Kettlebell Training: 5 Kettlebell Sessions for All-round Fitness

woman standing over a kettlebell ready to complete a kettlebell training session

Yes, the rumours are true, kettlebell training is one of the best methods of developing whole-body fitness, burning fat and building functional strength.

But the benefits of training with a cannonball from which a handle protrudes doesn’t stop there. Other purported benefits of kettlebell training include:

Superior muscular endurance
Improved cardiovascular performance
Enhanced proprioceptive sensitivity
Improved coordination
Cast iron core strength
Gorilla-like grip
Augmented mental toughness

Do you want some of these benefits? It’s a no-brainer. Of course you do! Well then get yourself a bell if you haven’t already done so (see range of recommended KBs below), and start including kettlebell training into your exercise regime.

The 5 sessions that comprise this article will help get you on your way. But first . . .

Quick Kettlebell FAQ

Can you lose weight with kettlebells?

Yes, kettlebells are one of the best (if not the best) pieces of exercise equipment for toning and sculpting lean defined muscle. For this aesthetic boon we owe thanks to the dual way in which kettlebells burn fat and build muscle. Because they are highly functional and stimulate the large muscle groups, kettlebells can make for excellent aerobic training whilst also promoting the physiological adaptations that result in hypertrophy. In short, if it’s toning you seek you really couldn’t find a better fitness tool for the job.

Are kettlebells good for losing belly fat?

See above!