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This Kettlebell Circuit Workout Will Push You To The Limit

Updated: Jan 23

A class of fitness enthusiasts completing a kettlebell circuit workout as part of a fat loss programme.

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This kettlebell circuit workout will whip you into shape in no time. Designed to deliver a whole-body burn, every aspect of your fitness will be actively engaged.

Organised into a simple circular circuit, the kettlebell exercises recruit all the major muscle groups. Taken from a stock of functional movements, this kettlebell circuit workout will help you develop dynamic strength.

In addition, the cardio and callisthenic scorcher that concludes each circumnavigation of the circuit, will help you cultivate cardio fitness and supreme muscular endurance.

Taken as a whole, this kettlebell circuit is the complete all-weather workout.

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Benefits of this kettlebell circuit workout

A number of benefits of this workout have been outlined above. But we’ve got a few more for you!

The kettlebell exercises are comprised of compound movements. Meaning that, as well as transitioning through two or more joints, they will promotor muscle growth and with it increase strength.

But as well as building strength and size this workout also burns fat. The full-body kettlebell exercises, which recruit all the major muscle groups, along with the cardio and calisthenics complex, will melt fat fast.

Furthermore, because you will be maintaining a high-intensity output throughout the kettlebell circuit, your heart rate will be racing to keep the muscles well-stoked with much-needed fuel.

Kettlebell workout can fit all shapes & sizes

The final string to the bow of this kettlebell workout is that it’s both completely modifiable and can be altered to accommodate any time constraints. If you come across an exercise that you’re unfamiliar with, you can simply substitute it for another (or follow the accompanying link to a comprehensive tutorial).

Also, if you’ve got limited time in which to shoehorn a session, this workout is ideal. The number of kettlebell exercises can be reduced at the drop of hat and so can the number of completions of the circuit.

How to do this kettlebell circuit workout

The structure of the circuit couldn’t be simpler. Comprised of eight compound kettlebell exercises, your objective is to perform 10 repetitions on each before moving on.

Once you have completed one full lap of the circuit, you are to attack the cardio and calisthenics complex. This consists of short shuttle sprints interspersed with descending body-weight exercise pyramid.

So, after sprinting 25-metres, you will drop straight down and polish off 10 burpees. From the burpees you’re straight back into another 25-metre sprint but this time followed by eight burpees. Continue in this fashion until you complete two burpees.

Aim to complete as many laps as possible in 30 minutes.


kettlebell circuit

Warm-up: 10 X 200-metre rows – between each set perform 10 press-ups and 10 kettlebell swings (on a light bell).

Kettlebell circuit workout session plan.

1: Swings – 10 reps

  1. Hold the kettlebell between your legs, palms facing inwards, feet a little over shoulder-width apart.

  2. Keeping the back straight pull the kettlebell back and, using your glutes, propel the kettlebell forward until it’s level with your shoulders.

  3. Ensuring to keep your core engaged throughout the movement, allow the kettlebell to return to the start position and repeat.

2: KB Squats – 10 reps

  1. Adopt the same position as above: kettlebell between your legs, palms facing inwards, feet a little over shoulder-width apart.

  2. Fix your eyes on a point to your front and, keeping a straight back, bend at the knee.

  3. When your knees reach 90ᵒ pause and return to the start position. Remember: don’t lock your knees at the top.

3: Single-arm Cleans – 10 reps (5 each arm)

  1. Standing over the kettlebell with a shoulder-width stance (or slightly wider), grasp the kettlebell

  2. In one fluid movement, swing it back between your legs.

  3. Using glute strength fire the bell forward.

  4. Cutting the trajectory short pull the KB into the nook of the arm.

  5. Pause then return and repeat.

4: Single-arm Press – 10 reps (5 each arm)

  1. Standing over the kettlebell with a shoulder-width stance (or slightly wider), grasp the kettlebell and, in one fluid movement, swing it back and execute a clean. In this position the kettlebell should be resting in the nook of your arm.

  2. Taking a shallow dip at the knee use your quadriceps to get a bit of momentum in the kettlebell.

  3. Assist the upward flight of the kettlebell with shoulder and arm strength.

  4. From here return the kettlebell back to nook of the arm.

  5. Pause monetarily before performing the next press.

5: Under the Leg Pass – 10 passes

  1. Standing over the kettlebell adopt a 1.5 shoulder-width stance knees bent.

  2. Grasp the kettlebell and straighten the knees a touch. The kettlebell should now be suspended a foot off the floor and your knees still slightly bent.

  3. Keeping the back straight and flex at the hips proceed to ‘thread’ the bell back behind one of your legs.

  4. Now continue to trace out a figure of eight.

6: Single-arm Snatch – 10 reps (5 each arm)

  1. Stand over the kettlebell with a shoulder-width stance, knees bent.

  2. Flexing at the hips grasp the kettlebell and pull it back between your legs.

  3. Using glute strength propel the bell forward. You need to apply a lot of humph! to get it going.

  4. Guide the bell high above your head using your core and shoulder muscles.

  5. Arrest the bell directly above your head; there should be a slight bend at the elbow of the supporting arm. Your other arm can be held out to the side for balance and stability.

  6. Allowing gravity to do the work, let the kettlebell drop into the original start position.

  7. However, do not slow or impede its momentum. For this should be harnessed for the next rep.

7: Deadlifts – 10 reps

  1. Hold the kettlebell in front of your thighs, with palms facing inwards and your legs shoulder-width apart.

  2. Hinge at the hips and keeping your hamstrings straight, scrape the kettlebell down your inner calfs.

  3. Engage your core and bring your chest parallel with the floor, before moving back up to the top of the exercise.

8: Thruster – 10 reps

  1. Standing over the kettlebell, take a reverse grip of the handle. In one clean movement swing upturn the kettlebell and hold it in front of your chest. In this position, the base of the kettlebell should be facing the ceiling.

  2. Keeping your back straight squat until your knees are in a 90ᵒ.

  3. Power out of the squat ensuring, as you do so, to push the kettlebell high above your head. From the outstretched position lower the kettlebell back to your chest while simultaneously sinking into the next squat.

Cardio/calisthenics blast

25-metre shuttle sprint – 10 burpees
25-metre shuttle sprint – 8 burpees
25-metre shuttle sprint – 6 burpees
25-metre shuttle sprint – 4 burpees
25-metre shuttle sprint – 2 burpees

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