5 Fitness Motivation Methods That Get Results

Updated: 7 days ago

Fitness motivation | Learn motivation from the greats | 5 Fitness Motivation Methods That Get Results

A motivated fitness enthusiast running outside in the sun. This imaghe heads up the article on 5 fitness motivation methods that get results.

Haven’t got sweaty for some time? Can’t seem to keep up a consistent training regime? More often than not find yourself on the couch instead of the gym? Sounds like you’ve lost your fitness motivation. Don’t worry, these 5 fitness motivation methods will help you get results.

Strong motivation is an absolutely essential requirement . . .’

(Grout & Perrin 2004)

Fitness motivation

A shocking number of people struggle to maintain the motivation to keep up a fitness regime. They start off with the good intention of committing to a comprehensive exercise plan but all too soon excuses creep in.

Then they begin skipping sessions; at first just the odd one here and there. But before long, both health and exercise are sacrificed for nights on the couch in the company of a family-sized packet of Doritos and that horrific time trap called TV.

Why do so many struggle with workout motivation?

Reasons abound for why people slip back into bad habits: ‘commitments’ – ‘the kids!’ – ‘damn temporary traffic lights’ – ‘cold and wet British weather’ – etc., etc. ad infinitum.

The most prolific and pernicious reason why those good intentions succumb to comforting temptations is because of peoples’ inability to maintain motivation. This humble polysyllabic is the driving force behind any and all success achieved in health and fitness. Without motivation we wouldn’t get much further than the fridge.

Why do some people have bags of motivation to work out?

But why, I’ve very often wondered, with a generous pinch of perplexity, why are some people overflowing with the stuff whilst others are bereft of a single solitary drop? Is it down to genetics? Nature . . . or Nurture? Or did those motivated individuals procure a secret formula – an elixir of motivation – from the devil at the mere price of their eternal soul?

Personally, I doubt it’s much to do with any of these reasons – especially the first one.

It's my humble opinion that motivated people have at their disposal a bag of psychological tricks. A bag of tricks from which, whenever the temptation to take the easy option grips, they pull out a tried and tested trick and magic some motivation into themselves. Just like that! Almost with the wave of a wand.

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