I finally woke up I was averaging 2:30 per cycle which enabled me to beat my target time of 30 minutes.

Target area of this circuit: full-body workout - all the major muscle groups - plus the cardio-respiratory system.

How it works

After a thorough warm-up (I rowed 2000 metres and enjoyed a low-intensity lap of the circuit) you are to proceed through the ten exercises performing ten repetitions at each station. Once you have finished the tenth exercise make a note of it so that you don’t forget how many laps you’ve completed (see image above of how I kept track). Continue on in this fashion until you have circumnavigated the circuit ten times.

Key points

  • Start at the first exercise and complete 10 repetitions

  • Proceed down the circuit to the 9th exercise ensuring to perform 10 repetitions at each station

  • On the 10th exercise you are to row 100 metres

  • Without resting go back to the beginning and repeat 9 more times

  • Don't forget to stop the clock on completion of the 1000th rep

Equipment Needed

  • 24kg Kettlebell

  • 10kg Medicine ball

  • Ergo rowing machine



1: Kettlebell swings (24kg) – 10 repetitions
2: Kettlebell single arm press (24kg) – 10 repetitions on the right arm
3: Kettlebell single arm press (24kg) – 10 repetitions on the left arm
4: Kettlebell squats (24kg) – 10 repetitions
5: Kettlebell pulls (24kg) – 10 repetitions
6: Wide arm press-ups – 10 repetitions
7: Burpees with a 10k medicine ball – 10 repetitions
8: Punches with resistance band (25kg resistance) – 10 punches on each arm
9: Kettlebell cleans (24kg) – 5 on the right arm 5 on the left
10: 100m Row blast – (I tried to maintain a pace of 1:40/500)

Total repetitions: 1000

Total distance covered: 1000 metres

Time to beat: 28:08

(Let me know what time you achieved: info@hungry4fitness.co.uk)

Remember: ensure to adhere to correct training principals – warm-up, cool-down and stretch – and feel free to change any of the exercises to suit your equipment environment and/or ability.

1000 Repetition Circuit Video


Enjoyed this circuit? Has it left you hungry for more? Click on the image below and get your copy of the Hungry4Fitness Book of Circuits Vol. 1.

Circuit training is one of the best forms of physical exercise for maintaining and increasing overall-fitness. A well designed circuit will provide a great cardiovascular workout, strengthening the heart and lungs in the process, whilst also improving muscle endurance and developing functional strength. This unique combination, of fat burning and muscle building, which singular exercises, such as running, cycling, swimming or weights cannot give, will help to sculpt a lean defined physique.


Follow the links below for some more fitness fun!

50 Ton Challenge

Total reps = 1490

Total weight lifted = 50,880kg

Time to beat = 50 minutes & 26 seconds

Leg Explosion

Total reps = 454

Total distance at speed = 7k

Total weight lifted = 8,456kg

(Time to beat = 30 minutes & 49 seconds)

Death March

1) Up and down once: 3200m. Time to beat: 16.38 (a very good time would be anywhere under 20mins; good 25/20mins; acceptable 35/30mins; over 35mins poor)

2) Up and down twice: 6400m. Time to beat: 34.11 (a very good time would be anywhere under 40mins; good 50/40mins; acceptable 1hr/50mins; over 1hr poor)

3) Up and down thrice including an additional 400m @ 0% tagged on to the end (rounding the overall distance off at 10,000m): 55.09 (a very good time would be anywhere under 1hr; good 1,10/1hr; acceptable 1,30/1,10; over 1,30 poor)


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