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The Best Boxing Shoes | A Fighter’s Guide

A pair of white leather Under Armour boxing boots.

Boxing shoes are a must-have piece of equipment for those planning to take up the sweet art of pugilism seriously.

This article brings you a range of the best boxing shoes on the market.

To cater for the beginner and seasoned boxer alike, we’ve sourced a varied selection of boots. From bargain basement through to pro standard, there’s the perfect pair of boxing shoes for you.

But before you take a look at the great range of boxing boots below, it might be worth reading over the Buyer’s Guide first.

For those who are purchasing their first pair of boxing shoes, the Buyer’s Guide will walk you through the different styles. This way you’ll be better informed and will be able to select the right pair of boots for your needs.

Best shoes for boxing Buyer’s Guide

Back when Jack Dempsey was breaking bones, boxing boots were super simple. Boxers had the choice between black leather and . . . black leather.

But modern boxing boots have come a long way since their humble origins. Nowadays there’s almost no limit to the different styles and colours available.

While this is good for seasoned boxers who want variety, for the person starting out, who just wants a simple pair of shoes to train in, it can be a bit dizzying.

However, though there are hundreds of different boxing shoes available on the market, there’s still only two types of design.

When you’ve decided on your design preference, which is the most important bit, the appearance of the shoe is merely a matter of taste.

low top boxing shoes

Low tops are ideal for those who want an all-purpose, lightweight boxing shoe to train in.

As the name implies, the top of the boot is cut low, usually around or below the ankle.

Though lightweight and easy to slip on and off, low top boxing shoes do not offer the same level of support as do high tops.

This is perhaps the one limitation to this style of boxing shoe. But, what they lack in ankle support, they more than make up for in comfort and versatility. A great pair of low top boxing boots are adidas' Combat Speed 5.

high top boxing shoes

High top boxing shoes fasten up above the ankle. This feature offers more support and stability. An example of high top boots are the adidas Hog.2 or Venom's Elites.

This style of shoe is favoured by professional boxers and are typically worn during contests.

Really the only limitation of high tops is that they take time to lace up. Though this is a minor flaw, it could be an encumbrance during training sessions.

For example, boxing training at a club sometimes requires a quick change of footwear. It’s unwise to go running or complete circuits in your boxing boots.

Normally during boxing fitness workouts, boxers wear trainers. But when it’s time to glove-up and start boxing, that’s when the shoes come out. At this point, it’s pretty handy to have a pair of low tops to slip on – especially if you’ve got an impatient coach.

Are leather boxing shoes better?

A pair of black leather Lonsdale boxing boots.

Leather is the traditional material of boxing shoes. Yet it is still widely used today, though reserved for more expensive boots.

However, leather is not necessarily the best material for boxing shoes – certainly not for a general-purpose training shoe.

Unlike synthetic materials, leather is not as resistant to sweat. After prolonged use, leather boxing shoes can become stiff and start to crack and split.

It’s for this reason why boxers who compete usually have two pairs of shoes. For training they’ll have a general-purpose pair, perhaps low tops made from synthetic materials, and for fight night they’ll use their leather high top shoes.


4 Great Boxing Boots


adidas Hog.2 boxing shoes

Boxing shoe overview

  • Lightweight material for agile footwork

  • One-piece gum rubber outsole

  • Synthetic upper material with side mesh panels

  • Lace-up closure

  • Prices start at £51.99

  • A whopping 928 4.5- to 5-star reviews!

The Adidas Hog.2 Boxing Shoe is a favourite among boxers the world over. And their popularity isn’t solely attributed to the fact that many professionals wear adidas boxing shoes.

The Hog.2 is the quintessential high top shoe that sports the full lace-up style synonymous with the classic design.

Though a bit of rigmarole getting them on, once you’ve slipped into a pair of Hogs you can rest assured that they’re going everywhere you are.

As well as fitting like a glove, Hogs are fashioned from a lightweight material that will make you feel as though you’re floating on air.

And the one-piece gum rubber sole guarantees superior traction and improved responsivity.


LEONE 1947 boxing boots

Boxing boot overview

  • Lightweight and breathable boxing shoe

  • Multi-layer ankle padding and heel reinforcement

  • Ergonomic rubber sole

  • Cushioned EVA insert for maximum grip on the foot

  • Prices start at £68.99

  • 23 4-star reviews

LEONE’s 1947 Boxing Boots are styled on a classic shoe of the same era. However, this blast from the past has had a number of modern modifications.

For example, they are fabricated from a longer-lasting synthetic faux leather. This material is a favourite among combat equipment manufacturers as it offers superior durability without sacrificing comfort.

In addition, faux leather boxing shoes are easier to keep clean and they don’t hold on to odours as readily as leather does.

The ergonomic rubber sole of LEONE’s 1947 Boxing Boots improves grip and traction. An essential feature of any boxing shoe, a grippy sole facilitates ease of movement and doesn’t impede rapid changes in direction.

To provide extra comfort and protection, these boxing shoes feature an additional layer of padding around the ankle and heel. All in all, you get a lot of boot for your buck with LEONE’s 1947s.


Venum Elite boxing shoes

Boxing boot overview

  • Tri-material with inner mesh panels

  • Superior quality synthetic upper

  • Original gum rubber sole

  • Full lace-up closure

  • Prices start at £106.99

  • A knock rating: 5-star ratings with over 140 reviews

The Venum Elite Boxing Shoes will certainly make you the envy of your gym. That sleek design and shiny silver glitz make them suitable for a title fight in Las Vegas.

However, do they perform as good as they look?

Well, if ratings are anything to go off, the Venum Elite is a brilliant boxing boot. By all accounts, they are both durable and comfortable, two qualities that rarely reside in the same shoe.

The superior quality synthetic outer material ensures they’ll endure even the most demanding boxing workouts.

But also, the tri-material and breathable mesh panels will offer support without making it feel as though you’re wearing wellies.

In closing, yes the Venum Elite Boxing Shoes are comparatively pricy. At £106.99 they are one of the most expensive pairs of boxing shoes on the market.

Yet, their superior quality means that they’ll be the only pair of shoes you ever need to buy.


adidas Combat Speed.5

Boxing shoe overview

  • Mesh panelling for improved breathability

  • Suede leather outsole and overlays

  • Premium quality cows hide leather

  • Leather and rubber blend

  • Full length lace-up

  • Prices start at £105.99

  • Awesome rating: over 700 with 4.5- to 5-stars

Without spending crazy money, adidas’ Combat Speed.5s are by and large one of, if not the, best boxing boot on the market. They have received tons of highly favourable adulation and with over 700 reviews they’re but a tip off 5-stars!

The Combat Speed.5 is a rare species of boxing boot as they are fashioned entirely from leather. To further enhance the durability of what is a well-wearing material, suede outlays have been added to prominent contact points.

In addition, the soles are comprised of a traditional blend of leather and rubber. This mix provides the best of both worlds. The leather improves the flexibility and comfort of the sole while the rubber ensures grip and traction.

Reviewing the specifications and customer feedback, it’s hard to find fault with the adidas Combat Speed.5 boxing shoes. Yes, they are pricey, which for many is perhaps the major drawback. But they have been designed to last a lifetime. These are the sort of boot that, like a fine wine, get better with age.


The final bell

Make no bones about it, boxing shoes are an integral item of boxing equipment. For those who plan to box regularly and engage in all aspects of boxing training – bag and pad work, skipping and sparring – a pair of flat-soled shoes are indispensable.

And though an often-overlooked piece of kit, when boxers finally purchase a pair of proper boxing shoes, they often wonder how they ever managed without them. So, stop reading, buy a pair of boots, and start boxing!

For more boxing equipment reviews and training guides, see the Hungry4Fitness Boxing Page.


Boxing boot FAQ

Can I use boxing shoes for running?

In truth, you shouldn’t run in boxing boots. Typically, boxing footwear is flat-soled and does not feature any padding or cushioning. Consequently, they do not absorb impact like trainers are designed to do.

What boxing shoes does canelo wear?

When fight night comes around, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez can be seen sporting a pair of custom-made leather high top Under Armour boxing boots.

How should boxing shoes fit?

Like a glove! Literally, boxing shoes should fit and feel like a second skin. If there’s any movement or gaps they are too big.

The reason why boxing shoes should fit so snuggly is to reduce slippage. Boxing shoes that are loose could result in reduce responsivity when moving around the ring. In addition, loose boots could also cause sores and blisters.

Are boxing shoes worth it?

Most emphatically Yes!

If you plan to take up boxing properly, not just to compete but to enjoy the many health and fitness benefits that boxing confers, boots are certainly worth it.

As well as enhancing the enjoyment of boxing, by providing essential support, they also make you feel like a proper pugilist.

When you lace up a pair of boxing shoes, you inevitably take training more seriously than you ever would in a pair of sneaks.

Want to brush-up on your boxing skills? Check out our Boxing Basics How 2 Guide

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